How To Port Number To Google Fi


Due to the series of events ranging from various backups and data safety, the Google Fi has taken a step to introduce certain changes in their policies to enable the users more comfortable.

Port Number To Google Fi

There are several help initiatives provided by Google to tackle various problems and questions arising from its customers.

These changes and innovations introduced by the Google team are aimed at improving various aspects that have become growing concerns for their users all over the world and the Google Fi solution just put data security on a whole new level.

If you wish to learn how to port number to Google Fi, then this article is designed just for you.

Port Number To Google Fi

Porting a number to Google Fi is so easy. To port number to Google fi, simply follow the steps below.

We will be guiding you on how to port a number to Google Fi easily.

1. Get your mobile phone and your Google Fi sim card set up to get you set to transfer your number to your Google Fi.

Android phone or any good smartphone is preferable for this process of number port to Google Fi.

2. Incase you haven’t set up your sim card by turning off your phone and inserting your sim card into the phone via the sim card slot on the phone, do so to enable your mobile phone to recognize your sim card and proceed to the next step.

3. If your Fi sim card is stolen or missing, you can place an order to get another one.

4. Switch on your mobile phone and follow the step by step instructions displayed on the screen.

The instructions would appear at intervals along the process of number porting to guide you through the process.

5. With that, you will set up your mobile phone and then begin the transfer.

6.You are to enter your account information from your current network carrier.

Getting Your Service Activated Before Porting Your Number

1. View the status in the Google Fi app or website to know how long the number porting would take.

This would give you a heads up on the estimated amount of time it would take to complete the number port to Google Fi process.

2. During the transfer, calls can be made as well as text messaging until the transfer is completed.

3.Data connections are still functional while the number port is going on.

4.Also the plan you subscribed for on your sim can be changed even while the port is taking place.

What To Do After The Transfer

1. Check for a notification on your Google Fi mobile phone

2. A notification would appear on your Google Fi phone once the transfer is completed.

This would let you know if the transfer was successful or not and to enable you to take the next action depending on the outcome of the transfer.

In a case where the number transfer wasn’t successful, a notification will appear in the Google Fi app and you can troubleshoot the transfer process or get help from a Google Fi expert with the contact provided at the bottom.

Note that several features may not respond immediately when your transfer is finished.

A delay may occur for a while starting from when your number was ported but you will be able to carry out the text messaging function.

When The Port Is Complete And You Get Your Google Fi Phone

  1. Ensure you cancel your plan with your previous carrier if you use a single line.

2. Ensure the account owner is not been charged unnecessarily for the number you ported to Google Fi.

3. Check the carrier as a lot of carriers may cancel your line following the port you did to Google Fi.

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4. Ensure to transfer your number after the port to Google Fi is completed or you can do so on the Fi app or any browser available on your mobile phone.

5. Sign in to any of your accounts that you intend to transfer the number to.

6. Go through your profile and tap on the device entry assigned to the number you intend to transfer the ported number to.

7. Tap USE A DIFFERENT NUMBER to begin the number transfer process.

In a situation whereby you are having difficulties porting your number to the Google Fi, Troubleshooting your transfer is a good option.

That’s all on how to port number to Google fi.

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