List of Courier Services in Nigeria

Courier services are shipping companies that deliver to any address. They essentially collect and deliver the shipment in the shortest possible time.

courier services in Nigeria

Technological advancement has greatly impacted the way we send and receive packages all over the world. Traditionally, the post office has been and still is one of the options for sending and receiving packages; unfortunately, for anything faster than the norm, the post office charges higher fees. Apart from that, post office services are equally limited. 

So, when it comes to timely and hassle-free shipping from one place to another within or outside Nigeria, courier services are the perfect option. 

We started the guide by briefly looking at the definition of courier services and the types and benefits of using courier services before delving into the list of courier services in Nigeria.


Though there are many companies that render courier services, some have specific niches they’ve carved out to enhance seamless service delivery.

  • Standard courier services: They provide reliable delivery service, but with longer time limits.
  • Overnight courier services: They provide peace of mind to customers who need their delivery completed within 24 hours.
  • Express courier services: these are speedy courier services specializing in delivering packages and letters often within the same day.
  • International courier services: These offer international shipping services. They usually have vehicles such as buses, trucks, and even jets to provide superb shipping services with exceptional deliveries.


Undisputable benefits of using courier services include hassle-free speed, reliability, reduced losses and damage while packages are in transit, no package size restrictions, real-time tracking, professional packaging service, and tax and duty-bespoke services.

Are you an importer, an e-commerce user, an entrepreneur, or a business looking for a courier company to deliver your products to customers within or outside Nigeria? Look no further; you are at the right place. we shall be unveiling a list of 20 well-known courier services in Nigeria.



Headquartered in the United States with over 100 years of existence, UPS is a leading global logistic company that provides international courier services in Nigeria and is present in most places around the globe.

The firm, with a large customer base in Nigeria, is very efficient in cargo delivery and shipping.


DHL is an American-founded German Express logistic company that was established in 1969. DHL is one of the household names in Nigeria when it comes to courier services. 

Offering courier services in about 220 countries around the world, DHL is the largest logistic company in the world. The company focuses more on air and sea mail, delivering over 1.8 billion parcels per year.

DHL Nigeria, which is the Nigerian arm of DHL, offers services like DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL e-commerce, DHL Freight, and DHL Supply Chain, apart from international shipping (DHL Global Forwarding) services.

It should interest you to know the names of its founders (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn). Though slightly more expensive than the other courier services in Nigeria, they are very trustworthy and reliable.


FedEx is one of the courier companies in Nigeria, occupying the upper echelons of express deliveries around the globe. Founded in 1971 by Fredrick W. Smith, the US-headquartered firm operates in more than 220 countries and territories. 

With FedEx, your package can be easily tracked using your package’s tracking number, and usually within 1-3 business days, they can get your package to it’s destination. Upon getting to the destination, FedEx will send a proof of delivery.

FedEx has branches all over Nigeria that offer efficient services both within the country and internationally.


25b Bisola Durosinmi Etti Drive, Lekki

3, Dapo Bode Thomas Street, Sabo, Yaba

Phone Number: 09080777728

Email: [email protected]

At your doorstep or from your house, Topship can help you send or receive packages to or from any location in the world at a pocket-friendly rate. The firm is rapidly becoming the easiest way for Africans to export and import cargo, freight, and parcels to their suppliers, distributors, and customers worldwide, owing to it’s fast-growing popularity.

Within Nigeria, Topship offers exciting interstate delivery as well as local and same-day delivery services within Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja. International shipping is also available to over 200 cities worldwide from Nigeria. By using Topship Express, cargo delivery, and an excellent shipment tracking system, goods bought online can be easily shipped to Nigeria.


This is another US-established courier company, founded in 1972. This global logistic service company is also operating in Nigeria and can deliver your packages to almost anywhere in the world.

Actually, SkyNet operates in over 209 countries, including Nigeria, and has over 1,000 offices located strategically around the world. The technology-driven company offers all types of services, like door-to-door mail, parcel delivery, and international courier services.


Founded in 1984 as TNT Skypak Nigeria Limited, which was later changed to Trans-Nationwide Express PLC in 1992,. TRANEX offers the following services: haulage, ancillary transportation and storage services, male room management, biopharmaceutical and cold chain solutions, air cargo, and nationwide and international courier services.


With a vision to be the company of first choice in the logistics service industry in Nigeria, Red Star Express Plc provides a portfolio of full logistics solutions in Nigeria, which includes, but is not limited to, international and domestic express delivery, freight forwarding, integrated logistics solutions, information and document management solutions, warehousing, packaging services, food delivery, agricultural logistics, and command solutions.


KOS is actually owned by one of Nigeria’s most popular e-commerce companies, Konga. Konga uses KOS for dispatching goods to it’s customers within Nigeria.

So, if you’re looking for a courier company to handle your shipments within Nigeria, KOS Deliveries is a good pick. Keep On Shipping is open for business from Monday to Friday, focusing only on internal shipping that’s within shipping Nigeria, and they offer pay-on-delivery to their customers.


CourierPlus renders seamless shipping services, which they do by providing guidance on your freight through customs checkpoints and giving local oversight at thousands of destinations around the world.  With Courierplus you can ship your goods and packages from Nigeria to anywhere in the world.

