Tigo Ghana Internet bundles and Settings

Tigo Ghana is the best mobile financial service provider that offers a GSM network across all the ten regions of Ghana. This post aims at taking you through the Tigo Ghana Internet Bundles and Settings.

Tigo Ghana Internet bundles and Settings

The statistics of the World Bank in agreement with the Ghana liberal policy on Information and communications technology (ICT) has it that telecommunication is the main economic sector that Ghana has.

Record also has it that among the main sectors of investments, 65% goes to ICT, 8% goes to communications, and the remaining 27% is further split for public administration.

Although the focus of this course is the internet/mobile network, you should note that telecommunications in Ghana is not limited to just the internet but, it also includes television, fixed and mobile telephones, and radio.

In the whole of the African continent, Ghana was one of the first countries to gain access to the internet. Its average household speed as of then was 5.8 Mbit/s ( this was the fastest speed in Africa and the 110th out 188 countries in the world.

Tigo which is said to be an international telecommunications and media company that offers services worldwide was established in the year 1991 but, was announced to have been purchased by Orange for $160M on Apr 21, 2016.

The deal moreover, was done in Cash. So far, Tigo has won several notable awards for products and deployment due to its state-of-the-art modern equipment and a team of professional experts.

Currently, the telecommunication company has 2 investors (International Finance Corporation and World Bank __ who are the most recent investors), 14 members, and a total funding amount of $15M.

With the daily unlimited packages offered by Tigo, surfing the net got better because you enjoy long hours of browsing than usual without having to worry about running out of your data bundles.

Tigo Ghana Internet bundles and Settings

 Internet Bundles

For the best internet plan, you can always count on Tigo. To get startedyou must, first of all, activate the Tigo plan by dialing *500#  this will then give you an option to choose either Auto-Renewal, One-Time, or Unlimited Data Packages

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Below is the updated Tigo Ghana’s Internet bundles, plans, prices, and their activation procedure. That might be of great interest to you.

Daily and weekly

  • 25MB for 1gh¢-      Valid for 24 Hours
  • 120MB for 3gh¢-      Valid for 24 Hours
  • 400MB for 5 gh¢ –      Valid for 24 Hours
  • 750MB for 10gh¢ –      Valid for 15 Days
  • 1.2 GB for 15gh¢ –       Valid for 30 Days

Monthly Plan:

All data plans are valid for 30 days

  • 250 MB for 5gh¢
  • 500 MB for 10gh¢
  • 800 MB for 15gh¢
  • 3 GB for  30gh¢
  • 6.5 GB for 60gh¢
  • 9 GB for 75gh¢

Tigo Plan Type


Price (gh¢)


Auto-Renewal Packages 50MB 1 1day
150MB 3 3days
400MB 5 7days
750MB 10 15days
1.2GB 15 15days
3GB 30 30days
6.5GB 60 30days
9GB 75 30days
One-Time Packages 50MB 1 1day
150MB 3 3days
400MB 5 7days
750MB 10 15days
1.2GB 15 15days
3GB 30 30days
6.5GB 60 30days
9GB 75 30days
Unlimited Music 100MB 2 1day
400MB 7 3days
1GB 15 7days
4.5GB 50 30days


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Furthermore; To Subscribe, Dial *500# or Text “Month” to 2060, to check balance, Dail *504#, and to check your mobile Tigo number, Dail *841#.

Internet Bundle Subscription Via SMS

Asides the ussd codes, you can carry out your subscription via SMS, follow are the three

  1.  For daily Tigo subscription plan, send ‘day’ to 2065 or send message ‘day’ to 2065 at a cost of GHC1.99 to unsubscribe.
  2. For weekly bundles subscription, text ‘week’ to 2060. If you need to unsubscribe, you send a short message ‘week’ to 2040 at a cost of GHC9.99.
  3. For monthly plans, text ‘month’ to 2060. Also, text ‘month’ to 2040  to unsubscribe.

Tigo Ghana Internet Settings

Homepage:      www.tigo.com.gh
Tigo I.P:
Tigo Port:      8080
ID :                  (fix nothing)
Password :     (fix nothing)
Tigo APN:      web.tigo.com.gh

NB: for most android devices, simply put “web.tigo.com.gh” at the APN section.

 Settings For a Faster APN

APN settings helps you enjoy the services provided by Tigo and as such,they are very important. Therfore, in order to be able to connect your phone to the best internet settings, you will need the “Tigo Ghana Internet Settings”

Follow the steps below for your Tigo settings

  1.  Send a set-up request in form of an SMS to Tigo.
  2. They will further review your sent SMS and get back to you via an instant message with the configuration settings.
  3.  Once this is done and you have gotten the confiuration settings, go ahead and update your browser, you can then enjoy the services.

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