[NEW UPDATE] Waec 2021 Timetable for Nigeria Only

Waec Timetable for Nigeria: Do you want to see the current WAEC timetable for candidates in Nigeria only? If yes, then kindly scroll down this page. This page has only the  Nigeria version of the 2021 timetable.

I agree with you that the 2021 International Waec Timetable here is quite bulky. So, on that note, here is what I just did. I selected all the subjects Nigerian students will be writing in the forthcoming West African Senior School Certificate Examination.

I have arranged all those subjects on this page. This is now a slightly less bulky Waec 2021 timetable. it’s for Nigerian candidates mainly. Viewing from other West African countries? – See the International 2021 Waec Timetable here

To see the Nigeria version of the 2021/2022 May June timetable. Click Here

See the 2021 Wassce Timetable for Nigerians Here!

Currently, the 2021 Official WAEC timetable is not yet out. So, in that case, we will not be able to list out the ones that involve Nigeria.

As you can see on the image below, the information reaching us is that the 2021 WAEC exam will Commences from August 16 to September 30th, 2021. 

The real WAEC Timetable for the 2021/2022 academic session would be released from MAY 2021. So, kindly bookmark this page or keep visiting it daily to stay updated…

Waec 2021 Timetable Update


1. Difference in Time on Question Paper and Timetable: Where the duration indicated on the question paper differs from that on the timetable, the one on the question paper should be followed.

2. Question Papers to be Given Out in Advance of the Dates They Are to be Taken:

(i) Visual Art 3;

  • Paper 3A – Instructions will be given to schools two weeks before the paper is due to be taken.
  • Paper 3B – Question paper sill be given to candidates two weeks before it is due to be taken.
  • Paper 3C – Candidates will be required to execute their projects within six months of the examination year. The period of submission of art pieces will be communicated to schools by the Council.

(ii) General Knowledge-In-Art Paper 3; The question paper for General Knowledge-In-Art 3 will be given to candidates two weeks before the paper is due to be taken.

(iii) Block Laying, Bricklaying and Concrete Works 3 (Practical); Question paper will be given to candidates three days before the paper is due to be taken.

(iv) Project Work Papers; The question papers for project work for Basketry, Graphic Design, Leatherwork, Ceramics, Sculpture, Picture Making, Textiles, Jewellery, Painting & Decoration, Dyeing & Bleaching and Leather Goods Manufacturing & Repair will be forwarded to candidates two weeks in advance of the examination. The exact date for the delivery of question papers to candidates will be communicated to them through their schools.

3. Extra Time for Blind, Deaf and Dumb Candidates: Blind, deaf, and dumb candidates should be allowed one and half times the time allotted to other candidates.

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    1. Thanks for the update.but please,which literature text(book/story) is in the syllabus to read,because i heard that they have change the syllabus.

        1. I love you my brother!!!! you are unique and outstanding. keep it up. Any where I see “”awajis.com does not support exam malpractice, “” It give me great Joy. I’m based in Kaduna, I teach Data Processing and Mathematics.

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