Airtel Tariff Plan 2021

2021 Airtel Tariff Plan Update: How subscribes to a new tariff plan on airtel, airtel tariff migration code, best tarrif plans for airtel users, is airtel connect the best tariff plan?. Scroll down to see answers to all these questions below.

I know that you guys have been surfing the net for the best airtel tariff plan with the lowest call rates and extra bonuses. This is not a new thing as even I have searching for it online before finding the solution to it and that’s why I have decided to share this useful information with you guys.

Airtel is rated as one of the best telecommunication networks in Nigeria though sometimes their network does fluctuate and also some people complain that the rate of calls on airtel is high, but on the contrary, I oppose the motion by telling you right here that the rate charge for calls depend on the tariff plan that you are.

What is this Tariff Plan?

From the best of my researches, I have come to understand that the tariff plan is like a kind of charge which is defined to keep competitors and regulatory in mind. Due to the terminology used in each billing system, tariffs are made just of two types which are “Call Rate and Price Plan”

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Tariff plan may likely be compared to the market place where you may go to a particular shop and buy 4cubes of sugar for 20naira and moving to another shop you realize that the 5cubs of the same product are sold for the same amount of money. That simply means there could be different types of charges to be applied for a product and associated services.

To be honest with you, there are various cheap tariff plans in Airtel. So you have to choose wisely when choosing the best tariff plan. The most recommended plan is Airtel SmartConnect”, however, you must get a new airtel sim card before you enjoy this plan.

List of Best Airtel Tariff Plans

The following are the list of best Airtel Tariff plans you can migrate to and enjoy

SmartTALK 2.0 *315#
SmartTrybe *312#
SmartConnect All Airtel New Sim
Premier Connect *254#
SmartTRYBE Junior *371#
TalkMore Bundle *234#
SmartRecharge *220*PIN#
Smart VALUE *314#
Airtel 6X Bundles *555*PIN#
SmartPREMIER *470#

1. Airtel smartTALK 2.0

SmartTalk is also an airtel tariff plan I love so much, their services and benefit are wow;

Imagine a prepaid plan that will allow you to make all calls within Nigeria to any network at the rate of 11kobo per second (from the very 1st second) for a daily access fee of N6 charged on your first call of the day.

Other from local calls, you can make international calls at a cool rate 20kobo per second to USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline. Such are the benefit of migrating to Airtel SmartTalk today.

NOTE: Only subscribers with at least N5 Main Account balance would be able to initiate 1st call of the day (on-net/off-net). This does not apply to subscribers with valid voice bundles like Talk More, Premier Connect, Weekend MAX EXTRA, etc.

Airtel Smart Talk Migration Code

Migrating to Airtel smart talk is just a simple as ABC, so if you want to migrate to this plan,  just dial *315#  or Send YES to 315 and there you go. You will begin to enjoy all call to any network within Nigeria @11kobo per second throughout the day time and night.

SmartTalk Call Rate/Duration of Call for 100naira

  • Daily Access Fee: N5.00 Naira (100 – 5 = N95.00 left)
  • N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.6k
  • So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N95/N6.6 ≅ 14 minutes 39 seconds

For International Calls on Airtel Smart Talk: Talktime of N100 recharge @ 12 N/min = 95/12 = 7.92 minutes or 7 minutes 55 seconds.

What are you still waiting for? Dial *315# now to migrate to Airtel SmartTalk and enjoy…

2. SmartTrybe

Airtel SmartTrybe is really the cheapest tariff plan I have come across so far and it’s really taking over in Nigeria. Believe me, you will enjoy this plan as it has been specially designed by Airtel to keep you in touch with everything that is up with your trybe.

Airtel Tariff Plan

This plan brings to you the best rates on data and calls to all networks, night browsing for your favorite movies, series and music, and special weekend deals, and making not to miss anything at all.

The benefits of this Tariff plan includes;

  • Making calls at 11k/sec to all networks with no extra charges in Nigeria.
  • 1GB for N500. Valid for 7 days
  • Night Browsing
    • N25 for 500MB. Valid between 12 and 5 am
    • N50 for 1GB

When near or on campus, you get;

  • Free access to whatsapp, facebook, twitter and bbm.
  • 60mb data bonus on 200 naira airtime recharge valid for a month.
  • Free 5 sms when you pay for 2.
  • 30% bonus on data plans worth 500 Naira and above.

The 1st recharge of N100 will give 5MB and the 2nd N100 recharge within that week will give 10MB to make up the expected 15MB in one week. The maximum every week is 15MB.

