National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Student Portal (2021)

This article on the National open university of Nigeria students portal seeks to take you through a virtual tour into the students’ portal of this university, with the view of getting you acquainted with the portals’ environment, what you can do in the students’ portal, as well as how you can do them.

So, if any of the above highlighted objectives of this article interest you, then I recommend that you continue reading below to find out more.

national open university student portal

The National open university portal is an online platform that houses all the information that should be known only by the persons who are considered students of this university. Hence, logging into the students’ portal gives the student in question access to assess the following:

  • i-Learn
  • School fee verification
  • Access to course reading materials
  • Course list
  • Course Registration
  • Portal clearance, amongst others.

With the introduction of the i-Learning feature, the national open university has taken education to a whole new level, in that, rather than coming to school for learning, NOUN now takes the education directly to your doorstep.

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With this i-Learn feature, the barrier of the location has been completely eliminated in the educational system of Nigeria, in that no matter where you are, or what you do for a living, you can always log into your students portal to receive your lectures, download your lecture materials and do every other thing that you would have done if you were physically present in the school.

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It’s no longer news that technological innovations is on the increase, as it seeks to make life easier. Consequently, NOUN is actually the first institution in Nigeria to fully go digital, by using the power of the internet to make education more assessable and enjoyable, with little face to face contact between the school lecturers and the students. That is a feet that is yet to be matched by any other Nigerian university.

Practical Uses Of NOUN Students Portal

Just like i said earlier in this article, the Students portal of the national open university was created in order to ease the access to quality education in a dynamic manner. Hence, below are the practical usefulness of the students portal:

  • The provision of a virtual classroom. It should be noted that NOUN is a university with a difference in their modus operandi, as most of the school activities are done online, with little to no physical contact between the students and the lecturers. Hence, with the students portal, students are provided with a virtual classroom where they can have group discussions amongst themselves as well as with their lecturers.
  • The NOUN students portal equally provides students with the opportunity of asking any kind of questions pertaining to their chosen course of studies, with answers being provided by their lecturers and other school administrators.
  • Through the NOUN student portals, students have assessed their class assignments, quizzes, and examinations.
  • Via the student’s portals of NOUN, lectures become quite dynamic as it comes via videos, audios and ebook materials, which are all channeled toward making learning as interesting as possible. Every of this learning aid comes in their digital forms.

How To Log Into NOUN Students Portal

If you want to assess the students portal in order to have access to the above listed provisions, you should know that you must have been a verified student of the university with valid login details. Then you can quickly log into this site

Once done, input your login details and click on the login button. Once logged in, the next page that appears will present you with three options, Vis: “Edu Portal“, “i-Learning“, “TMA“.

Depending on what you want to do, you can click on any of these taps above, and still log in with your student’s user ID and password to access the specific feature it has for you.

How To Register Courses In National Open University

Registering your courses online at the National open university is a relatively easy task. All that is required of you is to follow the guide below:

  • Start by visiting the NOUN official website by clicking on this link
  • Once the site opens, on the homepage, click on the student’s menu option to open it.
  • In the space provided, input your matric number and student password to log into the portal.
  • Once logged into your studware dashboard, you can then click on Registration
  • On the registration window, select Semester registration
  • Highlight the courses that you want to register for the semester
  • And then click on the submit button

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