Jamb CBT Practice Software [PC & Android Versions]

Welcome to the 2023 Jamb CBT Software page [Android and PC]. See The Life Changer features, screenshots, download, installation, and activation guides. Free download of Jamb CBT Practice App.

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The download links are directly below(for android and PC versions). If you’re new to the Jamb CBT world and need some convincing about which is the best CBT practice, click here to read a detailed description of our app. 

JAMB CBT Software For Windows PC

jamb cbt software 2021 with Life changer

You can use the links below to download or activate the Awajis Jamb CBT Software for PC. This utme cbt practice software is completely offline and does not require monthly subscriptions.

Download(107MB)Activate PC App

Alternative Download: Softpedia

JAMB CBT Android App

jamb cbt app android apkUse one of the links below to download or activate the android Jamb CBT App. Just like the PC version, this too is completely offline. No monthly subscriptions. It has the same number of questions and answers as the PC version.

Goto PlaystoreDownload ApkActivate Android App

Features of Awajis CBT Practice Software

  • It doesn’t require a monthly subscription.
  • Uses the same technology as the 2023 UTME.
  • Over 21,000 real jamb past questions and answers
  • The CBT app is completely offline. Requires no internet access at all.
  • There’s a complete summary of the Life Changer novel.
  • Likely questions from the Life Changer novel and 21 other Literature Texts
  • This Jamb cbt software completely covers your need as a 2023 Jambite.
  • Updated with the new Intelligent Offline Virtual Assistant – Clara.
  • The 8 keys navigation works fine too (Original programming)

Why is Every Jambite getting this JAMB CBT Software?

  • It has over 21,000 Questions – practice real past JAMB UTME questions from 25 subjects with detailed solutions.
  • The Life Changer Novel – Practice possible JAMB UTME questions based on The Life Changer Novel. There’s also a complete summary.
  • It’s Completely Offline – Do I have to explain that? You don’t need internet access to practice on this app.
  • There’s Topic Selection – Choose individual topics to boost performance in areas that need improvement.
  • Summary of Prescribed Literature Texts – The 2023 version now has summaries of books like A midsummer night’s dream, Let me die alone, Fences, Look back in anger, Wuthering Heights, A government driver on his retirement, Raider of treasure trove, The song of women of my land, The grieved lands of Africa, The leader and the led, The lion and the Jewel, Invisible man, The good morrow, Caged Bird, etc
  • There’s Subject Selection – You get to select which subjects you want to practice at any time. You can choose 1, 2, 3, or your complete 4 subjects. If you’re crazy, you can practice the 15 subjects at once.
  • 25 Subjects – This app has 25 whole subjects ranging from the big ones like Mathematics, English, Government, Biology, Chemistry, Literature, Economics, and Physics to the not-so-popular ones like Home Economics, Fine Arts, Arabic, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Music, etc.
  • Clara – Offline Assistant – Our offline virtual assistant will solve math problems and guide you on how to activate the app.
  • Built-In Calculator – You’ll need a calculator to tackle those science subjects right? It’s there.
  • Next Generation Result Analysis – You’ll see a detailed Result analysis after each test. This way you know which subjects you’re lagging behind in.
  • Bookmarks option – This is a cool feature. You can add a bookmark for interesting/challenging questions, and go back directly to it at any time.
  • Flexibility – Nothing is fixed in this CBT Software. You can set the number of questions, the timing, and the exam mode. Anything at all.
  • No Expiration – You heard that right. This software does not expire. You get to use it forever. No monthly subscription.

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”How Much Does the CBT Software Activation Code/License Cost?” img_alt=”” css_class=””]

This software license/activation code goes for just ₦2,000. Getting normal paper JAMB past questions for four subjects will cost you about ₦3,000 to ₦3,500.

Our app will not limit you to four subjects, you have 25 different subjects(including questions from the jamb 2022 novel) at your disposal. And best of all, you get the Jamb CBT experience.

Can’t afford it now? You can use our free jamb cbt online practice page. It’s at jambcbt.awajis.com


[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”Best Jamb CBT Practice Software?” img_alt=”” css_class=””]

It’s the Awajis Jamb CBT Practice Software. Click Here to download.

See a quick video showing the features of the Awajis Jamb CBT software below.

To practice jamb utme past questions and answers for small (not android) mobile phones – visit our mini cbt platform or download the cbt android app here.

The Jamb computer-based test, CBT past questions software gives the best simulation of the real cbt engine you shall use in the exam hall.


Screenshots of the 2023 Jamb CBT Software?

Okay, find the pictures below.

homepage of 2022 Jamb cbt software
Jamb 2023 Windows Software Homescreen
jamb cbt software subject selection
1 Select your subjects 2 View and edit selected cbt practice subjects 3 Select your 2023 CBT practice mode 4 Set the questions and option shuffle options 5 Enter a username and start practicing


jamb cbt software 2021
Jamb CBT Software Life Changer


the life changer in jamb cbt software
A Life Changer Question from Awajis Jamb CBT App


Another Life Changer CBT Question 2021

question from jamb cbt chemistry

jamb cbt software literature text
Question from one of the new Literature text

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jamb cbt life changer

More Pictures from Jamb CBT Software 2023

jamb cbt past question software
A Physics Question from the Jamb CBT Practice Software


cbt app math question
<strong>Proper subscripts and superscripts are used for the mathematics symbol<strong>
jamb cbt practice result bar chart
<strong>2021 Jamb CBT Mock Exam Result Bar Chart<strong>

Jamb Portal

Download Jamb Past Questions

jamb cbt correction in biology
<strong>correction in biologyDetailed Explanation<strong>


mock jamb cbt practice Tabular Result
<strong>mock jamb cbt Tabular Result<strong>

CBT Result Page [Ideal for Mock Exams in CBT Centres]

Download the CBT Software for PC

download jamb cbt software

The 2023 Jamb CBT Software can be downloaded for free.

Use the link below to download.

Before you download: Please note that this software works on PCs (Laptops and Desktops).

The size is about 107MB.

Use the link below to begin downloading.

Download(107MB)Activate PC App

Get the Android App

How to Install the PC Software

Here is a step-by-step guide on installing the 2023 Jamb CBT Practice software for laptop/desktop pc.

  1. The software comes as a zip package.
  2. Unzip the file into a folder.
  3. Open the newly created folder.
  4. Click on the setup.exe file to launch the installation sequence.

I won’t repeat this again:

The core aim of this page is to give the necessary materials and information to serious Jambites.  I know there are students out there who are willing to put in the work and come out smiling come Jamb 2023. This site was made purely for those kinda students.

I’m sure there are parents too. Who are willing to secure their Child’s future by providing them with the necessary resources to help them excel.

Those categories of people. People like you….are the ones this platform seeks to serve.

In an effort to boost your Admission chance in the 2023 Jamb UTME. We’ve come up with the ideal Jamb Preparatory platform.

What’s the bottom line? This Jamb CBT Software will help you get into your University of choice in 2023.

  1. Please where can I get the Software on CD to buy in Lagos. I need to physically show to the school.

    1. The software is not on CD sir… There is a download link on this page where you can download the app into your PC or android device.

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