Top 10 Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

The natural ground has a special place in the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts. Bikers’ attachment to their vehicles is comparable to pet owners’ attachment to their companion animals. This means they have high expectations of mechanics who repair them when their bike breaks down. Today we will talk about the top 10 motorcycle mechanic schools.

If you want to be a motorcycle mechanic, you must be exceptional. But how do you get to the point where your motorcycle repair skills are trusted? It’s easy: enroll in the best motorcycle mechanic school.

Attending one of the best motorcycle mechanic schools will help you build your resume and land the best job possible.

Top 10 Motorcycle Mechanic Schools.

It’s simple to plan your training with MMI’s help as you prepare for a motorcycle repair career.

To perform routine maintenance, diagnose mechanical and electrical systems, and perform necessary repairs or replacements, you will gain practical experience with industry-leading technology and equipment.

Students at MMI spend the first 18 weeks of their time in school learning the fundamentals of motorcycle technology from instructors with decades of experience.

In the next step, students are also given specialized training by one or more of the six leading manufacturers. A list of the best mechanic schools and their information is provided below.

1. Motoring Technical Training Institute – M.T.T.I.’s Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician Program.

Address: 1241 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk, MA.

The Motorcycle / Powered Equipment Technician Program at M.T.T.I. provides students with comprehensive motorcycle maintenance and repair training.

M.T.T.I.’s hands-on courses provide invaluable experience working with motorcycles and a wide range of small engine systems.

At M.T.T.I., we will teach you everything you need about motorcycle and small engine maintenance.

You will spend hundreds of hours getting your hands dirty while attending M.T.T.I.’s Motorcycle / Technical Program, gaining experience working on small engine systems!

Although the work you do in class is essential to becoming a competent and proficient technician on motorcycles or motorized equipment, M.T.T.I. emphasizes the importance of learning by doing.

2. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Pheonix – Universal Technical Institute.

Address: 2844 West Deer Valley Road Phoenix, AZ 85027.

Motorcycle Mechanics Institute is the ideal answer to the search for motorcycle mechanic schools near me for those of you in Arizona.

The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) in Phoenix, Arizona, will teach you the fundamentals of mechanical repair for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and jet skis.

MMI’s motorcycle school training begins with a strong program that combines classroom preparation and hands-on experience.

The Motorcycle Technician Prerequisite, most importantly, covers the fundamentals of motorcycle technology and serves as the foundation for your professional development.

You can also follow one of the two core programs and specialize in one or more options.

You will receive hands-on training in our advanced laboratories and work with field technology.

Above all, the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute’s (MMI) core programs provide graduates with the fundamental knowledge required to prepare for a career as a motorcycle technician.

Finally, students completing the core program progress to manufacturer-specific electives highlighting the top motorcycle brands.

3. Harley-Davidson at Motorcycle Mechanics Institute – Universal Technical Institute.

Since 1983, the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute has provided trained technicians to Harley-Davidson dealers.

MMI is the only technician training school that offers a 24-week Harley-Davidson elective program affiliated with Harley-Davidson University.

Through the Harley-Davidson field recognition program, graduates also get 12 months of work experience after they graduate. This gives them the skills they need to work at an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer.

Students can also get course credits from Harley-Davidson University Ph.D. (Harley-Davidson Professional) to maintain vehicles and chassis and do electrical diagnostics.

As part of the Harley-Davidson Technician Recognition Program, training also allows you to get an advanced internship.

4. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Florida – Universal Technical Institute.

Address: 9751 Delegates Drive Orlando, FL 32837.

MMI Motorcycle Orlando is the business school for you if you are passionate about motorcycles and want to prepare for a career in cycling. Not only is it the best, but the fantastic weather in Orlando and the breathtaking nearby coastal rides are ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts.

MMI is also just minutes away from Orlando’s world-famous attractions, such as theme parks, water parks, boating, and professional sports.

Above all, the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) in Orlando has cutting-edge instructors, facilities, tools, and technology to assist you in preparing for a career in the motorcycle industry.

As you train in vehicles for each season, you will become acquainted with a motorcycle, an ATV, a side by side, a snowmobile, and a jet ski.

This motorcycle mechanic school in Orlando will be the best fit for prospective students.

5. River Bend Career and Technical Center – Automotive Technology Program.

Address: 36 Oxbow Drive Bradford, VT 05033.

Suppose you decide to study at River Bend. In that case, you should be aware that careers in the River Bend Automotive Technology Program necessitate attention to the most recent technology and the provision of excellent service and repair.

Students diagnose and repair engines, brakes, steering, electrical systems, and suspensions with the help of our N.A.T.E.F. Certified automotive program.

Above all, the River Bend and Northwestern Ohio University articulation agreements ensure higher education and advanced study opportunities beyond high school.

Most importantly, their fully equipped auto shop can accommodate nine service vehicles at once, and they offer daily hands-on training with industry-recognized instructions.

