Difference Between DSSC & SSC in the Nigerian Army

Difference Between DSSC & SSC in the Nigerian Army…

If you’ve wanted to know the difference between these two Nigerian Military terms, “Direct Short Service (DSSC) & Short Service (SSC)”, then here is an explicit article for you.

So, in this post, you’ll know the meaning and differences between them.

However, it’s pertinent to note that the two terms are both short-term military training exercises (1 year) that aim at military personnel who have served in their respective units for not less than five years OR civilians who graduated from well-reputed higher institutions.

Difference between Direct Short Service (DSSC) & Short Service (SSC)

Also, before you apply for any of these, the applicant must be an HND (Higher National Diploma) or a degree holder, with grades not less than Lower Credit and Second Class lower respectively.

Now let’s look at their differences.

Meaning of Direct Short Service (DSSC) & Short Service (SSC)


With the acronym DSSC, the direct short service military training exercise is for graduates who want to join the force according to their field of studies.

The Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) is a category of commission in the NAF which is available to both the civilian population and serving servicemen. The course provides a pathway for the enrollment of university graduates who are specialists in specific fields.

The Direct Short Service Course has a yearly enlistment of 100 cadets per Service, bringing to a total of 300 cadets for every course. There is a stipulation to ramp up the number when there is a demand.

For example, if you are a certified mechanical engineer, medical doctor, architect, etc., and want to apply for the Nigerian army recruitment, you should apply under the DSSC. With this, you’ll be furthering your respective field of study in the Nigerian army.

Also, DSSC permits older applicants (up to 40years of age for medical doctors)


This is for young and vibrant applicants 23 & 27 who are willing to get deployed to infantry, artillery or other combatant units after completing their one-year military training.

1. The DSSC is for applicants who want to further their field of studies in the Nigerian army. In contrast, SSC is for applicants willing to go out for combatant departments.

2. People up to the age of 40 can still apply for the DSSC, whereas the SSC requires energetic people around 23-27 years of age.

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