1. pls hv they started sending sms for DSSC applicants? pls would like to know detailed information for DSSC applicants recruitment activities .Pls i don’t hv anybody to update me.Tks

  2. Please, i applied for DSSC and i don’t know if they have started sending text messages to applicants because i am yet to receive any text message.

  3. we need to tank God bcus of d succesful recruit we re havin.may God hlp us all 2 mak it trough christ our lord,Amen!

  4. Hi am proud to be a nigerian and i will do anything for my country, i will be very grateful if my name is being shortlisted in the nigeria airforce, thanks and God bless 9ja

  5. I didn’t receive any test but my name was called, God pls help me and help other because we are all brothers, we are nigeria, thank u

  6. I didn’t see any text message from NAF DRRR. What can I do now, should I continue with the process? God appoint somebody 2 help me o. My name is michael onuh sunday. NAF201624293

  7. U guys should find out what is d solution to dis problems we are in, becouse we nigerians youth we love this counry so lets put our hands togather to see what we can do to move our country forward, are we all ready?

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