2go Download – Latest 2go Version 7.0 on www.2go.im


2go Download – Download 2go Version 6.0 on www.2go.im –This post will show you the best means of downloading the latest version of 2go v7.0 for use on your smartphones.

2go is currently among the most popular instant messaging service. Through 2go, users can now chat and connect with their friends and family easily without paying a dime. You can join much of millions of new users to create a new profile, link up with friends and make new friends. You can also transfer files, pictures and videos among users.

download 2go download

The biggest social media startup in Africa is the 2go Interactive and they are based in South Africa and they have been on the lips of everyone, since the launch of 2go version 7. This version has wowed people with its distinctive features.

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The latest 2go version 7 is the nicest and most innovative yet. The features in version 7 will amaze you tremendously.

It is not only the chatting feature that has gone through a lot of positive boosts. When using 2go version 7, you will get the feel of using Facebook and Whatsapp. It is totally stunning. Read here to get the major info on 2go version 7.0



So this is how to download 2go version 7 for major devices easily.

  • The first step is to type in your URL: www.2go.im through the browser of your mobile device.
  • The second step is to click the download button.
  • A pop-up notification will indicate that your download has begun.
  • After downloading 2go v 7.0, install the app through the package installer.
  • When you are done with the download, fill in your personal details to begin.

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  1. Hi can anyone help I bought 1300 credits but I can’t access any group why it’s keeps telling me I must download

  2. 2go asked me to verify my account which I did months ago, they deducted my #50 naira yet still can't access on any of 2go room. Why? Please 2go should go throw my account and tell me if am not sent what they asked me to do.
    VERIFY lawlazek523 to 32120

  3. Interprete 2go,I am in 2go but…..what does it means,it some how difficult for me,Although it is AMAZING! WONDERFULL!!

  4. I do login with my user name which is hamdalat1010 bt now asking for my phone number nd I been trying to login several times not going.all I need is my password and my user name.my phone number is 2348023294040. thanks

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