Access Bank USSD Banking Code *901#

A lot of people as themselves this question; Do I need a smartphone to use the USSD services?, here is the answer; No, USSD service can be used on any phone type, either a smartphone or a feature phone.

This post is a general guide on how to transact and enjoy banking services conveniently from your phone, without the use of airtime or data through the access bank USSD services.

Access Bank USSD code is *901#, which is a convenient, fast, secure, and affordable way to access their services 24/7 through your mobile phone without the internet.

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Into the bargain, Access Bank PLC has introduced *901*911# to show their commitment to safeguarding the investments and savings of their customers, the USSD code allows customers to deactivate their USSD profile once their mobile devices get lost or stolen. In essence, one just needs to dial *901*911# on any mobile phone, follow the procedures accordingly and your account would be deactivated.

Reasons Why you should use USSD Service

  • Open an account from anywhere.
  • Service does not require filling of forms.
  • No dependency on the internet or third party.
  • Airtime can be purchased anytime, anywhere.
  • It’s very easy to use, and available 24/7.
  • Service is available to all network subscribers (Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile, etc…).
  • It’s fast, convenient, and secure.
  • It saves you the stress of queuing up in the banking halls.
  • Pay all utility bills from anywhere.
  • Lastly, you can check the status of your account any time, wherever you are.

How to Activate *901# and Use

To activate the Access bank USSD code *901# on your mobile phone; just follow the procedures below:

  • Simply dial *901#
  • Select desired transaction type (Example: Transfer)
  • Then, create a pin either with an ATM card or no ATM card (With an ATM card: input the last 6-digit on your ATM card, input in your account number, then create a 4-digit pin. Without an ATM card: input your date of birth, input your account number, then create a 4-digit pin).
  • Cheers, you have successfully activated the Access bank USSD code on your mobile phone.

The usage of the Access bank USSD code is very easy and straightforward; you just need to follow the procedures accordingly (depending on your desired transaction type (Transfer, airtime, etc…)) after dialing *901# on your mobile phone.

Remember, do not share your Passwords, PIN, and any other important account information such as your card number with third parties.

Please note that an additional ₦6.98K is charged to your account by your network provider when you transact using *901#. This charge is applicable to all financial transactions carried out on all USSD platforms in Nigeria including the *901# platform. Airtime and data purchases are however exempted from this charge.

If you have any questions on Access Bank USSD Code, feel free to drop it at the comment section below and do well to share this post.

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