Move WP Blog from Godaddy to 1and1

Here is the moving your wordpress website from godaddy to 1and1 tutorial.
Lets start.
To migrate your wordpress website from one host to another. Two major downloads are necessary
The first is is the site database(dot sql file).
The other is the website files – this can be found in the website explorer.

Lets get started

step 1: Login to your godaddy cpanel >> Hit the file manager icon
godaddy cpanel

step 2:
In the page that loads up. Navigate to the folder that contains your website files. For this tutorial: I’m using this site –
So I navigate to the website folder >> select all the files >> Hit Compress >> Select the .zip extension and save

step 3:
After compression, you’ll find a zip file in your website folder. The zip file contains all the files that makes up your website – images, themes, designs, scripts etc. Please safe keep this.

Downloading the Website Database:

step 4:
Go back to the  cpanel homepage. You can click the icon at the top right hand side of the page to do this.
Scroll down to the Database section >> Hit the phpMyAdmin link.
step 5:
Once the phpMyAdmin page loads. Select the the table that holds your website data >> Click on the select all link at the bottom of the page >> then export
On the next page: Click go to download the file

Now we’ve the two files needed to transfer the website to the new host.
In the next series of steps. I’ll point my domain dns to my 1and1 hosting, upload the database file to 1and1, Upload the website files and edit the wp-config file.
Let’s continue

step 6:
Login to your 1and1 hosting account. Click on domains on the right panel >> click on Transfer domain >> Enter the the domain url >> hit select
In the page that loads up >> scroll down and select Set External Domain
1and1 external domain

On the new page. Scroll down and hit continue >> Continue to checkout >> Order Now
step 7:
1and1 has just sent the dns settings to your email. Go check it.
Follow the instructions and complete your transfer.

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