1. I really appreiated for this deservable recruitment, i wish all applicants a happiest victory by God grace ameeen.

  2. May allah help us for our exam,I wish all the air force applicant success,no weaponns functioninng agaist us shall prosper.I may ask, I want to know the precisely day that,the exam we commence becouse for the day of screening you people told us that benue state should come for their screening on the 19th of apri to 21st april at the end they went and change the time table to 11th of april,infact I was aback.my special goes to my great uncle jj amase the squatron leader worn on working dress,and my elder brother raphel thomas ave akpe,may lord bless you all and keep you people alive, thank you.

  3. my Allah to help me to merk my life with full happes frm kamal usman akila zakara i lov all people of nigerian

  4. pls when are they going to send the text, will it be the day of the test or they’ve sent it to everyone cos i’ve not got any msg. pls help me out

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