Top 20 Trending Ghana Braid Styles (2021 Review)

Trending Ghana Braid Styles – Ghana braids tend to impress. Ghana braids represent style, details, and versatility. They are so many options to try, vast numbers to experiment with for the new year.

It is short-styled, the longer one, the colored coils, exquisite beads style, and many others. Check out the top 20 ghana braid styles as of today.

Trending Ghana Braid Styles

Trending Ghana Braids Designs and Styles for 2021

Ghana Braids are a protective crown row braiding style from Africa that goes straight backward. Cherokee braids, invisible cornrows, banana braids, straight backs, and pencil braids are some of the other names for them. They differ from many other protective braids because they employ hair extensions to achieve a thicker look. These braids can be imaginatively adjusted into numerous designs to soothe, lengthen, or complement your features, regardless of your facial structure! Just remember to add moisture treatments to your hairstyle first for a smooth plaiting process.

With all these on-trend weave hairstyles, you may flaunt your strong hair with colors, designs, and cuffs while leaving your natural hair safe underneath. You do not even have to visit the hairdresser every so often because these beauties can endure for extended periods of time depending on how much care and attention you give them! The most popular Ghana braid styles are listed below and can be readily replicated right now.

Starting might be difficult, but you can gain inspiration from these lovely braided hairstyles here. Experiment with color, width, and parts.

#1: Neat Fishbone Braids

Ghana braids come in all different sizes, patterns, and combinations. It can be your mission to think of as many as you can try. Braiding your hair into a fishbone design actually produces a striking result.

#2: Side-Swept Braided Style

A lot of Ghana braids styles involve wearing your plaits up or straight back and down. Her hairdo keeps them down but swept to one side. These African plaits are quite simple yet chic and fun to wear, especially with asymmetrical tops and one-shoulder dresses.

#4: Centre Parted Long Plaits

Symmetrical Hairstyle With Ghana Braids

These could be plain Jane’s pigtails, but they got a cool Ghana twist. The crisp parting here is what really elevates the style. That center line is razor-sharp, and so are all of the spaces between the braids

#5: Whirlpool Braids

African American Circular Cornrows

Remember to draw inspiration from different pictures of Ghanian hairstyles. You might find something that you have never thought of before. Case in point: the dynamic whirlpool ‘do with curvy braids. This hairstyle with Ghana braids looks very cool from any side, as it gives new visions from different angles.

#6: Long Braids with Golden Beads

Long Two-Tone Ghana Braids

A plaited style is a statement by itself. However, you can still introduce a few eye-catching elements. She added metallic gold ends to her lengthy braids. The coordinating beads tie the entire thing together.

#7: One Side Braided Hairstyle

Black Asymmetrical Braided Hairstyle

Go for gold with Ghana braids hairstyles. Here is one of those images you will gaze at and wonder why you haven’t thought up this pretty ‘do before. Three metallic cornrows on one side contrast beautifully against the flowing highlighted weave.

#8: Blonde Asymmetrical Pigtails

Curvy Ghana Braids With Blonde Extensions

Be bold with multiple golden blonde braids. Instead of the expected two, try three. An odd number creates a more unusual and dynamic ‘do. The addition of some curvy designs on your head is a fantastic complement to your lengths.

#9: Skinny Braids with Purple Ends

Black Braids With Pastel Purple Ends

Modern female hairstyles need an extra twist in terms of a fun color or texture to really shine. With this braided style, you get both. You can absolutely rock a dip-dyed look with Ghana cornrows. The lilac extensions make a great contrast to the dark natural mane.

#10: Curvy Braids and Long Tails

Asymmetrical Ghana Braids

All sorts of cornrows are quite wide-spread, but the way your braids are distributed, curved, and angled makes a personalized look. Her curvy style is a great piece of inspiration if you’re not sure where to start.

#11: Chunky Ghana Braids

Chunky Ghana Braids

These chunky braids make a big hair statement. Break them up with crisp parts, and micro braids sprinkled in between. Go for a longer style to show a decent length that can be gathered into a ponytail or braided once again.

#12: Brown Woven Updo

Circular And Vertical Ghana Braids

These cutest braids naturally follow the head’s lines, ascending towards the crown and falling straight down once they reach the highest point. The variation in thickness of the braids moves this style to the next level of braided chic.

#13: Angled Cornrows with Braided Parts

Thick And Micro Ghana Braids

Cornrows running straight back are classics, but these days, braids plaited at an angle are more relevant. This style again embraces the idea of skinny and thick braids, besides the thin plaits work as braided parts, making the geometry of the style more prominent.

#14: Extra Thick Braided Bun

Black Low Braided Bun

If your natural mane is on the thinner side, you can easily boost it with extensions. They’ll help pump up the two symmetrical side sections and the swirling bun.

#15: Thick Cornrows in a Bun

Low Bun For Ghana Braids

Up or down, there are numerous options for fixing your braided locks. A coiled low bun is a timeless option. Opt for powerful braids that start thin at the hairline and quickly gain width as they run backward. The freely hanging ends can be of medium size.

#16: Black Twisted Mohawk

African American Braided Mohawk

A good hairdo is all about texture. You may use Ghana cornrows for the sides and go with Senegalese twists instead of a big cornrow braid for the hawk part. This way, you gain a variety in patterns and sizes of the braided pieces for a one-of-a-kind updo.

#17: Multicolored Extension Braids

African American Yarn Braids

Can’t decide on a single color for your ‘do? Go for different ones. Her Ghana cornrows get the rainbow treatment to include some vibrant blue, pink, green, orange, and white extensions.

#18: Blue and Black Cornrows

Ghana Braids With Blue Extensions

The contrasting thick and micro braids would have still been striking if they were all one color. However, adding the cobalt blue to the thicker plaits results in a more dynamic, vibrant look

#19: Mohawk Style with Extensions

Women's Black Braided Mohawk

Wear your extensions all over your head, or concentrate them in a single area. For an edgy option, focus them down the center of the head, creating a customized Mohawk. Gel down your sides for a super sleek finish. The resulting ‘do amazing from all angles.

#20: Braided Ballerina Bun

High Braided Bun From Cornrows


If you like high ponytails and top knots, you will like this tall and large braided bun with highlights. The reverse lines of cornrows here are as nice and special as the two-tone bundle.

Ghana braid is dipped in the aura of inspiration. It might be time tasking to create, but the intricacies are worthwhile. Have those locks plaited so that you can have enough fun with updos, accessories, and more?

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