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Airtel SmartTrybe Migration Code

Dialing *312# or send YES to 312 will take you directly to the Airtel SmartTrybe plan.  Meanwhile, if you are near or on campus, simply dial *312*1# or send CAMPUS to 312 to enjoy the campus offer

Notes: Postpaid customers, Airtel Dealers and Payphones subscribers are exempted from this product. And also the data bonus on recharge is non-transferable.

Call Duration/Rates on Airtel SmartTrybe: How many minutes per 100naira Recharge

Let’s do the calculations:

  • First 50 secs: N0.20kobo X 50 seconds = N10.00 Naira (100 – 10 = N90.00 left)
  • N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.6k

So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N90/N6.6 + (50 secs) ≅ 14 minutes 14 seconds

3. Airtel smartCONNECT

As an Airtel new prepaid customer, SmartCONNECT is the default tariff plan for you where you will be enjoying bonuses on all your recharge. offers 100% INSTANT bonus on every data bundle plus an 8X bonus on every recharge to its prepaid customers.

Airtel Tariff Plan

How to Activate Airtel SmartCONNECT

If you want to enjoy the SmartCONNECT bonuses, simply follow the guide below;

  • Purchase a new Airtel SIM Card
  • Register the SIM at any Airtel KYC registration point.
  • Insert the SIM in your phone
  • Recharge your sim with any amount to start enjoying the bonuses.

Airtel SmartCONNECT Benefits

Remember that I said that Airtel SmartCONNECT offers 8times bonus on all your recharge, Below is an illustration of the bonuses iaen percent

  • 800% value of 100 Naira and above airtime recharge for the first 3 months after activation. The bonus accrues as follows:
    1. Main account: 100%.
    2. Voice bonus account: 250%.
    3. Data bonus account: 250%.
    4. Social bonus account: 100%.
    5. Family and friends bonus account: 100%.
  • You can Add, Remove and Checklist of Family and Friends (F&F) number with *311*2*number#, *311*3*number# and *311*4# respectively.
  • Your Social bonus is valid for 7 days and usable only on Facebook, Twitter, BBM and Whatsapp.
  • Data bonus account will be charged when you surf the internet with your browser.
  • You also get 100% of your total recharge (N200 & above) in a month as data bonus on the last day of the month.
    • Therefore, a total recharge of N1,000 in a month gives N1,000 data bonus charged at 5 Naira per MB.

Bonus Illustration;

100 Naira gives a whooping 800 Naira with a bonus. For talktime we have:

  • Main account: N100 Naira.
  • Voice Account: N250 Naira.
  • Family and friends (FAF) account: 100 Naira.

And we know that Data and social bonus accounts are irrelevant for Talktime calculation since they can only be used to browse.

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How to Migrate to Airtel SmartConnect

Migrating to Airtel SmartConnect plan is just as easy as drinking water, All you need to do is to buy a new sim card and recharge your sim. Automatically, it gets integrated into your sim card on your first recharge. Additionally, you will enjoy 7 Hours of night call between 11pm and 6am at 11k/sec.

N/B: All bonuses offered to you is valid for the period of 7days

Call Duration/Rates on Airtel Smart Connect: How many minutes per 100naira Recharge

International calls will be charged from your main account while local calls will be charged from both the main and voice bonus account. Also if you have registered a number on your family and friends list, calls made to the registered numbers will be charged from the family and friends bonus account.

Airtel SmartCONNECT Plan Call Rates

  • Local Calls

Main Account: 100 Naira @ 30 N/M gives 100/30 = 3.333 minutes talktime.

Voice bonus account: N250 @ 36 N/M gives 250/36 = 6.94 minutes talktime.

F & F account: N100 @ 24 N/M gives 100/24 = 4.17 minutes talktime.

Total = 3.33 + 6.94 + 4.17 = 14.44 minutes or 14 minutes 26 seconds talktime.

  • International Calls

The call rate is 50 K/s or 30 N/min on main and voice accounts.

With total airtime of 100 + 250 = 350 Naira charges @ 30N/min.

Talktime = 350/30 = 11.67 minutes or 11 minutes 40 seconds.

In totality, Local Call with 100 Naira Airtime will last you for 14.44 minutes or 14 minutes 26 seconds Talktime while International Call with N100 Airtime will last for  11.67 minutes or 11 minutes 40 seconds Talktime.

4. Premier Connect

Premier Connect is a combination bundle monthly plans i.e. voice, SMS and data with the best value and most convenience today in the market

One of the amazing characteristic of this plan is that it offers attractive monthly plans that will definitely suit your lifestyle as successful professionals and upwardly mobile young executives.

