Being a Real Ajebutter in NYSC Camp

How to Be a Real Ajebutter in NYSC Camp

An Ajebutter is a slang word for the rich dude “pickin” in Pidgin English. In Nigeria, we don’t have much of them considering that the large size of the populace living in the poverty line has overshadowed them.

real nysc ajebutter

They, however, are still noticeable in our communities and Nigeria can boost of a number of them in nearly any large gathering.

Though most of them study abroad, many tend to come back to their homeland to secure jobs or better opportunities, because obviously they have better chances here than they do in the developed worlds.

There are a number of things we expect from them even in the orientation camp. so I’ll be highlighting some of these things I respect to the orientation camp. you might mot agree with some of these things or might think it is not too necessary but remember it is not your life it an Ajebutter’s life we are talking about here.

To start with I expect them to arrive in their state of deployment by taking a flight. The Ajepaco cannot arrive at the camp in “danfo bus” and someone who claims Ajebutter would come with the same land transport (I don’t care if it is the latest Camery). That is what we call Ajebutter class. I also expect them to arrive with a sizeable fanciful travelling bag.

There are many ways they can differentiate themselves as Ajebutters both in their lifestyle and in the materials or possession they come along to the camp with. We are going to discuss these two major ways.



You want to know what an Ajebutter’s lifestyle looks like then consider the following list.



You are a big boy or girl when you are damn clean like a whistle. You can’t be having dirty socks, shorts or white and expect anyone to take you serious and take you as a big boy or girl. You might claim that even poor dudes can be very neat and so we cannot judge a rich dude with his clean dressing. But let’s be truthful, what is the first impression you get when you see someone you are interested in for the first time because of their dressing. Don’t you imagine, “maybe this guy might be rich”? That is what we are driving at.

For your dirty clothes there might be no washing machine in the camp but there are washing machineries that you can pay to wash them for you. My fellow Ajebutters, is that not a welcome development? (*winks*). So are you an Ajebutter, let’s see who can beat your overboard cleanliness.


The Ajebutter would always go with eating in ‘mammy market’ than at the food served at the orientation camp. Generally it is believed and known that they food served at the camp canteen is of poor quality and an Ajebutter should really shy away from eating them. Ewwww (in the voice of an Ajebutter)

When you are the type that enjoys that camp meal someone might ask you, ‘where are you from?’; ‘It looks like you eat worst meal from where you come from?’


Living Area

Although the general living condition of the camp hostels are generally poor Ajebutters can distinguish themselves with the way the keep their bed space and area clean. They want to seem spotless or without stain.

Most often to put away intruders or keep people from sitting carelessly on their bed they can cover their bed with mosquito net or even choose an upper bunk. This generally makes people wary of sitting, touching or staying close to the bed area. It is also advisable not to pick a bed that is stuck between two beds because usually people in this area have more visitors than other bed areas.


The Ajebutters can carry themselves a lot tending to a certain display of pride.

They want to look refined in the English, in their attitude and in everything they do.

They can always be found complaining about a lot of things in the orientation camp.

They act as though they cannot even touch a fly.



The Ajebutter’s carry with them a lot of swag or certain sense of pride. They can go overboard when they begin to look down on others, maybe due to latter’s less attractive or less expensive cloths, possession or interest.

They can be noisy and make a lot of brag of where they have travelled, what they have, and a whole lot. Well, from and Ajebutters view point it is not brag it is there life, you can only talk about what happened to you in your life. So just give them a brake and don’t get irritated by their talks because you are not an Ajebutter. They always want to show they are a class away from other people. For the ladies, that might mean shunning the association of certain girls. This can be irritating and really a bad attitude.



You will envy Ajebutters when they are eating. You see them eating expensively, eating out and even carrying a few friends to spoil them.

For the guys this would mean spreading a big drinking spree in the camp now and then with a certain clique of friends.

For the girls it may mean making stunts like eating fast food in the hostel nearly all night making themselves the envy of other girls.



For the Ajebutters there are certain camp requirements that we expect them to carry along which would distinquish them from others.


Original/Photocopies Of Documents

If you dare forget your documents especially the originals and you are an Ajebutter get ready to start crying like a baby or looking helpless and begging like a small boy. You want to be a big boy or girl in all rounds so try to come along with your documents such as Statement of Result, School ID Card, and call up letter in their originals and photocopies.



Get like several copies of passport photographs, say like 30. If you are also planning to redeploy, you can add it up to 50 copies of passport photographs. Remember, it should come with a red background.

