Best Websites to Download Games


There are so many websites to download games online. Gaming has become a meaningful way to have fun and relax, and many of these free download games websites are favourites of many. These websites are free to download games in and do not have a virus or spam in it. Their games are authentic and have varieties of genres like action, strategy, adventures, role-play etc.

This article will share the best websites to download games in, for free and without hassle.

Play free Solitaire or Minesweeper using your Browser


This website allows you to play and download solitaire and minesweeper games for free, by just typing the URL name on your Browser. It is easily accessible, and it does not have a single ad.


Websites to Download Games
Acid play

The website was established in 2002 and has created a niche in offering free games to download. The games there are categorized into a rating, type, operating system, description, review etc. It is also armed with a great search feature that allows you to have access to a massive database of games. ClamAV scans and rid the games of virus, while you download.


Caiman website

Caiman is among the best websites to download games. This website does not only offer free matches but free tools or software. The games and tools are tested and trusted. The games in the site are numbered more than 4,000 and still counting. The website has several amazing genres. The website has the ‘game of the day’ features and ‘recent updated list’. The games are also suitable for Mac OS.

The GameHippo

Game Hippo

This site has a lot of free PC games, and have enough genres and enjoy a qualitative search feature.


Best Websites to Download Games
Mega games website

The website is a very great example of Websites to download games for free. MegaGames also have a lot of patches, emulators, demos downloadable for free.

World of Free Games

Websites to Download Games
world of free games website

About 500 games are available for free download on this site, with plentiful genres. The website also allows you to access games for kids.  That’s why it is a great website to download games.

Games 2 Download

games2download website

With over 2000 games ready to download, Games 2 Download offers virus-free freeware games in more than 15 genres.

Free Ride Games

Websites to Download Games
Free Ride Games

A lot of free websites to download games do not exist as free ride games because it is a quality website filled with up to 300 free games, the website has a good number of challenges and freebies.


Free Games Pick Logo

In this site, you can find more than 100 PC games without ad, virus, spam or time limit. There is no trial version or demo games, all games in this site are verified and authentically free.