6 Most Profitable Courses in Nigeria With Lucrative Work Pay (2022)

6 Most Profitable Courses in Nigeria You Should Study in 2022.

Profitable Courses in Nigeria – Which courses are best selling in universities in Nigeria? Which courses are the most lucrative in Nigeria? What are the best art courses to study? Which are the best science courses to study? Which are the best commercial courses to study?

Profitable Courses in Nigeria

This article will analyze ‘the most profitable courses in Nigeria’. These are the courses that are worthy of studying for a lucrative career.

It is observed that these courses continue to be in high demand during JAMB UTME application, and university applicants have bombarded us with questions like.

This article will clear your doubts, and it is expected that after going through the article, you will enough confidence to pick a highly lucrative Nigerian course for your study at the university.

The country today is permeated with a lot of economic regression and poverty, coupled with unemployment and misgovernance, the right choices in picking a great course to study will save you from becoming frustrated later in life. Choosing the most profitable course in Nigeria is a wise option and a substantial investment.

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Most Profitable Courses to Study in Nigerian University

1. Petroleum Engineering

6 Most Profitable Courses in Nigeria 2020

Petroleum engineers are the anchors of the petroleum industry. In 2017, the petroleum industry was worth 78 to 89 trillion dollars. Making petroleum engineering the most profitable course in Nigeria to study.

Petroleum engineers have the duty of extracting crude oil and its resources from the earth’s crust. Nigeria began her oil exploration in 1958, and it has sustained the Nigerian economy and fueled government activities since then.

According to reports, petroleum engineers in Nigeria earn about 400,000 Naira monthly aside other perks and benefits.

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2. Medicine and Surgery

6 Most Profitable Courses in Nigeria 2020

Apart from the prestige, studying medicine and surgery in Nigeria will enable you to be gainfully employed. No wonder, the course has the highest UTME applicants each year. A shortage of medical personnel plagues Nigeria as at present, and so, doctors are usually in high demand.

Though the poor condition of their salaries is worth noting, doctors in Nigeria earn relatively comfortable in comparison to other fields.

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3. Law

Law is among the most profitable courses in Nigeria. Lawyers in government establishments, corporate firms and even, those in private practices are well taken care of.

As a lawyer, you will be able to work independently or as an employee. The pay is enough incentive. Everybody needs a lawyer, so your service will be much required.

An excellent lawyer can charge expensive court appearance fees.

4. Pharmacy

Profitable Courses in Nigeria

Pharmacy involves preparing and dispensing drugs. As a pharmacist, your career options are surplus and flexible. You can go into private research and consultancy for private individuals, pharmaceutical firms and hospitals or work directly for hospitals and drug industries or open a drug retail store.

Pharmacists are among the top earners in Nigeria labour market today, so pharmacy is one of the most profitable courses in Nigeria

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5. Accountancy

Lucrative courses

Accountants record, classify and report different business undertakings. No successful business in Nigeria can do without the service of an accountant, so accountants contribute to the success of companies in Nigeria. Accountants have opportunities to work in any firm or industry they choose.

The flexibility of the career is second to none. Chartered accountants have lucrative jobs and take home high income monthly.

Features of Profitable course

A profitable course must be marketable:

It is important to choose a degree based on how valuable it is since, following graduation, a marketable course has a higher possibility of getting employment and opening up new entrepreneurial opportunities rapidly.

A profitable course should have a high employment rate: the employment component should be taken into account as well.

A profitable course should be highly sought after:

A course’s value is measured by how well it meets the needs of students or the labour market.

As a result, employers are constantly on the lookout for qualified candidates with the necessary skills.

Salary ranges:

In the end, money is very important.

As a result, income is a vital factor while selecting a course of study. As it can propel you forward in your career.

It’d be a huge waste of money if, after completing a 4- or 5-year course of study, you discover that it is a low-paying career that isn’t worth it.

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