Better still don’t come along with it if it would be a load for you. You can always snap at the camp. It is pretty costly but it is no money for an Ajebutter.



You do not want to go about borrowing and bringing yourself down with begging for stationeries such as biro, paper, glue, tippex and stapler during registration or other needful writings. Don’t just come with stationeries come with classic ones that puts you in a better class (all the Ajebutters in the house, you know what I mean).

If you cannot get them along when coming then you can buy them at the camp with a higher cost. After all you are the rich kid with money and those little things cost nothing.


Seriously the t-shirt you will get in the camp will be too whack, and out of place for your taste and liking. Get some smart body hug ‘Police’ white t-shirt or its equivalence like five different ones, at least one for each day.

Remember to come with three smart church dresses for church service on Sundays and six sexy, hot and fashionable muftis for staying over the weekends.



The white shorts given to you at the orientation camp is definitely a ‘no’ ‘no’ for an Ajebutter. It is of poor quality and below fashionable standards.

It would be best if you come along with trendy shorts from a high class boutique. For the ladies a tight, curves revealing shorts can do wonders on your body. You can come along with five of them.

I bet you do not want to look like a comedian or street clown wearing those NYSC shorts and lose your Ajebutter’s tag.



Although you might be given a pair of white shoes it is best to come prepared with at least two plain white shoes for yourself if you are an Ajebutter.

If your camp is the sandy ground the shoes can really be messy dirty and uncomfortable to look at. It is also hard to wash out clean and can easily tear within few days.



Get nice looking white socks to complete your foot wear. The ones given you in the camp lack quality and can easily open their mouth ajar after the first wash which can really be embarrassing for an Ajebutter’s pride.

Your white socks can also get dirty easily every day so getting like four or five pairs of white socks would do you a lot of good.



An Ajebutter will always find ways to distinguish himself from the lot even in very small things. Get a good class of slippers for your bathing and moving around your hostel or hostel area.

You can’t afford to be embarrassing yourself begging for slippers which are the cheapest thing you can easily get.

Remember you are not moving around the camp on slippers or else you risk being punished.



Trust me the bathrooms 99% of the bathrooms are messed up and dirty which you cannot avoid so far as you are in the orientation camp and with the accumulated sweat during the days stress it would be advisable that you get a disinfectant like soap and dettol for bathing.

This would save you from contacting illness due to contact with dirty people, dirty bathroom, and bacteria infested surrounding.



You cannot ignore coming along with a medicated mosquito net because most times there are no proper safety measures against mosquitoes as the doors and windows are usually broken or without nets.

You would not want to start getting sick and getting treatment in the poorly managed clinics at the camp.


This is very vital part of an Ajebutter in the camp. You will need a lot and lots of money to live an Ajebutter lifestyle in the camp.

You will need to eat nearly every day in the “Mammy Market”. What do you have to do with the poor meals usually served at the camp kitchen. You need to live large, eat big with fast foods, drinks and the like. You will have need to buy snacks now and again during the course of the day.

To avoid getting stranded and very uncomfortable it is necessary that you get loads of cash.

If there is ATM in your camp then securing your money can come easy with an ATM card. There are POS in most camps now so you can always ask for their services which might cause extra charges.



You have an important need for waist bag. You will have a lot of things to place in them like money, phones, gadgets, jewelries and the like.

You do not want to embarrass your personality with carrying money and phones and others in your hand. Or maybe giving it to a friend who has a pouch and now start following them around or maybe looking for them now and then.

This waist bag would give you a free hand to do other things and also safeguard your many properties from snappy hands of thieves.



As is common in Nigeria electrical light would always be a challenge in most orientation camps. To be able to walk safe at night and when going to bath or something it is advisable that you get torchlight.

A rechargeable lantern can help you read your novels or book at a relaxing time or bed time.



Get a lot of toiletries, sanitary pad, soap, a soap dish and a bucket which is a vital part of your daily body maintenance and cleanliness.



Bring along fancy plate, bowl and cup as they would be vital to take your food, drink tea, and take soup or the like. These are little things that can put you at a class far from others.

Although, some us who are not Ajebutter some of us also do one or some of the listed characteristics above, if you are really an Ajebutter you got to do all this things. You cannot claim to be an Ajebutter and still live on the same level with the Ajepaco’s.  Do you want to know what it looks like to live like an Ajepaco, read my next article on, “How to Be an Ajepaco Live in Camp”.


Hey fellas, it has being a good time being with you all in your No. 1 portal for information, news and advice on NYSC.

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