How To Register Business on Google

This is a quick article on how to register your business on Google My Business.

How To Register Business on Google

If you know Yellow Pages and business directories, then you should know by now that Google My Business was designed to perform a similar function.

As a matter of fact, it is an excellent alternative for Yellow Pages and business directories.

Google My Business was primarily created to assist customers in finding products and services online within their locality and get useful information about the companies they have interest in.

Google My Business offers free service that every entrepreneur can use to reach more potential customers, increase their brand awareness and sales.

To begin this, you will first have to create and claim your business listing on Google.

Creating your business listing on Google is a straightforward process that can be done within minutes.

However, the essential aspect of listing your business on Google is creating a compelling profile that can allow your potential customers to build trust in your business.

If you wish to learn how to register a business in Google, but don’t know how to do it, then don’t worry, as I will be showing you how to register a business on Google quickly.

What Is Google My Business?

As a business owner that wants to succeed in business and drive massive sales, creating an online presence for your business is no more an option.

There are billions of searches daily on Google by people who search for various products and brands to meet their daily needs.

Hence, if your business doesn’t have a robust online presence, you are missing a lot of potential customers for your business.

One of the best ways to take your business online is by using Google My Business tool. Google My Business is one of the best free services that allow local companies to boost online presence and make more sales.

With this tool, users can easily customize an set their business information on Google platforms like the Google Search engine and Google maps, so that potential customers can easily find them.

This tool also provides useful insights into the way customers behave, respond to your listings.

How To Create a Business Listing

Creating a Google My Business listing is very easy. In this section, I will be showing you how to do just that.

  1. Login to your Google account, using your business email domain, and go straight to Google My Business.
  2. Enter your company’s name, address, industry, location, phone number, and website address.
  3. After you are through, click “Finish,” and choose an option on how to get your business and take the steps needed to verify your business on Google. You can choose to verify your business either by phone, email, or mail.
  4. If you select the option of verifying your business by mail, Google will send you a postcard withing two weeks.
  5. After you receive the postcard, head on to your Google My Business account, to verify your business. To do this, click “Verify Location,” and enter the five-digit code on the postcard.
  6. If you find your business already listed on Google, all you need to do is to call.

Note that your company may already be listed on Google. If that’s the case, you need to claim and update the business listing.

To claim your business in Google, go to your Google My Business account, and type your company’s name in the field, and verify the business following the verification process above.

Now you have listed and verify your business on Google, and you need to optimize it, to make it more visible to customers.

You optimize your business listing on Google by providing more information about your business, as a business with more detailed information tends to perform well than others.

How To Optimize Your Business Listing

There are a few things you must do to optimize your business listings on Google My Business. Here are a few of them.

Update your profile, by using your recent photos, contact information, links of online orders, and posts.

If you own a bar and/or restaurant business, add menus or links to your listing.

If you are offering health professional services, including a booking button, will help.

If you are operating a hotel business, listing it’s amenities, class ratings, and other features will help.

If you offer features like “free Wi-Fi,” “child friendly,” etc., ensure you include them as attributes, this may give your business more considerations than others.

Lastly, updating your Google My Business page more frequently will help immensely. For instance, you can post updates of your business events, accomplishments, upcoming projects, etc.

Doing these will help your business gain more exposure, and in turn, reach more potential customers who will be willing to patronize you.

Why register your business on Google My Business?

Here some good reasons to register your business on Google My Business:

Better lead and customer acquisition

Today, more customers prefer googling whatever products and services they seek for. What this means is that businesses that show up on organic search results have increased visibility.

For instance, a search for ‘lawyers in Lagos’ will bring out a list of law firms and a customer can pick or select from Google’s list.

This shows that Google My business is the best way to search for businesses on the internet. So it is one convincing reason why you should ignore this great feature.

You don’t have to pay a dime

Yes, we mean it. Google My Business is free for business registration. It can be quite cumbersome but Google will not require you to pay a penny for listing your business.

All you need is a verification code which Google will send to your business via phone call or postcard.

Quality brand management

Google My Business allows you to forge a distinct brand identity online, which improve your connection with customers. For instance, you can improve your brand by uploading better pictures and videos that showcase how great your business, products or service is. This gives you a better way of enhancing your brand appeal. Prospective customers can now view your business in a better light.

With Google My Business, you can build your brand and improve your brand, making your business solid and better patronized.

Boost (and influence) your business visibility online

Google is the most visited website in the world. It is also the biggest search engine on the internet. It means 70% of customers will search for products and goods directly from google.

Google My Business is among the best tool to use to enhance visibility for your business, especially on the internet. It can help you better the image of your business on the internet

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That’s all on how to register a business on Google My Business.

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