10 Most Popular Software Companies in Lagos State


The top software companies in Lagos are known for engaging in a different type of software production and distribution software.

In recent years, Lagos has emerged as Nigeria’s software hub, where the government strives to secure a sustainable and enabling environment for software production, coding, information and communication technology, and computer proficiency.

software companies in Lagos

The list compiles some of the Top Software Companies in Lagos that are known for innovation, teamwork, high-quality code, secure communication, consumer friendliness, and flexibility.

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What is a Software Company?

A software company is majorly concerned with the distribution and production of software.

According to wikihow, Software companies operate under a variety of business models, such as charging license fees, offering subscriptions, or charging by transactions.

Below are some of the top software companies in Lagos

– Chronicle Soft

Software Companies in Lagos

Since 2007, the Chronicle has existed to provide solutions to the software needs of clients. It was established to provide value and increase the satisfaction of customers fore-mostly.

The company which boasts of ‘its dedication to customers’ aligns its thinking process with that of its customers. Some of the chronicle soft’s services include Simplicity, speed, and bug-free applications, among others.

– MciiRoy Projects 

MciiRoy Projects is among the top Software Companies in Lagos. It is a prominent software company that provides software services that are not only imaginative and creative but tenders to the need of customers.

Their methods are very knowledgeable and world-class. Clients are sure to enjoy a very affordable and quality experience with them.

They provide services like cloud data storage, business solution, and training.

– Crenet TechLabs

Located in Jibowu, Crenet Techlabs is built with the pillar of hard work, innovation, and integrity. They offer excellent solutions in order to suit the needs of businesses.

Their services include e-commerce, UX design, responsive web development, content development, etc. Their recent customers include Guinness, Covenant Christian centre, Nigerian Presidency, etc.

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– Vertebra 

Software Companies in Lagos

Since being opened for business in 2003, Vatebra has consistently ranked top on various Top Software Companies in the Lagos list. The company is known for its competent software service. It opened its office at Victoria Island, Lagos.

– Calm Global Information Technology

software companies in Lagos
calm it

This is a world class company that is known for its ability to offer reliable services. The company thrives on customer satisfaction, constant improvement, teamwork, and great work culture.

 – SystemSpec

SystemSpecs is currently among the most respected and reputable software company in Nigeria. It started a business in 1992 and has become an integral part of the entire webosphere in Nigeria. It is known for establishing Remita which becomes among the powerhouse of Nigeria fintech.

– Dataflex

software companies in Lagos

Lead by a team of knowledgeable professionals, dataflex is among the Top Software Companies in Lagos. It has worked with some of the wealthiest companies in Nigeria like NNPC, ECOWAS, MTN, Zenith Bank and UPS. Over the years, the company has striven to carve a niche for itself in the provision of quality ICT services to customers.