2021 Updated List of Art Courses Offered at UNIABUJA

2021 Updated List of Art Courses Offered at UNIABUJA .

UNIABUJA Available Art Courses – Planning to study art courses at the , UNIABUJA? Then see the full list of art course offered by this prestigious university in this article.

UNIABUJA Available Art Courses

Established on 1st January 1998, the University of Abuja is one of the most recognized tertiary institution in Nigeria with the mandate to run both conventional and distance learning programmes.

Despite the numerous list of courses offered at the university, the institution is less of Arts course. In other words, the number of courses offered at the UNIABUJA Faculty of ART is not that much.

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From the best of my research on this, I have come to realised that the faculties of Art in UNIABUJA is established at the permanent campus (Main Campus), along Airport Road, Abuja out of the seven faculties there.

The Faculty of Art and servicing faculties in the University of Abuja have high caliber and competent academic staff to see you through your academic years. – LEARN MORE

List of Art Courses in University of Abuja

Yeah, as I said earlier that the university Abuja is approved to offer just few art courses. See the list of approved Art courses at the University of Abuja.

  • Christian Religious Studies
  • English And Literary Studies
  • History & Diplomatic Studies
  • Islamic Religious Studies
  • Linguistics & African Languages
  • Philosophy
  • Theater Art

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