NYSC Portals: Visit the official NYSC Portal

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The Official NYSC Portals are:

Nysc.gov.ng – click here to visit

Nysc.org.ng – click here to visit

Online NYSC PORTAL Login Dashboard 2023

Prospective and current Corp Members can access the NYSC Online Portal. The abbreviation NYSC means National Youth Service Corps. The NYSC Portal 2023 Login feature enables all Nigerian youth below the age of 30 to enroll for their mandatory “National Service Year,” which aims to improve youth skills and foster togetherness through nation-building. To visit the National Youth Service Corps login page, go to the National Youth Service Corps’ official web page. The site is accessible via internet services, which can be accessed by phone, PC, or even a nearby cyber cafe.

How to access your NYSC Online Portal Login Dashboard for the year 2023

Follow the procedures below to access your account on the NYSC portal 2023 registration platform:

  • Go to portal.nysc.org.ng and fill out the form.
  • To sign in, click the log in icon.
  • Fill up the blanks with your email address and password.
  • Select “Resume” from the drop-down menu.
  • When you click “Resume,” you’ll be taken to your dashboard.

Note: You must use the same email address and password that you used during online registration.

Things to Do On NYSC Portal Login Dashboard

I’ll go over everything that you can undertake on the NYSC portal 2021 in a few paragraphs. First, you can access your dashboard to update your profile and update your credentials on the NYSC Portal 2021.

NYSC Registration Portal

You can register for NYSC immediately on the NYSC website. If no registration is currently taking place, the gateway will show “No Active Registration.” The status of your account will change as soon as NYSC registration begins, allowing you to complete your registration.

NYSC Portal 2023 Login

Members of the serving corps and those who have applied for NYSC can sign in directly to the NYSC Portal Login Dashboard.

Your email address and password are required to log in. Following that, you’ll be directed to your own personal NYSC dashboard, which will have all of your information. In the event that you forget your password, you can also retrieve it.

Check the authenticity of your certificate

Most higher education institutions are concerned about this. If your higher education institution is unknown or unaccredited, you can authenticate your degree using the NYSC portal.

Check the status of your payment

Logging into the NYSC portal Dashboard. The dashboard is also where you can check the progress of any payments you’ve made for the NYSC scheme.

Visit NYSC Homepage

The official homepage of the National Youth Service Corps is where you can get announcements and other information regarding the programme. The homepage can be accessed through the portal.

Read Foreign PCM Requirements

This is only for Nigerians who have graduated from authorised overseas universities. If you wish to learn more about your NYSC mobilisation requirements, you can do so immediately from the NYSC Online Login Dashboard.

Payment Guidelines

Many potential Corp members and new Corpers can use the site to get help or extensive information on how to properly complete transactions on the NYSC dashboard.

Read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Authorised responses to commonly asked questions regarding the NYSC can also be found on the NYSC Portal login dashboard. Before you start looking for answers to your questions, check read the FAQ.

Check the Senate’s List

Aspiring Corps members must confirm their names on the Senate list before proceeding with NYSC registration during mobilisation. You may verify if your profile is on the Senate list right from the portal dashboard.

Read the Biometric Instructions carefully.

With the introduction of biometric authentication into the NYSC registration process, technology takes control. There are guidelines to follow as well as certain crucial details to be aware of about biometric authentication, which you can find on this dashboard.

Accredited Institutions

Determine if your university is NYSC accredited is the final feature on the NYSC Portal Login Dashboard.


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    I graduated 2016, I can’t be able to serve my country during November 2017 mobilization (batch B stream 1) due to my age concern but during the mobilization, you sent to me that, my exemption certificate will be delivered to my institution. up till now! my certificate has not been sent to my institution. ADERIBIGBE ADEWUYI A, 14/BFN/0634, Banking and Finance 2015/2016 session,Osun state polytechnic iree,08137804098.

  2. Some students in my school including me haven't seen our names online and that is stopping us from registering. UNN to be precise.i don't knw wat is happening we need help pls


    please may i know the reason why i requested for Change of date of birth, and approval massage was send to me and was not effected on my Dashboard?

    1. awajis.com/nysc team

      Please NYSC has not yet released such info yet to the public. Once that information is available we would also publish it on the site.

  4. awajis.com/nysc team please if 2016 batch B stream 2 orientation is commencing by january 2017; on what actual date, and open the portal for call-up letter printing.

    1. awajis.com/nysc team

      Please NYSC has not yet released such info yet to the public. Once that information is up we would also publish it on the site.

        1. awajis.com/nysc team

          Like previous batch II’s NYSC would likely send notifications through messages to the prospective candidates. When that is available we would also publish it on our site too.

  5. Wen u log into ur nysc account, it will tell u Time out..dat d period expired ,time out ,stuff like dat…plz u ppl should try nd solve D’s tin …..

  6. And I hop all d gud states has not been chosen…… Ppl are angry ,stranded n Enugu..all d cyber are beginning not to attend to any body again…what is going on…

  7. Y is nysc sit not going….since monday ,finger printing. Registration, every tin is not going uyuyuyuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  8. Comment Text*May UTME Admission 2011 not have been uploaded yet by jamb or DE .may registration no. 19044873DA from yobe state unversity Damaturu .depertment of public administraion.may date of birth is 04/04/1988. so please helf me to upload

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