Best Yoruba Movies – 2023 Latest Selection

The Nigerian movie industry has made the picture in motion continually relevant as they produce movies that feature various Nigerian languages. Here, we will be providing you with the best Yoruba movies.

Best Yoruba Movies

Few attributes of a thrilling movie are its suspense, actions, romance, etc., whatever it is you are looking looking for in a film, you can get it in Yoruba movies. Do not panic if you don’t understand the language because most of the movies have subtitles.

 The motion picture arrived in Nigeria as early as 1903 in the southern city of Lagos.

These films were mostly short actualités of real-life scenes, characteristic of the earliest films. Ola Balogun produced the first-ever Yoruba movie in 1977, Ajani Ogun. 
As the day advances and the years go by, millions of Yoruba movies have been produced. All you need do is visit cinema houses or outlets where music and movies are sold, or better still stay in this article for as many Yoruba movies as you want.

Best Yoruba Movies 2023

Check out our list of best Yoruba movies below:


Iya Iwo


A young girl with a tempting, beautiful charm turns into an object of Lust for many men in her village, but beneath her innocent facade lies a nefarious personality that leads to unpredictable encounters that go against the traditional norm.


Denied the call to an ever-lasting rest, a man’s hopelessness gets out of control as he sets up diverse ways to get out of his predicament. However, a fated encounter with a couple results in the beginning of a mystery from his past.

Toke Giwa

A father’s deep resentment against his kids turns into a force to be reckoned with as his reckless behavior toward their needs causes his daughter to make a decision that could destroy their family bond.

Mask (Iboju)

The youthful residents of Alabameta are prepared to go to any length to expose the criminals who hide under the veil of authority to oppress their own people for their own selfish ends and gain.



This is an award-winning movie. It features Lauronke and Dauda on a hit. Laronke mistakenly bumped into the bathroom where Dauda, who happens to be her elder brother’s friend, was having his bath.

Unfortunately, Dauda won’t let it slide as he swore that he must see her nakedness as well at all costs. Would Laronke who already had a lover accept Dauda’s advances even while under pressure? Find Out!


This is one of the most interesting Yoruba movies almost everyone has found mind-blowing. It’s a story of a beautiful whose inability to have a child brought her so much agony and problems, how did this end? Find out.

Starring: Odunlade Adekola and other Yoruba famous faces including, Kemi Afolabi, Rose Odika, Kola Ajeyemi, and Bukola Odediran.



This movie features Joko Val, Taiwo Aromokun, Lere Paimo, and many others. It is a story of a father who preferred pampering his son as his heir more than his daughter. Find out its outcome.




Elulu is a  tale of a handsome man called Gbeminiyi with mental instability. His condition didn’t change how Ojuolape felt for him and was determined to help him recover so that they could get married. Painfully, Ojuolape’s parents said a big NO! After they found out. You see this movie

Sonto Alapata

Sonto’s Father dies a mysterious death in this story while trying to secure a butcher’s permit for his son; Sonto.

Sonto, having known that his Father’s death was spiritual, decides to cook himself with juju so as not to be caught by death unaware. He now commands superpowers. What does he do with it? Find out!


Ajo tells a story of a young lady who desires nothing but happiness and a great future but tends to forget that our destiny is like hand palm prints that can never be erased.

The Train

Here is another Powerful Christian Movie titled The Train a story based on Mike Bamiloye Life Story is released by Mount Zion Films. This movie promises to be inspiring.

Jaguda Metta (1 and 2)

Jaguda Metta is another exciting movie capable of leaving anyone want to see it over and over again.


Tells a story of a nymphomaniac married young lady whose sexual appetite heightens days after her marriage which causes her devoted husband constant embarrassment.

All efforts to give a lasting solution to this act leads to an unforeseen event in the marriage. This is a must-watch movie.

Pastor Were (1 and 2)

Pastor Were

In this movie, a Prophet suddenly runs mad during a church service. He was rescued by a member who insisted that something unbelievable must be done for him to regain his senses. Have fun watching it!


Bode and his little sister Adun are very close. Adun must first scrutinize and endorse Bode’s girlfriend before Bode goes into any relationship with her. When Bode falls in love with Abike and brings her home for Adun to see, it is hatred for Adun at first sight. Find out the implication of this.


Iwalewa is a story of a young lady who believes beauty is everything at the expense of good character and brain, and she learned the reality the hard way. See for yourself.



What goes around, they say; comes around. This movie tells the story of a skilled laborer who needs to go through a kidney transplant to survive. He was later helped by an old friend of Olaigbade (Tai Balofin) whom he had once supported, bailed him out of the situation.

Funnily enough, Olaigbade’s kind-heartedness now leads him to the devil’s door in his quest to seek fortunes. He is then lured into the Ogboni cult. This is a must-watch movie.

The Vendor

A newspaper seller bemoans his lack of success but is undermined by his laziness when he gets a better job as a driver and finds his rich Father. You should see this.


Funke realizes her husband is cheating on her and comes home late. She begs her sister Abimbola to come to stay with her; maybe her husband will change. He changes quite alright but comes home early to Abimbola instead. Abimbola is truly a suspense-filled drama. It would be best if you saw it.

Taxi Driver ( Oko Ashewo)

A young mechanic moves to the city to drive the old man’s taxi after the demise of his Father. Along the way, he encounters assassins and a motley crew of other urban weirdos. See what happens at last.

Flakky Ijaya

Flakky Ijaya
A young woman takes the saying old “use what you have to get what you want” to heart, but will it get her what she wants? Find out.

Celebrity Marriage

A celebrity with an abusive husband confides in friends who are dealing with troubling relationship issues of their own.


The film is set in 1909 and depicts the narrative of Aramotu, a prosperous female merchant who lives in a culturally sensitive Yoruba community.

She seeks to use Gelede Cult’s welcoming tendencies to gather ideas for women’s rights and to develop a government that is focused on the interests of the people.

She organized a clan, which included a singer, and this eventually led to the dissolution of her marriage to her loving spouse.

This new engagement threatens to destroy everything she has worked for and has a detrimental impact on her relationships with other town authorities.

Thunderbolt: Magun

Directed and produced by Tunde Kelani, Magun (English title: Thunderbolt) is a 2001 thriller film set in Nigeria. It was inspired by Adebayo Faleti’s novel Magun, which Femi Kayode rewrote for the script.

Igbo woman Ngozi began an affair with Yoruba guy Yinka while serving in the National Youth Service Corps. Their marriage is jeopardized when false rumors of Ngozi’s adultery are spread among Yinka’s acquaintances when Ngozi and Yinka are separated for long periods of time.

With his ego hurting and his paranoia heightened, Yinka hires a babalawo to inflict “Magun,” a chastity control mechanism, on Ngozi. Magun’s influence has left Ngozi with just days to live.

She enlists the assistance of her friends Janet and Mama Tutu, both of whom persuade her to accept Dr. Dimeji Taiwo’s offer.

He is cognizant of the magus that has been placed on Ngozi, yet sleeps with her for the sake of research. He starts vomiting blood and is suffocating, but the babalawo saves him, and Ngozi’s curse is undone.


Koseegbe depicts the story of a morally decent customs agent who is appointed to succeed a senior government official who was fired for corruption.

He seeks to sanitize the institution in his new position, but is met with resistance from utterly corrupt junior officers.

The junior officers set him up for illegal behavior in order to engineer his removal; nevertheless, he is successful in gaining their confessions and exonerate himself.

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