Immediately After NYSC: Finding a job or Starting a Business

A lot of corp members find themselves in a kind of dilemma when they finish their national service as to whether to start a business or find a job.

At the initial stage, it is going to be kind of waking up from a dream. They knew this time would definitely arrive but seeing the reality of it can be like a child learning to walk. You will stagger a bit in your attempt to put yourself together but with time you would get your bearing.

Well, the bearing you get might be for a better prospect or for regrettably moments. It is time that you have to take intelligent action and act like an adult that people can look up to. So what do you do after service: find a job or start a business?

Immediately After NYSC

There are a lot of books, magazines, and counselors around the market today that advice on starting your own business. They claim it is the sure fire way to be rich or make money satisfactorily.

Frankly, I would not tow the same line of advice with you. Starting a business and carrying it out from scratch and getting it off to success it is a long journey and requires a lot of knowledge, skill, and experience. I would rather advise gaining some experience by getting a job or learn from someone who has got the experience because any mistake would make you lose all your invested capital.

In line with this thought consider the following points that can help in making good job choices after your national service.

Discover Your Strength

In the world of business, it is vital that you always discover your talent or potential. This is vital as your effectiveness in any business or at any job would depend on the love and passion you have for the work. This would also help you to overcome any challenges that the work might present.

Remember your strength might not be what you studied in school. Most of us have a lot of skills we acquired even before we entered school. I believe Nigerian youths are full of amazing talents that are dying away in the name of white-collar jobs. If you have one get to let it out and re-energize it because it could mean your chances of future career success.

After you have done this then you have to get to the next stage of planning your life.

Get a Plan for Your Life

So how do you go about planning your life? Take a paper and get down a plan for your life. Consider the following questions while planning your life:

  • Where do I want to be 5 or 10years from now?
  • With respect to my strength, skills, and potential what work can I do that can earn me a daily living for now before I get a job?
  • What kind of job would I like to have? What actions would I take to make it possible for me to get this job?
  • How can I juggle between the work I want to start and also getting a job?
  • Which place would be more conducive for me to achieve my goals?
  • Should I live with a friend, family or relative for awhile?

I think these questions would go a long way to help you to make a better plan to achieve a better future prospect.

Remember if you do not know where you are going and how you are going to get there then you not ready to succeed.

After getting plans for your life the next thing to do is to make a step to search for opportunities.

Search for Opportunities

Realize that at this point you are likely looking out for two opportunities: starting your small business and also getting a job.

According to your strength and what you think you have passion for begin to search for ways to start them. If it is agriculture, look out for how and where to get land, equipment, and also startup capital. If it is to start a trade you can look out for people you can work for. If it is a writing job or similar work you can always find a lot of freelancing jobs online so search for it.

As for jobs look for a suitable place where you can get the type you want and how you plan to get around it.

Start off your small business

Get on with the small business you have decided on.  Start as small as you can. If it is poultry you can rear like 50 chicks if it is a trade you can start with something small if it is writing get a job online as soon as possible.

Increase your connections & Send Out CV’s

Apply for and send out cv’s to companies. To make this work out well leverage with your friends, family, and relatives so they can help you to find jobs and to submit CV’s.  Find time to go for seminars, meet new business people and get to know them. This could be your lead to get you a job.

Get connected to God

Most importantly don’t forget the most important connection that you will need. Get connected to God. Get closer to him, read his word daily and supplicate him daily for help. He would never leave you or forsake you so far as you are sincere and work toward your prayer.

All I can leave with you is that you have a great future before you, but you do not have to sit there and let it happen to you. Get out and make it happen.

Once more thank you for checking our blog today. Have a Nice Day!

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