List of Popular Educational Foundations in Nigeria 2020


Educational Foundations in NigeriaThese Educational foundations in Nigeria that will be mentioned in this post, are the most popular and well regarded in Nigeria.

Nigerian educational foundations are non-governmental and non-profit. They play the role of promoting education and funding education of the children of the impoverished masses through grants and scholarships.

A lot of educational foundations also act as interest groups, as they dutifully get the government involved in the plight of their members. There is also a university course named ‘Educational foundations in Nigeria’.

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List of Top Educational Foundations in Nigeria

United For Education (U4E)

Popular Educational Foundations in Nigeria

This is a non-governmental educational foundation in Nigeria. They started in early 2o15, with the aim of lessening the widening inequality in educational attainment.

They also do a lot of work in boosting educational quality in primary schools.  This educational foundation collaborates with the private sector to bolster their effort.

An achievement that United For Education (U4E) has made over the years is closing the gap in infrastructure and facilities between private and public schools.


The Whitefield Foundation

Popular Educational Foundations in Nigeria

This educational foundation in Nigeria does a lot of poverty alleviation and promotion of gender equality. Their work is also centered on improving education and entrepreneurship.

About 7,000 youths have positively been imparted by The Whitefield Foundation entrepreneurial training. The foundation begun in 2003.


New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation

Popular Educational Foundations in Nigeria

New Era Educational and Charitable Foundation is an educational foundation in Nigeria that seeks to build national leadership and unity while discouraging corruption.

The foundation invests in the youth, developing their leadership and entrepreneurial skills in a bid to make them become good citizens and peacemakers.


The Nigeria Higher Education Foundation (NHEF)

The Nigeria Higher Education Foundation invests in Nigerian universities in order to promote leadership and scholarship.

Through it philanthropic activities, it partners with Nigerian universities to create a synergy with their foreign counterparts, through mutually beneficial research and exchange programs.


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Odyssey Educational Foundation

Odyssey Educational Foundation is a Nigerian non-Governmental centered around the girl child education. It invests in the girl child participation in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. It also equips girls with the skills to improve themselves and become solution makers in tech world.


Grace Foundation

Popular Educational Foundations in Nigeria

Grace foundation invest in the Education of Nigerian youths as a way of eliminating poverty and establishing a comfortable and impactful life.

The foundation also create programs for every school age. These programs are centered on poverty alleviation, entrepreneur and girl child education.


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