Retrieve Lost 2go Password for Free

I know that a lot of you are still using the 2go app to chat and connect with new people daily. But, sometimes, you might forget your vital login details, like your password, and don’t know how to recover them.

So, today, I will gladly show you how to get back or retrieve your lost 2go password for free, how to retrieve your lost 2go password via, and also how to view and resolve similar 2go problems.

Nonetheless, if you are just hearing about the 2go chat app for the first time, I’ll tell you what 2go is all about before proceeding to how to recover your account if you forget your password.

What is 2go

2go is a popular social application for mobile devices. As you may have known, 2go has some amazing features, almost as Whatsapp, WeChat, etc.  The 2go mobile application allows 2go users to send and receive messages with other users for free.

One beautiful feature of 2go, like WhatsApp, is that you can also use it with your Laptop. So, you don’t only chat on a mobile device but also on your computer.

Before you begin to enjoy all these features, you must have a 2go account. Creating a 2go account is free and easy.

Follow the steps below to download 2go, create an account, and begin chatting.

  1. Visit the Google PlayStore on your mobile phone.
  2. Download 2go from the website for your mobile phone
  3. Launch the application and fill out a short registration form.
  4. Start chatting!

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How To Retrieve Lost 2go Password

A lot of 2go accounts have been lost as a result of a forgotten password; some 2go’ers who were Professional, Expert or Leader by 2go stars are re-opening new 2go accounts because of lost passwords.

Most peeps are not ready to pay 30 Naira to retrieve just a password. Here is how to codedly get back your lost 2go password for free – yes, FREE. | 2go download tutorial


  • go to on your PC or phone.
  • confirm your country from the list that is provided
  • To retrieve your pin send an SMS with the words ‘2go password‘ to 32120.
  • Note that the sms will cost your N30.

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Is there any way to retrieve your 2GO password without using the 2GO SIM card you used to register?

Open any browser application on your phone, regardless of whether or not your SIM card is inserted.

Go to afterward. Select Nigeria as your location and English as your language when it opens.

Following that, a page will appear requesting you to Install 2go or Get Help;

Select Lost password/PIN after the page has loaded.

You will be directed to a page where you must input your mobile phone number.

Note: Do not enter it in this manner. Here’s how you should enter it: 0706**** 8832207*** Please do not include the + sign in your phone number. You’re amazing!

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