NYSC CDS Meeting – Wealth Creation CDS Group

What Happens in NYSC CDS Meeting – Wealth Creation CDS Group

The Community Development Service aka CDS is the third segment of the NYSC program that every corp member must compulsorily participate in to successfully pass through the service year. The aim of this program is for corp members to identify with the needs in their community and step up to fill this needs.

In every local government there are different groups depending on the needs of the community. We have the environmental, charity, road safety corp and a host of them.

I guess some of the prospective corp members or corpers at the camp would be wondering what a typical day looks like in a CDS group. Starting from this article I would be highlighting what it looks like to be in different CDS group.

For today, however, I would be considering what it is like in Wealth Creation CDS Group.


CDS group:                          Wealth Creation

mission statement:         To make corp member financially self dependent enough, to create wealth for themselves and for other members of the community through skill and entrepreneurial development and the ability to source for funds from available government financial reservoir.

slogan:                                “Fighting Poverty Through Wealth Creation”


Commencement of meeting

All CDS group are usually started by 9.00/10.00 am. Every corp member is expected to arrive early before the start up time. Failure to do that would mean paying fine depending on the policies of the group. The fine could be about N200.

The president stands to call for the commencement of the meeting. The provost is expected to take his position to gauge late comers. At this time the president ask the group to sing the national anthem, next the NYSC anthem and then a prayer either by a Christian or a Muslim.



To start the meeting the secretary is expected to read the minutes of the last meeting. “Does anyone has anything to add or remove in the minutes read”, ask the President.

Anyone who has something to say raises their hand and the group looks into it.  “Without much ado someone should move for the approval of the meeting”, demands the President.

“In absence of any alteration, addition I KW/15A/4754 move for the adoption of the last minute read,” says one member of the group.

Next person says, “I kw/15A/2345 seconds.”

The president then begins with the agenda prepared for the day.


The wealth creation group has different activities that can be carried out in a day. One of the major activities is to look for different skills that can teach to the group. These skills are mostly skills that can help in wealth creation.

So every member of the group is supposed to submit something he can teach the group. Out of this list a schedule of training or activities are drafted out. Some of the skills you can have on the list include: learning to fry egg roll, fish roll, learning to cook different foods, learning computer skills, making soap, dettol, perfume,

Apart from learning skills those who are good at giving motivational, business, or personal development talks can also lecture the group on that. So far as creators of it leading the group to becoming creators of wealth in the society then it is a welcome development.

This is a bit description of the talks, activities that are carried out by corp members in typical wealth creation group.


Every member of any CDS group is expected to pay monthly dues. The dues vary according to the policies guiding the CDS group. Whereas most CDS groups pay N100 monthly in my locality wealth creation group are expected to pay N200.  The higher due charges is a typical situation in most wealth creation group. Most members are critical of it saying it is demanding on them. (Well I don’t think it can be changed though because most of their activity would require more finance)

Like every other group there are fines for offenses such as speaking vernacular during meetings, having your phone ring during meeting, coming to CDS meeting late and missing CDS meetings.

Most groups insist that you pay it and if your group does insist then you just have to pay it because you would surely pay it through their alliance with your local government inspector (LGI) to withhold your allowance if you do not pay.

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The following are officials that are unique to wealth creation group.

President: takes charge during meeting and every other affairs of the group.

Vice President: assists the president and replaces him when he is not available or late to the meeting.

Secretary: writes the minutes of the meeting and call the attendees and the permission of absentees.

Financial Secretary: keeps the financial records and ensures every member pays up their dues or fines.

Director of Training (D.O.T): takes charge of training sections. Usually it is lady who takes this position.

ASSTISTANT D.O.T: assists the DOT in his duties

PROVOST: ensures that there is serenity and security during the meeting and bringing to book anyone that offends the constitution of the group.


Nearly all CDS groups perform outdoor community service. For Wealth creation group outdoor activities would include teaching people in their community how to do some of the things they too have learnt so as to develop their wealth creation skills as well.

 CLOSING THE Wealth Creation CDS Group MEETING

If after a day’s meeting there are no more discussions or activities to carry on then the president calls for someone to adjourn the meeting.

A group member could say, “I corper  Michael Olaranwaju in absence of any discussion move for the adjournment of this meeting.”

Some else rises to follow up, “I Chisom Laurence seconds.”

After that the group can then leave to sign there CDS card.


Well that is much I can do about a typical day in wealth creation CDS group. I would continue to bring you highlights on other CDS group. Hope you enjoyed this. Have a brilliant day!

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