Airtel Family and Friends – How to Add, Remove and View Numbers

In this post, I want to guide you on everything you need to know about the Airtel family and friends, such as “the current FAF code, how to add a FAF number, how to remove a FAF number, and generally everything you ought to know.

How Does “Family and Friends Work on Airtel?

Having used this service for some years and being in the field of technology, I have come to the full understanding that out of the number of family and friends (FAF) you wish to add to your list, Airtel will just allow you to add 5 people for free, and the rest of the people you want to add will cost N50 per number added.

I may advise you to only list in your FAFS list the numbers you usually call. For a person like me, I add only my fiance, aunt, and dad, whom I do call frequently.

You can add your spouse, customers, or family relations numbers. This is only true if you call these people more often.

Airtel Family and Friends Code

If you are using the airtel network on phone and you are searching for the airtel family and friend (FAF) code, then check below for the airtel FAF code as listed here:

The code for adding a number to your family and friends list is *311*2*number#. Assuming your mother is using the Airtel network and you want to add her to your list (let’s assume her number is 08133772290), Then you have to dial *311*2*08133772290#. You will instantly receive a message that confirms the successful addition of the number.

NOTE: Only five (5) numbers are to be added at a time

How to  Add a Number

Do you want to add a number to Airtel Family and Friends? Then you will need the Airtel FAF activation code. It’s easy! just dial the following codes *311*2*NUMBER# For example, if you want to add 08133772290 to your family and friends list, simply dial * 311*2*08133772290#.
On completing this action, Airtel will send you a message that the number was successfully added to your family and friends list. Henceforth, you can be making calls at highly reduced rates for the number or numbers you’ve added.

How To Remove or Delete Numbers

If you want to remove/delete a number from your Airtel Family and Friends list, simply dial  *311*3*NUMBER# e.g if you want to remove 08021234567 from your Family and Friends List, dial *311*3*08021234567# and Airtel will send you a message that a number has been removed from your Airtel Family and Friends list.

How to View Registered Numbers In FAF

If you want to know the numbers that you have in your Airtel Family And Friends list, simply dial *311*4# (airtel faf activation code). All the numbers in your airtel family and friends list will be shown to you.
Note that these codes (*141*2*Number#; *141*3*Number#; *141*5#) were formally used as airtel faf activation, but are now obsolete and does not work anymore for adding, removing, and checking the list of FAF respectively

Family and Friends call rates

The tariffs for the FAF service are uniform across all tariff plans:

  • Peak Periods (6 am – 9:59 pm): 25 Kobo per second.
  • Off-Peak Periods (10 pm – 5:59 pm): 21 Kobo per second
  • When using SmartConnect bonus: 40 kobos per second, irrespective of the time of the day you make the call.

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Airtel Nigeria family and friends activation code

To enjoy the Airtel family and friends plan, this is how to add family and friends on Airtel; that can be done by using this registration code:


For example, if you want to add this number ‘08123456789’ to the Airtel family and friend plan. Then you will have to dial *311*08123456789#. This will allow you to benefit immensely from a cheaper call rate when calling that number. After dialing the ‘activation code’, a popup message will be displayed on your phone informing you that the process has been successful. The limit for adding numbers into the Airtel Nigeria family and friends plan is five phone numbers.


Benefits of Airtel Family and Friends

The following are some of Airtel FAF’s most advantageous features:

You are authorized to add your friends and family’s phone numbers to get different call rates on top-up.

There is no expiration date (i.e you can leave registered numbers on the list for a long time).

There is no set rule. You may always go back and look at the contacts you added, delete the old numbers, and add new ones with the FAF code.

All prepaid users can use the family and friends services, and you don’t have to switch to a different tariff plan to take advantage of it; it works with all Airtel rates.

You won’t need a big recommendation; all you want is an Airtel Sim card that is registered and active on your device.

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