How to Use JAMB Past Questions for a Positive Result (2021 Guide)

How to Use JAMB Past Questions – As the date of the JAMB UTME  itches closer, it is pertinent to perfect the method of Using JAMB Past Questions To Study.

Using JAMB Past Questions is one of the most important methods there is. It is also among the best study preparation methods. The idea behind using JAMB Past Questions is in the logic that the more you practice, the more perfect you become.

A Perfect Guide To Using JAMB Past Questions To Study

In order to make the best use of JAMB Past Questions To Study, it is imperative that you don’t just practice for the sake of doing so. but you have to deliberately seek to become better with the question patterns. The role JAMB Past Questions will play in your studies will be of high benefit if you abide by the rules below:

How to Use JAMB Past Questions Appropriately

1. Use JAMB questions only after you are done with reading through the JAMB syllabus

Although JAMB questions have awesome benefits, they should not replace reading or studying the syllabus. If you study only using past questions without the aid of other study materials, you will fall prey to false confidence.

The past question exists in order to allow you to have a feel of the generality of the questions you will be answering, but the issue is that you won’t find that in a particular past question.

So be sure to read with your syllabus, before practicing with the past questions in order to enjoy the full benefits of using JAMB past questions.

2. Before Testing Exam Situation, Practice at Least One or More Past Questions

Yes, you can close your textbooks and time while answering past questions, but it is wise if you read with the past questions before implementing those conditions.

You have to revise and learn your textbooks, correct your errors, before testing yourself. This will give you feedback about how much you have prepared.

3. Be sure to use a CBT past question platform for the preparation

Back then, past questions were in hard copies, and they were expensive, with the attendant disadvantage of having low durability and inaccuracy. Modern technology has evolved the JAMB examination format, and with that change, the CBT examination platform is living up to the standard that will guarantee you success in the end.

It comes with the exact JAMB CBT condition that will lead a quality preparation and it is free. Click here to access it.

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