With Premier connect, all your recharge is either DOUBLES or TRIPLES for flexible use PLUS a complimentary allowance of either SMS or a DATA Bundle.


In addition to the above-stated benefits, Airtel Premier Connect allows you to receive calls for free anytime you are traveling abroad, alongside a 100% bonus (double) on every data bundle of 1GB and above you buy.

I bet you that you will not enjoy all this except you hurry now to subscribe to Airtel Premier connect

Airtel Premier Connect Subscription Code

If you love what we stated above and will wish to subscribe to Airtel Premier Connect, simply dial Dial *254# and follow the menu for a successful subscription.

NOTE: You can check your available bundle value by dialing *253#. 

5. SmartTRYBE Junior

SmartTRYBE Junior App is an educational solution that makes learning fun for children in primary and secondary schools with its 3D interactive multimedia based learning environment.

Tariff Plan for Airtel

Study materials on this plan are developed in compliance with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education adapted for pupils/ students in the West African sub-region, especially Nigeria.

Benefits of SmartTrybe Jnr

SmatTrybe Jnr comes with a special feature that will keep the parents in touch with their kid. With airtel smartTrybe, you’ll enjoy the following

  • Free calls & SMS to Mum & Dad from kid’s line
  • 10% bonus of airtime transferred to kid’s line when the parents recharge
  • 100% bonus on data purchases from 200MB and above to browse and much more!
  • To Opt in to SmartTRYBE Junior, simply dial *317# from an Airtel line.
  • NERDC approved courses presented in formats that make learning fun for kids

Terms and Conditions of Airtel SmartTrybe Jnr

  • Only two Airtel numbers can be added as parent by SmartTrybe Junior subscriber.
  • A smartTRYBE Junior subscriber cannot be a Parent line to another SmartTRYBE Junior subscriber
  • Maximum no of SmartTrybe jr. subscribers that can have the same Parent number is 4
  • Bonus on Parents’ recharges is applicable only when child registers parent line.
  • Bonus on parent recharges will be received by child line 24 hours from date of parents recharge.
  • Free calls to parents apply only when child purchases family bundle.
  • After reaching maximum number of Parent line registrations, each change of parent line costs N50/addition.
  • After reaching maximum number of FAF registrations, each change of parent line costs N20 per addition.| Airtel Tariff plan


Dialing Just dial *317# or send YES to 317  will take you directly to the Airtel SmartTrybe plan and start enjoying the plan…

Call Duration/Rates on Airtel SmartTrybe Jnr: How many minutes per 100naira Recharge

Parents, Family & Friends Calls rates

  • First 60 secs: N0.40kobo X 60 seconds = N24.00 Naira (100 – 24 = N76.00 left)
  • N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.6k
  • So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N76/N6.6 + (60 secs) ≅ 12 minutes 12 seconds (Parents, Family & Friends Calls rates)

Airtel to all networks

  • First 60 secs: N0.40kobo X 60 seconds = N24.00 Naira (100 – 24 = N76.00 left)
  • N0.20kobo X 60 seconds = N12k
  • So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N76/N12 + (60 secs) ≅ 6 minutes 9 seconds (Airtel to all networks)

6. Airtel TalkMore

Talkmore bundle is one of the most used airtel services by customers daily. If you load 100naira, you’ll exchange you 100naira for 500naira Talktime. Yes that’s what Talkmore bundle can offer to you.

Tariff Plan for Airtel

The benefit of this plan is that you will get 200% on every recharge you made as shown below;

The bundles includes:

Note: You get N*** (this is the Value Received)

  • N60: You get N180. Dial *234*60# for 30 Days.
  • N100: You get N400. Dial *234*100# for 30 Days.
  • N150: You get N600. Dial *234*150# for 30 Days.
  • N200: You get N900. Dial *234*200# for 30 Days.
  • N250: You get N1,100. Dial *234*250# for 30 Days.
  • N300: You get N1,300. Dial *234*300# for 30 Days.
  • N500: You get N2,500. Dial *234*500# for 30 Days.
  • N700: You get N3,500. Dial *234*700# for 30 Days.
  • N1,000: You get N5,000. Dial *234*1000# for 30 Days.
  • N1,500. You get N7,500. Dial *234*1500# for 30 Days.
  • N3,000. You get N15,000. Dial *234*30# for 30 Days.

Note: Bundles validity for N250 and N700 could be extended for 1 day by dialing *234*250*1# OR *234*700*1#.

