Starting a Ready Wear Clothing Line in Nigeria

Ready Wear Clothing Line in Nigeria – To start ready wear clothing line in Nigeria is not an easy and straightforward process, but with determination and grit, one can succeed.  Ready wear clothing line is a highly profitable business in Nigeria and around the world.

McKinsey Global Fashion Index estimates that the entire global clothing business is worth a whopping $2.4 trillion. This is because clothing never goes out of demand, it is a basic necessity of life.  The clothing line business is hinged on style, innovation, and creativity.

This article outlines a great way to Start Ready Wear Clothing Line in Nigeria and Earn Huge Profit.

How to Start Ready Wear Clothing Line in Nigeria and Make $10,000 Daily

Business Detail

The ready wear clothing line is a major part of the fashion and apparel industry, and it can be categorized into two divisions: clothing line for men and clothing line for females.

It creates a lot of employment for the teeming population. In 2014, the Nigerian fashion market was estimated to have a market worth of over 10 billion dollars, as reported by PM news.

How to Start Ready Wear Clothing Line in Nigeria and Make $10,000 Daily

Lagos is the home of the Nigerian fashion industry, and a huge chunk of fashion designers are based there. Although Calabar, Port Harcourt, and Aba is also home to a great number of textile workers. A lot of foreign investors have keyed into the huge profitability of this industry.

The key to success in the ready-to-wear clothing line business in Nigeria is high creativity, good business skills, an eye for great style, the ability to predict trends and a go-getter attitude.

Easy Steps to Start Ready Wear Clothing Line in Nigeria

1. Learn the Skill of cloth making

How to Start Ready Wear Clothing Line in Nigeria and Make $10,000 Daily

A good clothing designer will understand the rudiment of cloth making. Learning how to design clothes will enable you to understand and create styles that will grasp the interest of customers, and ensure a steady flow of income.

2. Choose a niche

There are several categories under ready wear clothing line business in Nigeria. You can make corporate wears, native wears, female clothes, male clothes and even clothes for kids.

It is advisable that you pick a niche that will have a good customer base and patronage. Without demand, you may not be able to succeed in the business.

Some relevant questions you can ask that are related to the clothing line niche in Nigeria  include:

  • What type of cloth brand will be sold to customers? Luxury or high-end quality? Average quality or London used? Low quality?
  • What type of gender will your clothing line be focusing on? Which gender will your clothes be sold to? Men? Ladies? Or will they be selling both men’s and ladies’ wear?
  • What type of clothing will I be producing? Corporate? Casual? Trendy? Exotic? Vibrant? Business? School? Sporty? Wedding?
  • Will I produce other clothing accessories like coats, ties, jewelry, headwear, shoes, socks, etc.

3. Have a  Business Plan

In every business, a business plan is of the utmost importance. It is key to ensure a business stands the test of time. A business plan contains vital information and a strategy that helps the business survive. It comprises its strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats.

A business plan is also essential if you will need a bank loan or investment funding as capital for your ready-wear clothing line business in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, most new business owners usually forget or overlook the business plan. But before starting your clothing line, a business plan is a necessity. A business plan will assist you in defining and reaching your short term and long term goals. It will also create a road map to success and your suppliers and investors will know that you are ready to get your business on the path of profit.

4. Get a Location/Office

How to Start Ready Wear Clothing Line in Nigeria and Make $10,000 Daily

Location is key to the success of the business. It should be in a place where there are fashion enthusiasts and customers. An office will also create your physical presence and workspace.

Here are some tips for picking the right location for your clothing line:

  • Once you have figured out your customers or target market. Try as much as possible to site your business where these people frequent. For example, if your clothing line is for women to wear, ensure enough women or ladies go through that particular location you intend to site your clothing line business.
  • Your business should be accessible. The location where you plan to site your clothing line business should be accessible. Your customers should be able to go in and out of your office or store very easily. There should also be a parking space around for customers with cars.
  • Your clothing line location should be easily visible. This means it shouldn’t be hard to find. You won’t want to spend too much money on advertisements. Your clothing line should be sited where people can easily see your business and beautiful wear on display when they walk or drive by.
  • Ensure you site your clothing line in a secure location. Before renting an office, store or shop, make sure you find out the security history of that area, street or town. Some places in Nigeria are known for burglary and theft and the last thing you would want is thieves breaking into your store.
  • Healthy competition is great and a location that is known for cloth sales won’t be a bad idea. So, if you open your clothing line store in a market that is filled with clothing stores, then you won’t have to look for patronage too much.
  • Consider the cost of rents and other expenses before picking a location. Your budget is important.

5. Get A Cloth Factory Or Employ Tailors

Assuming you want to produce your clothes large scale, you will need enough hands either through the services of tailors or by automation, depending on your expenses.

Be extra cautious when employing tailors, ensure they measure up to your expectation and they are competent enough. If you are planning to produce your clothes on small scale, then you can sew them yourself till you have enough for display.

6. Get Your Materials

Clothing materials and other office materials will be important as a clothing line business owner in Nigeria. These materials form the necessities that will be used to set up the business.

7. Procure Equipment

These equipment are vital to your business and can are always needed in the clothing line business:

  • A backup power supply e.g. generator, inverter or solar power
  • Sewing machine e.g. embroidery or weaving machine
  • Table and chair
  • Clothes Rails
  • Clothes Hangers
  • Mannequins
  • Shop Counter
  • Mirrors
  • Point-of-Sale System

8. Register Your Business

As a business owner, your business must be registered with the government and must operate within the laws and regulations of the land. A place to begin the registration of business is the corporate affairs commission.

Your brand name also needs to be copyrighted or trademarked in order to avoid intellectual theft of your business property.  Trademarking and copyrighting is handled by the Nigerian copyright commission.

Learn how to Register Your Business With Nigeria in Nigeria here

9. Publicize Your Business Via Advertisement

Advertisement is a way of creating awareness about your business.

This can be done through the internet, posters, television or radio. It depends on your budget.

The more people know about your business, the easier it is for your business to succeed long term.

Here are some tips that can help you promote your clothing line in Nigeria:

  • A clothing line website is absolutely important.
  • Your clothing line should also have an active social media account.
  • You can custom package your clothing products or wear them to increase the visibility of your brand.
  • Quality photography is highly essential.

10. Network Network Network

You need friends in the business as a business owner. Grow relationships with those who have been in the business before and seek their expertise.

This will help you build a network of patrons and will be glad to impact your business positively.

11. Know the Minimum Startup Amount for Ready Wear Clothing Business

Another important aspect of the clothing line business is funding. The good thing is that the business is not too capital intensive compared to other businesses.

With less than 500 thousand naira and much determination, the Ready Wear Clothing Line in Nigeria can kick-off.

Start-up capital can be obtained from banks, investors, family, friends or even crowdfunding.

In all, the key to a successful Ready Wear Clothing Line business in Nigeria is determination and persistence, and with a bit more effort you create the next Gucci or Versace in Nigeria.


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