Top 12 Publishing Companies in Nigeria (2022 Listing)

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Hello, reader,  welcome to Today we are going to take a look at the different publishing companies in Nigeria.

I know that some of you may be wondering why I am writing this kind of article like you have all the news websites online why listing publishing houses again. But that’s not what I am talking about, all I will show you here is the list of companies you can publish a book from.

There is this adage which goes thus “Hide something from a black man, keep it in a book”, this comes as a result of the misconception that Africans do not like to read. That could not be altogether true.

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If you are an author and have any intention of publishing your book, I will advise you to patronize any of the following publishing companies.

Here are ten publishing companies in Nigeria (in no particular order) defying that logic by producing literature of all kinds for local and international consumption.

1. Literamed Publications Nigeria Ltd

Literamed Publications Nigeria Ltd

It was established in 1969 and currently is Nigeria’s leading Children’s book publisher. Its imprint “Lantern books” is has become a household name from Nigeria to all across West Africa.

The company’s head office is located at Lantern House, No 1, Morrison Crescent, Off Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria and it also has it’s West African office in Accra, Ghana.

Lantern Books have faith that with qualitative education, great change can be achieved in society. This is why the company is invested in producing high-quality textbooks and storybooks for children and youths. The company also aims to revigorate the learning and reading culture.


2. Grace Springs Africa Publishers

GSAP is a Christian publishing firm whose main aim is to propagate the Word of Jesus Christ through literature and publishable materials. They offer top-notch publishing services and are at Illupeju, Lagos Nigeria.

Grace Springs Africa Publishers is one of Africa’s foremost publishing and printing concerns, with a strong and extremely satisfied client base. We offer cost-effective, quality services in the printing, publishing and corporate identity management industry.

Some bestselling books that Grace Springs Africa Publishers have published include:

  • How to overcome masturbation.
  • Make your marriage romantic
  • Marriage
  • Rest
  • Quotes on Marriage


3. Book Craft Africa

Book Craft Africa was established in Nigeria for over twenty years ago and has ever since published a large number of titles which range from varying subject areas such as politics, literature, biography, history, etc.

One of their notable authors is the late Chinua Achebe.

They are situated at 23 Adebajo Street Kongi Layout, Ibadan, Nigeria.

The publisher produced Wole Soyinka’s memoir in 2016, which is currently a best seller. The book was a popular buy in many countries across the world. Book Craft Africa is also responsible for publishing books by top African writers like Okey Ndibe, Dayo Olopade and Kingsley Moghalu.


4. Cassava Republic

The Cassava Republic was established because of a problem identification in which African authors were being published and read abroad, far from home. Cassava Republic was established to address this in 2006.

They produce Nigerian Pieces of literature for local and international consumption.

Cassava Republic has it headquaters in Abuja. They have produced books that have won awards and accolades. Cassava republic produces mostly literary fiction. 


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5. Kachifo

Kachifo Limited was established in 2004 to tell our African stories to the world.

It is the proud publisher of Farafina Books, Farafina Tutti, Farafina Breeze, Kamsi and Prestige Books. They also seek to promote literacy skills in the African continent.

Some of their most notable authors include Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Chris Abani, Ben Okri among others.


6. Black Tower Publishers

Black Tower Enterprise is a Christian-based organization, which operates both a mainline online and traditional publishing organization. Their mission is to discover, polish and publish both known and unknown authors in Nigeria and beyond.

They are located at Black Tower Publishing House, Plot 1, GRA, Awka, Anambra State.

Most publishing houses only focus on taking money from the author, and not minding how well the published work does in market. Our team will not only publish your work, we will help you sell a few copies by running a few basic promotion like interviews, or at least give the author tips on how to pitch his/her book to be accepted by schools, libraries, prisons, etc.


7. The New Gong

The new gong publishers is a Nigerian based publishing company that provides a range of mass media services including book, magazine and image publishing. The company also provides photographs and illustrations for both print and online publishers.

They can be found at The New Gong, 11 Abiona Close Off Falolu Road Surulere, Lagos.


8. University Press PLC

UPPLC was founded in 1949 under the name of Oxford University Press Nigeria. It has grown to become one of the oldest, most experienced and the Nation’s Foremost Publishers of materials for educational and for general reading. It has grown to be a reliable trustworthy publisher.

They are situated in Ibadan, Nigeria.

As Nigeria’s largest book publishers, it has sold and published books in Many West African countries and has an office in Ghana. The company is reciepent of hundreds of awards including the Nigerian Book Fair Trust Award. It has supported the growth of reading culture in Nigeria.


9. Parrésia Publishers Ltd

Parrésia Publishers Limited is a Nigerian publishing company located in Lagos. They are fully equipped with a diverse professional team. Working together for the purpose of producing great books.

The company publishes all types of genre and also seek to produce books under superior quality. Parresia is unique, in that it seeks the creative input from other during production of books. The company also have a marketing firm, which help in the sales and promotion of published books.

10. Evans Publishers Limited

Evans Brothers Limited was incorporated in December 1966. They stand among Nigeria’s leading educational publishers. Their range from Nursery books, Primary school books, Junior Secondary school, and Senior secondary school books.


Masobe Books and Logistics Limited

Masobe Books and Logistics Limited, based in Lagos, was established in April 2018. They are a modest but devoted organisation committed to easing all authoring, printing, shipping, and promotional concerns.

Their major goal is to promote reading by bringing to the general audience wonderful books by brilliant African writers who put our narratives to reality. Their goal is to become a prominent player in the African printing market with a roster of well-known authors.

Masobe is a word taken from the Isoko dialect used by the Isoko people of Nigeria’s South South region. It clearly translates to ‘Let Us Read.’

Narrative Landscape Press Limited

Established by Anwuli Ojogwu and Eghosa Imasuen in 2016, Narrative Landscape Press Limited is an entrepreneurial publishing company that focuses on storytelling. The founders’ ambition was to build a brand that could capture the heart of the publishing industry and provide services to other publishing companies and self-publishing writers in Nigeria.

The co-founders have long been aficionados of literary fiction and understand that their company will eventually branch out into publishing and print wonderful works.

Parresia Publishers was NLP’s first client. For their 2016 print run, they were in charge of production and distribution. It was a risky bet on their founder’s abilities, but it paid out richly for both of them.

By November 2016, NLP had struck a Service Level Agreement deal with the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library to handle publishing solutions.

NLP expanded its client base in 2017 and collaborated on a number of titles for a diverse range of clients. The high quality of the work produced demonstrated their growing trust in their manufacturing techniques.

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  5. Thank you for these information about the Nigeria publishers. Pls am seeking for publishers who can assist me to publish my Civic Education and Christian religion knowledge textbooks for junior and senior secondary schools.

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