CourierPlus is a top logistics company present in over 230 countries, including Nigeria, that provides door-to-door international courier services.

Courierplus is a very good pick when it comes to international courier services in Nigeria, as they offer real-time tracking of packages en route to their destination.


With over a decade of experience and over 40 branches in Nigeria, Zenith Carex International Limited remains a reputable logistics company that can effectively and efficiently give you a hassle-free shipping service.

The company is duly licensed and registered as an accredited clearing and freight forwarding agent by the Nigerian Customs Service. Zenith Carex International is considered one of Nigeria’s first choices in the air express industry.

Their services include clearing and freight forwarding from domestic to international logistics services, Custom clearing service, warehousing, In-country haulage, and integrated logistics service support.


Wole Ariyo Street, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Ibeju Lekki in Lagos. Phone:+23490878421

GIGL is a very popular courier service provider in Nigeria, offering exceptional deliveries in the logistic industry.

God is Good Transport Company is actually the parent company of GIGL. GIGL was founded in 2012, and their services include corporate courier services, international courier solutions, e-commerce logistics, and domestic courier solutions. GIGL has many branches all over the country.


52 C. Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi, Yaba, Lagos. Phone: +2348101312485, +2348142552445

If you are looking for a courier company with a track record of consolidated cargo delivery, light parcel/document express door delivery, warehousing and last mile distribution, and e-commerce logistics support service, then ABC Cargo Express is the right choice for you.

Just like GIGL, ABC Transport Plc, the parent company of ABC Cargo Express, is a leading road transport and logistics company covering cities in the Nigeria and West Africa sub-regions with over 26 years of quality service delivery. ABC Cargo Express has developed cutting-edge, fast, efficient, and cost-saving parcel delivery services for all categories of businesses and individuals. With ABC Cargo Express, be rest assured of receiving your cargo in perfect condition. Their mobile app is available on Google Play and the App Store for download.


Sigmastart is a registered shipping company with offices in Nigeria and the UK. Here is part of what the company said about themselves: “We pride ourselves on providing reliable, fast, and flexible services in every arm of our business, and we aim to be a significant influence throughout our operating countries.”

Some of Sigmastart’s services include: sea freight, air freight, door-to-door cargo, warehouse and storage, sourcing and buying, custom brokerage, delivery and distribution, insurance, vehicle shipping, port-to-port,  and eCommerce support.


For courier service that not only satisfy customers, but exceed their expectations; Fortune Global Shipping and Logistics Limited is a vibrant company to reckon with. The international forwarder in Nigeria specializes in managing shipments from one destination to another in over 100 countries of the world.

The Nigerian company, with global reach, was incorporated in 2006 to provide seamless shipping & logistics services. 

Fortune Global is a shipping company in Nigeria with style that leverages their worldwide network of partners in addition to an excellent team of experts that brings passion to work in delivering top-notch courier services in Nigeria and around the world.


NIPOST is owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Since 1986, EMS Nigeria has operated as a courier and business arm of the Nigerian Postal Service, with the responsibility for effective and efficient collection, conveyance, and delivery of time-sensitive correspondence, documents, or merchandise both locally and internationally.

Just like most government-owned parastatals or agencies, the major challenge of this courier company is delay in service delivery.


No. 2B Oko Awo Close,

Victoria Island, Lagos State.

Phone: +234-803-901-2600

African Courier Express is also a Nigerian courier company that offers delivery services for a wide range of products. Established in 2013 and currently present in five cities in Nigeria, the company provides world-class logistics solutions to businesses and consumers.

They deliver packages such as large items, gift coupons, foodstuffs, etc.


Kobo360 is another highly innovative logistics company in Nigeria that offers courier services. Founded in 2018, the firm is taking the world by storm through cutting-edge technological innovations to solve the inefficiencies in the African supply chain. 

Kobo  aims to fast-track economic development and sustainable growth in Africa through a streamlined delivery process of raw materials from ports to the manufacturer and finished goods from the manufacturer to the last-mile consumer.

Being physically present in 7 African countries, with over 50,000 trucks coupled with advanced tracking technology, you can be sure of timely delivery of your package.

GEx Logistics 

GEx Logistics is licensed by NIPOST and they offer e-commerce deliveries, corporate deliveries, third-party verification, cargo, freight, warehousing, courier solutions, and training and consultancy services.


Kwik is another efficient courier company in Nigeria, powered by the latest technology that provides faster (kwiker) logistics solutions at an affordable rate. You can download their mobile app on the App Store or Google Play to enhance tracking your order in real time and share tracking with your recipient.


Signature Parcel Services Limited is an Ikeja-based courier company that renders services for the physical collection, dispatch, and delivery of documents, parcels, and cargo nationwide. They are committed to on-time delivery and reliable, simple, and secure means of sending documents and parcels all over the world.


It is very important to choose a reliable, technology-driven, and fast courier company that renders services at affordable rate. Companies with dedicated personnel that will ensure cargo is accurately dispatched and/or received in perfect condition are always more attractive than the rest.

Some of the companies listed above are the best, not just in Nigeria but also in the world. So, select the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

Feel free to tell us your experience when you used any of the listed courier companies by commenting below.


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