Top Bests Faux Hawk Fade Haircuts for Men – Fohawk Fade


Fohawk Fade Haircut – popularly known as fohawk, the faux hawk haircut is one of the most trending hairstyles for men that has been trending for over the years now.

The fohawk fade, in particular, is a simple but versatile hairstyle that looks stylish and modern and, at the same time, allows you to try plenty of other styles. You can get your faux hawk fade done without shaving off your mohawk.

I know that some of you will begin to ask yourself which one is Fohawk haircut. But, you’ll be shocked when you see the photos of these hairstyles and realize that you’ve barbed it before. The only problem was that you didn’t know its professional name.

However, this hairstyle comes in either long or short.

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About Fohawk Fade

Remember that I said earlier before now that you might have been barbing this hairstyle for a longer period of time without knowing that it’s called Fohawk Fade.

The fohawk fade haircut is cool, and its maintenance also costs low. Meaning that it can be the best haircut for you if it suits your personality.

What makes it maintenance cost less costly is that it’s only the sides of the hair shaved and not the whole head.

NOTE: You can choose to barb a low or high fade and a suitable length to get it buzzed to. I personally prefer a high skin fade because it will create a sharp contrast to the hair on top.

Pictures of Fohawk Fade Hair Styles


How To Style A Faux Hawk

If you want to style a faux hawk or fohawk, the first thing to do is dry your hair with a clean towel.

After that, apply a styling product such as hair gel, wax, pomade, or mousse, and run your hands through your hair, spiking or lifting your hair.

Then,  for textured volume, use a blow dryer to direct your hair up and towards the center of your head and then add more product if you need to strengthen the hold.

However, if you want a more pointed fohawk, it’s advisable to use your hands to push your hairs together before adding more of the strengthening product.

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