Best Law Firms in Lagos:

Hey guys, today I will be bringing to your notice the list of 7 top law firms in Lagos. Yes, I believe it’s an already known fact that the major aim of having a rule or regulation guarding a group of people or a nation is to ensure orderliness, peace, and decorum in society.

In Nigeria especially in Lagos that has a great population that unfortunately increases by the day, there is a need for a law firm that would ensure that things are done right regardless of the population.

A law firm is simply a company that provides legal business and employs the services of a lawyer to engage in the practice of law.

Regardless of the experience and knowledge that a lawyer can provide to resolve a legal conflict, many people still see it worthy to hire the service of a lawyer, although they tend to regret afterward because most times, the service of a lawyer is indisputable.

The 7 Best Law Firms in Lagos

1. G. Elias & Co

Popularly known as solicitors and advocators, Elias & Co kept the record of always able to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. G. Elias & Co provides excellent delivery of services in a manner that is consistent with the best standards, they offer practical and viable advice according to passed records.

They regularly handle mergers between upstream oil and gas companies. In the field of real estate, they offer full service commercial real estate practice over good numbers of organizations such as residential property, logistics, hospitality, and office.

This company often acts on significant local transactions as well as advising renowned international clients on their interest in investing in Nigeria’s economy. With this, they are much more respected by the quality of knowledge they render in the form of services to their clients.



This is a leading law firm with full service international and local practices. It provides timely and solution-driven services to its clients across the various markets in most Continents of the world. This firm complements its corporate and commercial legal services with solid litigation and alternative dispute resolution practice.

The practice area of Aluko & Oyebode legal services encompasses the full range of corporate and commercial legal services which include dispute resolution, telecommunication, intellectual property, banking and finance and so on.

Their branch offices are located in the key commercial centers of Nigeria such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja.



This is a legal service provider  that is located in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. It is a full commercial law firm operating in major commercial States as mentioned above. It was established in 1972, making it one of Nigeria’s oldest subsisting legal partnership.

The odujinrin & Adefulu are known for satisfying with a wealth of experience to the service of their clients in matters pertaining to energy and natural resources, corporate and project finance, real estate, dispute resolution, etc.

They are primarily driven by the humanly and compassionate concerns about their clients. They are always on the lookout for better ways to provide services to their clients, provide better value for their client’s money and delivery quicker response time is their call values.

They are law firms that can be banked upon at anytime any day. Partners of Odunjinrin & Adefulu include Mr. Lucky Ayeki, Miss Olubukola Olabiyi.



This is a full-service law firm with the well equip knowledge to handle the legal needs of clients in Nigeria’s peculiar business environment.

Templars are strategically known to offer top-quality legal services in the major economic hubs of the country. One of the templars functions as a team is in assisting clients in analyzing the risks involved in their transactions. Basically the corporate and commercial team at templars advises clients on matters including regulatory compliance and taxation.

They have kept the track records of catching foreign companies attention in seeking the firm’s advice on the idea of setting up and carrying out business in Nigeria. Templars team is also versed in both domestic and foreign business transactions involving the formation of a strategic alliance and business arrangement. Templars are located at A.J Marinho, Victoria Island, Lagos.



This legal firm is known in areas of the capital market, securities, mergers & acquisition and also one of the best law firms in corporate finance & reinstructing, project finance, shipping, intellectual property, energy, and natural resources.

They are recommended for resolving complex issues, lender-side matters. Their secret is found in them combining industry experience and commercial understanding with a high level of legal knowledge which paves way for their absolute excellent service. Banwo & Ighodalo is a very pragmatic and client-focused progressive firm.



This is a full-term commercial law firm with offices in Nigeria’s principal commercial centres. It is popularly referred to as one of Nigeria’s magic triangle law firms.

Their focus actually is to structure timely practical and creative legal solutions founded on the idea of seeking to provide tailored legal advice that is accessible and commercially oriented.

The strength of udo & Belo-osagie team cut across a broad range of practice areas including M & A financial transaction, private equity etc



This firm maintains its impressive attitude towards prominent international and local clients which engage its services. It is an innovative law firm which has a good grasp of well structured international procedures.

This team’s mission is to remain as a compact and seasoned commercial law firm that combines its broad commercial law expertise with the knowledge of local business norms in order to provide practical and atomized solutions to clients request by deliberate policy


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