Obudu Mountain Resort: Prices, When to Visit, and Exciting Things to Do


Are you searching for information about Obudu Mountain Resort? You’ll find this useful because it contains every detailed information about the Obudu Cattle ranch, ranging from the history of the place location description, the best time to visit the place, and a listing of some exciting things to do at there whenever you visit, How much it will cost you and a whole lot of other vital things you need to know.

Obudu Mountain Resort: History, Prices, When to Visit, and Things to DoObudu Mountain Resort: History, Prices, When to Visit, and Things to Do

About Obudu Mountain Resort

The Obudu Mountain Resort is one of the best and most beautiful tourist centers in Nigeria. This place was established with the name “Obudu Cattle Ranch” by a Scottish Rancher named M. McCaughey who happens to be the first to explore the mountain ranges in 1951.

The Obudu mountain resort has become home to many tourists because of the excellent blend of warm and cold temperatures it offers to the visitors.

Here, there is a restaurant, bar, garden, and spa and wellness center in Obudu. They also offer hotel service, and their accommodation provides a 24-hour front desk and room service for guests.

At the hotel, all rooms are equipped with a balcony, and all rooms have a private bathroom. The accommodation at the Resort offers a continental or buffet breakfast.

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Exciting Things to Do at Obudu Mountain Resort

1. Play Outdoor Games

Here, you can go for activities like swimming, horse-riding, golfing and hiking. This Resort has two sizeable river-sized swimming pools, where you can enjoy time in the water and also relax in the outdoor pool bed.

However, if you choose to go for hiking, it is recommended that you go with firm boots and be psychologically prepared for the climbing expedition.

Also, with its 9-hole golf course, you are allowed to play a game of golf. The lush vegetation around the golfing area is a fantastic sight to behold.

2. Get on the Cable Car

Anytime you visit the Obudu mountain resort, to get to the top of the resort center, it’s either you drive from the bottom of the hill or take the cable car because the hilltop is about 11 km of winding road from the base.

If you choose to drive, then know that a journey of 6 minutes will take you 25 minutes. But, if you use the cable car, you’ll arrive at your destination in 6 minutes.

Nonetheless, tourists who visit this Resort are always eager to get on this cable car and enjoy the fun of riding to the top of the Resort in this car, as it affords you enlivening and exciting vistas of green rolling hills.


This Cable Car transport is the pièce de résistance at Obudu Mountain Resort and has been described as the longest cable car in the African continent.

3. Go Sightseeing

If you are a lover of nature, then, I think you should go on a sightseeing adventure at the Obudu Mountain Resort. The Resort houses about 250 varying species of birds. You will enjoy seeing the birds with your binocular.

4. Join the Obudu Mountain Race

If you want to join the Obudu Mountain Race to win an attractive cash price, it’s required that you visit the place in November because that’s when the event does take place at the Resort every year. I hope you won’t like to miss out.

4. Visit the Gym for Work Out

Lovers of body fitness can always visit the Obudu fitness center that’s classically facilities like Dumbbells, Sit-up bench, and Treadmills to help you stay fit and in shape.

7. Visit and Have Meal at the Restaurant

The Obudu Cattle Ranch is home to about four eateries that cater to the diet needs of tourists. One of the best-rated restaurants there is the Terrace Restaurant and Bar, where you will get all local and international dishes.

Howbeit, as a tourist, you can decide either to eat at the indoor restaurant or eat at the outdoor restaurant where you can have a beautiful view of the mountains.

5. Get on the Canopy Walkway

Another exciting thing to do at the Obudu Mountain Resort is to take a walk on the canopy walkway as you’ll be enjoying the view of the beautiful forests around Obudu Mountain Resort.

The Canopy Walkway is a 100m swaying bridge that is suspended in the air and it stands 70m above the bottom of the forest.

Even though climbing this canopy walkway can prove to be a disheartening task, but it comes with a whole lot of fun and excitement.

Obudu Mountain Resort Prices

To have access to the Obudu cattle ranch, you’ll have to pay the sum of 200 Naira. Also, taking a walk on the canopy walkway, which is managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) will cost you 300 Naira.

Room Prices at Obudu Mountain Resort

Suppose you are paying a visit to the Obudu cattle ranch, its good that you book a room at the Resort where you will spend your night at the Resort. However, the prices of the room vary due to the room features.

It’s also good to note that these room rates are per night and might come with a complimentary breakfast, free WIFI, and access to some other standard facilities.

So, see the cost of rooms at the Resort below depending on their category;

NOTE: These prices are subject to change.

You can visit the Official Website of the Obudu Mountain Resort – http://www.obudumountainresort.com/.

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