NYSC Camp Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS)


I must tell you that I do not know much about the OBS even before entering camp, maybe because I was disinterested in going for service at the beginning but reluctantly decided to go anyway. While in the camp I got to hear about the camp Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) group.

I could hear a lot of people talking about the number of opportunities and relevant benefits that joining the OBS could bring to serving corp members. Since I had a passion for writing, reading and public speaking my interest in the OBS grew.

I made a few inquiries but my interest did not grow enough to make any further step to apply for the OBS. Maybe there was no need to try because as Miss Miranda would soon let us know the number of applications was already jam-packed.

In the interest of this article I met with a lady, that I remember was in the OBS group in my service year to get to know a little more of the OBS. Miss Miranda is a young beautiful fair lady, who has got a radiant smile for everyone. I think it is that smile that gives her that appealing attraction at a sight, and the secret behind her charisma of a promising media presenter.

So most of the things I am about to tell you about OBS group are gleaned from my discussion with Miranda.

NYSC OBS Registration Process

Compared to every other group in the camp the OBS is the most rushed group in the camp. Many believe that OBS can offer you the following benefits: a safer quarter in the camp, better opportunity, better placement, and better treatment. That is not a lie though as I have come to learn.

With this knowledge starting from the opening of the camp there are legions of applications from corp members to gain entry into OBS. Sadly, a lot of people don’t make it. Some who do still do not enjoy all these benefits maybe because they did not meet up to standard or were not active at their work or were just not fortunate.

With all these pile of people hustling to get through the gate of the OBS how did Miss Miranda make it?

Miranda explains, “I arrived two days after the camp was officially opened, so I my application met with a backlog of other applications, that no one was ready to give attention to because the number of corp members required was already sufficient”.

Was she discouraged?

“I didn’t no give up. Unlike others who were there for what they could get I had a passion for mass communication and that was what I read in school so I decided to try harder. I found my way to meet the programs manager and one day I had a chance to talk to him. I explained myself to him and why I needed to be in the OBS. Surprisingly the program manager impressed me with his answer”, she relates.

The program manger said, “The only reason I would take you is because of your responsible dressing and the way you carried yourself in your presentation”.

Filled with joy she says, “I was overwhelmed”.

Wow! How fortunate she was.


Tips On How To Make It Into OBS

From Miss Miranda I could put together some important tips that can help succeed in making it into the OBS.

  • Arrive early at the camp.
  • Make inquiries about the OBS.
  • Apply immediately
  • Write an application letter directed to the program manager and addressing it to the office of the Director General.
  • Be alive. Let them feel the vibrancy of your spirit. This would motivate them enough to include you.
  • Be assured of your capabilities, hang around and show them what you can do.
  • Be persistent. Often the people in charge would always tell you there is no chance.


Activities Of OBS Members In NYSC Camp

The OBS plays a vital role in the dissemination of information to corp members in and outside the orientation camp.

The broadcasting house in the camp has a number of sound system spread at strategic positions across the camp and connected to the OBS room. The OBS is involved in broadcasting news, making interviews, making reports about vital matters or missing items in the camp. They also play a pivotal role in all social events, lectures, and gatherings in the camp. Their duties thus would include providing and coordinating the sound systems needed for the function, serving as M.C as the case may be, covering the program and assisting in many vital roles in the course of the event.

The different sections of the OBS crew include:

  • Program crew
  • Technical crew
  • Electrical crew
  • News broadcasters
  • Writers
  • Presenters etc.

This list can enable you know what role you can play in order to be found suitable in the OBS in the orientation camp.


NYSC OBS  Activities Outside The Camp

Most of the OBS crew who are found to be active are recommended to serve in the town or city areas where there are recruited into the Editorial or Publicity CDS group.

This CDS includes members from different states who work is to provide information needed to produce the monthly NYSC newsletter, radio or TV station program, the NYSC year magazine, and also involved in sensitizing schools on reading, writing and learning.

In close collaboration with the NYSC public relation unit they serve as the mouth piece of the other CDS and the corp members.

Benefits of OBS

Miss Miranda listed out some of the benefits she has accrued as follows:

  • Had her first ever on-air presentation in the camp
  • Had a great feeling of satisfaction from doing what she loves to do best.
  • Amazing accumulation of experience
  • Working and getting connected with experienced and successful people in her line of career interest.
  • Getting enlightened about different subjects in general
  • Had a better posting with incomparable remuneration in contrast with her colleagues.
  • Made her very active in her service and made her develop herself.
  • Her posting is likely going to influence a better job prospect for her after service.
  • Has given her exposure in broadcasting, publishing and in the world of words.


It was a lovely moment for me to have this time with Miss Miranda. She is super wonderful. I know the world is yet to meet her.

In the time being if you have passion for public speaking and writing I hope you to would make the necessary effort to join OBS during your service year. There are loads of opportunities waiting to meet you. As Miss Miranda humble recognized, “It would be ridiculous to think she was a wonderful media presenter when the best media presenters are yet to be born”. I think that was so humble. I want to say a big Thank you Miss Miranda for making my day.

So friends take a chance with your service year and let the world get to know you. Thank you everybody for being here. You are all amazing for following www.awajis.com/nysc


  1. I enjoyed every bit of this insightful piece. This has equipped me with some of the necessary tools I require to make my service time a memorable and impacting one.
    Thank you, and I appreciate Miss Miranda

  2. i want to really appreciate you for this wonderful piece and thanks to miss miranda her awesome tips.
    i aspire to be a radio personality although i have no experience.i would join OBS and make the very most of it.

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