However, You can purchase as many TalkMore bundles as you need and Airtel TalkMore bundles are open to all Airtel prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

7. SmartRecharge

Do you see this particular bundle? I swear it will give you 10 times the value of your airtime when you recharge your line with *220*PIN#.

The value given to you works for both calls and data. Even ontop this palava, SmartRECHARGE still gives you EXTRA DATA VALUE on N500 and N1,000 recharges! OMG!! That’s super cool mehn…

Currently, this plan is one of the best recommended plans for customers and subscribers to enjoy calls and data in one bundle.

SmartRecharge Usage Code

In order to enjoy this exciting bonus as an airtel subscriber, just dial *220*PIN#.

Hurry now to recharge at least N100, N200, N500 and N1,000 to receive and enjoy the bonuses on both calls and data.

NOTE: Airtel SmartRecharge Value has it expiry date.

8. Smart VALUE

This plan is another wonderful tariff plan from the Airtel network without a daily access fee or extra charges. Smart VALUE is a complete package that offers 15k/sec flat rate to all networks from the very 1st second 24/7.

Benefits of migrating to Airtel smartValue

listed below are chances you’ll stand to gain as a Smart Value subscriber.

  • Call all networks in Nigeria at 15kobo per second (from the very 1st second) no daily access fee.
  • Make international calls at 20kobo per second to USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline.

Smart VALUE Migration Code

simply dial *314# to migrate from any plan to Airtel SmartValue

Call Duration/Rates on Airtel SmartRecharge: How many minutes per 100naira Recharge

  • Talktime for local calls @ 9 Naira per minute = 100/9 = 11.11 minutes or 11 minutes 7 seconds.
  • Talktime for International calls @ 12 Naira/min = 100/12 = 8.333 minutes or 8 minutes 20 seconds.

9. Airtel 6X Bundles

Airtel  6x bundle is a bonus-on-recharge bundle that will give you six (6) times the value of your recharge for data, SMS and calls to ALL NETWORKS.

Using *555*Recharge PIN# you get six (6) times the value of recharge when you recharge.

How Can I Get this Bundle

Enjoyment in this bundle is very easy, I mean easy. All you need doing is to recharge you airtel SIM with this USSD: *555*PIN#. This package is designed for all airtel subscribers to enjoy.

Luckily for you, Airtel has designed this in such a way that you can use this 6X bundles bonus every time you recharge using *555*PIN#.

How it Works

By recharging N… you will receive the stated amount;

  • N100: You get N600 for 14days.
  • N200: You get N1200 for 14days.
  • N300: You get N1800 for 30days.
  • N500: You get N3000 for 30days.
  • N1000: You get N6000 for 30days.

You can view your balance by dialing *123#

10. SmartPREMIER

By using this plan, you can make calls at 11k/sec to all networks in Nigeria and to5 major International destinations after a 1st minute of the day charge of 40k/sec.

Additional Benefits of Migrating to Smart Premier

  • Recharge of N5000 and above within a month attracts up to 500 minutes of free incoming calls while roaming.
  • 150MB data bonus on every recharge.
  • There is no daily access fee like smart-talk.
  • All calls to all networks in Nigeria are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.
  • All calls to UK landlines, US, India, Canada, China are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.
  • Receive calls for free while roaming for up to 500 minutes/month
  • Generous data bonus on every recharge for up to 150mb.

Airtel SMARTPREMIER Migration Code

Just dial *318# or send  YES to 318 and you are there live and direct on Airtel SmartPremier

Call Duration/Rates on Airtel SmartPremier: How many minutes per 100naira Recharge

  • First 60 secs: N0.40kobo X 60 seconds = N24.00 Naira (100 – 24 = N76.00 left)
  • N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.6k
  • So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N76/N6.6 + (60 secs) ≅ 11 minutes 52 seconds + the first one minute= 12 minutes 52 seconds.

11. SmartROAM

SmartRoam is a product designed by airtel to enable it us Airtel subscribers receive free incoming calls while roaming on 10 networks in 5 countries after recharging N5,000 and above in a month.

The N5,000 and above can either be for a single recharge or cumulative recharge within one calendar month. The countries includes; Saudi Arabia,South Africa,United Kingdom,United State of America and United Arab Emirates

NOTE: Free incoming calls will only be valid for 30days after the subscriber’s recharges hit N5, 000. After 30 days the subscriber will have to recharge again in order to receive free incoming calls

I strongly believe that you’ve gotten all the needed information on the Airtel tariff plan, if yes kindly use any of our share buttons to share this to your friends and love ones. Also, do well to leave a comment below