How Many Wives Does Akon Have?

In the mid-2000s, singer Akon made headlines after sitting down with Angie Martinez on her radio show to discuss his personal life and beliefs. He confessed to practicing polygamy, meaning the individual believes in having more than one wife or husband.

“I’m a polygamist,” he told the radio host. “I can afford to have as many wives as I can afford to have. All Africans believe in it. My dad has four wives.”

How Many Wives Does Akon Have?
How Many Wives Does Akon Have?

Brought up in a religious and cultural home, Akon is “married” to four different women, in addition to dating other women casually. 

Akon has said, “The whole purpose of dating is so you can date this one, and date this one, and date this one until you find out, ‘Okay, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Okay, now I commit to what’s called marriage.’

You find that one woman that supplies everything that you desire in a woman, of course that will be a motivation to stick with that one woman, but I don’t know no one woman that can satisfy every man’s one need. It’s impossible. Just like there’s not one man that can satisfy a woman’s every need, but women aren’t built to breed like that or mate with more than one partner. Women aren’t built that way, men are.”

He also revealed, “If America adopted that [polygamy] culture, there would be less domestic disputes. The average guy in the world has a main girl and they got a side chick. And then they got a jumpoff. At the end of the day as a male we are natural breeders by nature. We can’t even escape it if we wanted to.

Let’s say you put 1,000 guys on one corner and one bad chick walk past. You gonna see 1,000 heads go, ‘Damn.’ They don’t even know why they’re doing it. They’re natural breeders. It’s in their genes, they can’t help it.”

However, it wasn’t exactly a secret that Akon is a polygamist, since he had actually revealed it himself on Angie Martinez’s radio show in 2006. He said, “I’m a polygamist. I can afford to have as many wives as I can afford to have. All Africans believe in it. My dad has four wives.”

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Unfortunately for the artist, his unusual lifestyle impacted his personal life, adding, “It started affecting other people that had nothing to do with us. Because of that, (the label) said they don’t want me to promote that aspect, and I can’t talk about that too much because it’s destroying other people’s families and other things. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in, people do judge you by your beliefs and how you think. It’s a free country, but it’s really not free.”

How Many Wives Does Akon Have?

Although there has never been a definitive count of Akon’s “women,” he is legally married to one lady, and it is believed that his previous fiancée, model Rachel Ritfield, was meant to be his fourth “wife.”

However, she ended their relationship in 2007 and quickly stated why:

“Akon’s reality check came when he informed me that he had fathered his sixth kid with one of his wives. For the first several months, I was absolutely terrified because, although I was aware he had other spouses, I never considered them since his primary focus was always on me. Or so I reasoned.

He does not live with his wives, but the birth of his newest kid brought everything into focus and taught me that I would always have to share the guy I love while understanding his other relationships.

I was first extremely supportive, but I started to wonder who was considering me if I was considering him and he was considering his family. When I discovered that the answer was ‘nobody,’ I concluded that I could no longer be a part of Akon’s universe…

There was never a point of contention. Akon was upfront with me about his many wives from the start, which never interfered with our relationship since his wives reside in different areas of the globe; thus, I reasoned, why repair something that isn’t broken? However, I’ve recently experienced a total change of heart.

My one desire for Akon was for him to be monogamous with me, but he was unable to fulfill it. I thought I could take the prospect of being one of his wives at first, but who’s to say another woman won’t win his heart? I quickly knew he was not the right guy for me.”

Despite the breakup with Ritfield, Akon is officially married to Tomeka Thiam, with whom he has two children (he has six children altogether).

Along with Thiam, he featured on the most recent season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood with another of his alleged wives, Tricia Ana. Many showgoers dislike her, saying her voice is irritating, her face is emotionless, and she has terrible manners.

There are also allegations that she ended her relationship with the singer during the show’s shooting and began seeing someone else.

Additionally, in 2018, there were reports that he was searching for a fifth “wife” to add to the family after being seen out with another young lady.

Though an individual may legally marry only one person at a time, it hasn’t stopped Akon from growing his family and myriad of spouses. Each to their own.

Recently, it was reported that the musician had landed a $6 billion construction contract to begin development of a metropolis in Senegal dubbed — wait for it — Akon City.

The city is scheduled to be finished in 2030, and we’re certain that it will have enough space for Akon’s four, five, or whatever many wives he will have by then.

List of women suspected of being Akon’s wives

Tomeka Thiam

Damal Badara Aliuame Akon Thiam is Akon’s legal wife and his most popular lover. Akon always shows her off , and she is usually referred to as Akon’s wife.

They’ve known each other for about 24 years and have been dating for a long time.

Tomeka is the mother of only two of Akon’s children, a son and a daughter. Others claim she and Akon have four children.

Tomeka’s Instagram account is frequently updated with images of her children. Ali is the name of the couple’s son, while Alianna is the name of their daughter.

Tomeka even posted a video of her daughter singing on her social media account. Her incredible singing ability impressed a lot of people. She finished from elementary school and is now in middle school, having been born in May 2007.

Thiam and Akon are the happy occupants of a $7 million villa in Georgia that sits on five acres of land. Akon and his wife are very fond of each other, as evidenced by their regular appearances together.

Tricia Anna

One of Akon’s rumored wives is Tricia Anna. She’s a fan of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and has featured on the show. Although she has a large following, many of her admirers have expressed displeasure with how she presented herself, citing her unamused face and her alleged bad manners.

Tricia’s ancestors are African-American and Puerto Rican Swedish. She is a well-known former urban model who now works as an A&R representative for Akon’s Konvict Muzik label.

Tricia Anna is rumoured to have broken up with Akon on the show and is dating somebody else. According to reports, Akon ordered that he be removed from every episode of the reality series Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Rachel Ritfeld

Rachel is a model who was the star of the Akademiks streetwear label.

Roitfeld was allegedly expected to join his list of wives, despite the fact that he has yet to disclose how many he has.

Akon was open about his previous partnerships and polygamous ideals, according to the model. She also said that she needed more from a man, such as involvement in her life and the healing of her shattered heart. Despite the fact that Rachel did not marry Akon, she wished him well and believed they would stay friends.

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  1. In Uganda, Akon fathered a kid with a sister of a fashion model Sylvia Owori, when he came to perform in the country some years ago. Did you count that one also?

  2. In Uganda, Akon fathered a kid with a sister of a fashion model Sylvia Owori, when he came to perform in the country some years ago. Did you count that one also?


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