6. Cedar Valley College – Motorcycle Technology Certificate.

Address: 3030 N. Dallas Ave. Lancaster, TX 75134.

This program is specifically designed to prepare students to meet entry-level requirements in motorcycle mechanics. This will most entail diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining foreign and domestic motorcycles.

This program also includes a study of the motorcycle’s fuel, ignition, and electrical systems and an overhaul and tuning of the engine and chassis. The emphasis throughout the program is on the most recent factory-recommended techniques.

Students who enroll in this program and plan to transfer to a four-year institution should consult with an advisor about transfer requirements because not all courses in this program are transferable.

7. Chippewa Valley Technical College – Automotive Maintenance Technician Program.

Address: 620 W. Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54701.

The automotive industry is evolving as consumers demand vehicles with higher mileage, safety ratings, performance, comfort, and style. C.V.T.C.’s one-year service program will teach you the fundamentals of auto repair.

You will investigate various methods for maintaining and repairing automobiles. This program will teach you everything you need about vehicle components and diagnostic equipment.

As a result, if you decide to continue your studies, you will have completed the first year of the two-year program and will be eligible to begin the second year.

You must first complete all courses in the self-service technician program before enrolling in the two-year auto technician program.

8. Alexandria Technical & Community College – Marine, Motorcycle, & Powersports Technician Program.

Address: 495 North Indian Creek Drive Clarkston, GA 30021.

Alexandria Technical and Community College is a motorcycle school located in Georgia. The diverse training in this program prepares graduates for repairing lawn and garden equipment, snowmobiles, outboards/outboards, ATVs, jet skis, and motorcycles.

The first and second years last two semesters with an internship at a dealership’s end of the first year. College days are six hours, with an average of two hours in the classroom and four hours in the store.

Class time is spent on theory, proper procedures, and security. These practices are applied and developed in the store. The following manufacturers provide support for the Marine Mechanics and Small Engine Program:

  • Polar Star
  • Stihl
  • Bull
  • Volvo Penta
  • Yamaha
  • Arctic Cat
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • B.R.P.
  • Kohler
  • Harley Davidson

9. Canadian Valley Technology Center – Automotive Technician at El Reno Campus.

Address: 6505 E Highway 66 El Reno, OK 73036

CV Tech’s Automotive Service Technology program is a NATEF-certified program that focuses on diagnosing and repairing cars and trucks. Including current computer-controlled models.

Most importantly, students learn the following systems: brakes, steering and suspension, electricity, heating, and air conditioning.

As well as automatic transmission, manual transmission and transmission, engine repair, and performance.

10. Georgia Piedmont Technical College – Automotive Technology Associates Degree Program.

Address: 495 North Indian Creek Drive Clarkston, GA 30021

An Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Automotive technology at Georgia Piedmont Technical College is a two-year degree commonly issued by technical colleges. A.A.S. study programs take 18 to 24 months to complete.

Also, A.A.S. degrees are available in various fields, leading to many opportunities. Some students continue their studies and use their associate diplomas to earn bachelor’s degrees. In many areas, an A.A.S. degree is enough for a rewarding career.

In addition, there is a diploma course in motorcycle service technology.

The program emphasizes a combination of mechanical theory and practical experience. This program includes courses on motorcycle engines, chassis, electrical, and fuel systems and internship experience.

How do I Become a Motorcycle Mechanic?

Enrolling in a motorcycle mechanic school will make you stand out to employers when you graduate and begin looking for work. When you’re done with your training, you’ll have the credentials you need, but you’ll also be well-equipped to take on any job that comes your way.

Additionally, there are some specializations that motorcycle mechanics can choose from in addition to their general mechanical knowledge.

In addition, these are some qualities a good motorcycle mechanic should have.

Passion: A career as a motorcycle mechanic is best suited to those who have a genuine passion for the industry. The quality of their work reflects the enthusiasm of successful technicians for their profession.

Mastery: Hand skill is essential for mechanics, as they must have the ability to install and align even the most minute of components with precision. Mechanics are responsible for ensuring that all of a vehicle’s components are working together in perfect harmony.

Communication skills: Mechanics must be able to address customer questions and concerns. The ability to often discuss needed repairs with customers requires great communication skills.

Technical & product knowledge: Mechanics specializing in motorcycles have a thorough understanding of their trade and the machines they work on. Customers can get advice from them on things like repair methods and products.

Other Motorcycle Mechanic Schools to Consider.

  • Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College – Automotive Technician
  • College of Western Idaho – Automotive Technology
  • Washtenaw Community College – Automotive Service Technology (A.P.A.S.R.V.)
  • Penn Foster Career School – Online Motorcycle Mechanic School
  • Stratford Career Institute – Online ATVs and Motorcycle Repair Program
  • Ashworth College – Online Entry-Level Motorcycle Mechanic
  • Dan’s MC Motorcycle Repair Course Online

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So it turns out that going to a school for motorcycle mechanics does pay off. Begin your education today by attending one of the many world-class motorcycle mechanic schools available.

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