20 Top Rated Nigerian Web Hosting Companies (2021 Review)

This article is a guide on the top Nigerian Webhosting Companies. There are many things involved in owning and running a successful website. One such thing, as you may already have known, is web hosting.

A dependable web hosting company is important for your business website or blog.

The best web hosting companies will provide quick and reliable servers that ensure your website is accessible on the web always and on time.

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This article will be sharing the top 20 web hosting companies for your next project. Without web hosting, a website cannot be accessed on the internet.

Servers on which websites are hosted are usually very expensive and as such are hardly owned by individuals, they are majorly owned by companies called web hosting companies and the servers are kept and maintained in a data center.



Registeram has become one of the fast-growing web hosting companies in Nigeria.

It provides services ranging from domain name registration to web hosting. Registeram Linux web hosting costs between 11,500 and 75,000 Naira per year.

Registaram offers 5GB to 30GB storage space depending on your subscription package. The monthly traffic limit ranges between 25GB and 90GB traffic also depending on your web hosting plan. You can pay online with your debit card or pay a Naira bank deposit.

Registeram gives an auto-installer for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and many other scripts according to the information on the website.

website: https://www.registeram.com.ng/



DomainKing is one of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria and has a wide range of affordable services and freebies.

For as low as 375 Naira per month, you can get your website hosted on DomainKing. You may be quick to dismiss this as another cheap web hosting service, but you would be wrong.

This entry-level plan comes with free SSL (which is good for SEO) and a free .com.ng domain for the term you paid for. If you need more resources and faster servers, DomainKing also has a 933 Naira per month plan and a 1,666 Naira per month plan.

website: https://www.domainking.ng/

GigaLayer (Previously HUB8)


HUB8 has been around for a while and is now part of GigaLayer.

The company offers affordable plans for webmasters in Nigeria. GigaLayer boasts of an entry-level plan that costs just ₦8,750 for a whole year.

This plan will support up to 20GB of bandwidth per month and up to 2GB of storage space. It however does not have SSL built-in, which means you have to buy separately.

If you want free SSL and more capacity, the web hosting company offers a Medium plan for ₦14,000 per year, a Large plan for ₦21,000 per year/ Colossal plan for ₦28,000 per year.

website: https://gigalayer.com/



WhoGoHost is one of the fastest-growing and leading Nigeria-based web hosting providers.

One unique thing about WhoGoHost is that the company offers both yearly and monthly plans, which can make things easy for people working under a tight budget.

The entry-level plan called Aspire costs 500 Naira monthly. This web hosting plan offers 2GB storage and 10GB of bandwidth.

The company offers plans going from 500 to 2,500 Naira yearly offering from 2GB to unlimited storage and 10GB to unlimited bandwidth.

website: https://www.whogohost.ng/



Utiware offers Windows hosting and online payment with your InterSwitch or MasterCard ATM/Debit cards.

It also offers you the opportunity to also pay via bank deposit in some designated banks.

Utiware offers from 5GB to 50 GB storage depending on your subscription package.

The monthly traffic limit ranges from 18 GB to 180 GB traffic depending on your hosting plan with prices ranging between 5,000 to 100,000 Naira yearly.

Utiware provides PHP and MySQL on their Windows hosting.

website: https://www.utiware.net/



Established with the intention to provide the latest services of shared, dedicated and VPS web hosting to its customers, QServers is one of the leading web hosting providers in Nigeria.

With their passion for web hosting, they offer brilliant customer service, outstanding web design, one of a kind suite services.

Qservers relies only on the latest developments of the technology and so, employs greatly advanced servers.

QServers sells themselves as the qualitative, personalized, passionate, punctual and friendly web hosting provider available whenever you need them.

They offer domain names, web hosting, SSL Certificates, Data backup with excellent support and performance management system. Suite, SSL Certificates and more.

website: https://www.qservers.net/


This is another Nigeria-based web hosting company for businesses that prefer to host their websites in Nigeria.

Features, as advertised on their website, include super-fast Linux servers, regular daily, weekly and monthly backups, ultra-low latency, 500 easy-to-install an application, and 99% Uptime.

Services come with cPanel control, 1 free Domain Name, free SSL certificate, a basic Web Browser and Web applications.

Their prices are affordable and 25% is automatically applied to all the hosting plans.

Mercury plan costs N600/month, Bronze plan costs N1,500/month, Silver costs N2,250/month, while Gold is priced at N4,500/month.

website: https://web4africa.com/nigeria/

Listed Hosting


Listed Hosting is a committed and developer-friendly hosting company with a unique capacity to provide reliable hosting services in Nigeria.

As a hosting company in Nigeria, their major focus is on providing outstanding support to customers as this is one of the factors that foster the birth of the company.

Their services include affordable hosting services with SSD storage, domain name registration and SSL to help growing entrepreneurs (small and medium scale businesses) stand out with their business ideas while listed hosting takes pleasure in providing quality support to ensure their businesses succeed.

website: https://listedhosting.com/



HostFlexi is one of Africa’s & Nigeria’s leading best Web Hosting companies and Internet Solutions Providers.

They provide Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting Services in Nigeria, Domain Name Registration, Website Design and Search Engine Optimization Services.

HostFlaxi prides itself in her flexibility of packages and efficient customer service – they believe that there’s no business without relationships so the reason they’re here is because of you.

HostFlaxi’s goal is to put your business online (whether small business website or large scale business) and ensure that it stays active 24/7.

Your search for a web hosting company in Nigeria should end here.

website: https://www.hostflexi.com/



WondaHost is an ultra-reliable Web Hosting Company in Nigeria that provides 10x faster servers with 99.9% up-time, crafted with love to help SMEs grow.

They give hosting solutions such as WordPress Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Domain Registration & Transfer, Website Builder, Professional Email, SSL Certificates, Website design and development.

They are hosted on a powerful Turbo blazing server therefore, they offer 10x faster Web & WordPress hosting with 99.99% Uptime commitment, free SSL Certificates and 30 days money-back guarantee.

At WondaHost, you’ll be hosted on its fine-tuned Swift-Server platform. It comes loaded with tools like a free CDN, solid-state drives.

website: https://www.wondahost.com/

Kawriz Hub

Since her inception in 2019, Kawriz Hub has been proud to serve and sow its relevance in the online community.

They are committed to not only providing quality services and solutions but going above and beyond to ensure their customers are completely satisfied.

A team of experienced and certified professionals tasked with ensuring brands get their creativity and voices to their target audience using new media and machine learning (AI) to analyze and understand consumer behavior and search patterns.

They have progressively become masters of their craft by our commitment to exceptional services, incomparable customer care and quality/excellence.


AcneHOST is an industry-driving supplier of Business Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Dedicated Servers.

Their solid frameworks and organization are best in class, yet one of our mysteries to our prosperity is the unfathomable specialized help and client support given by their team.

If you are having problems locating a web hosting company in Nigeria that will suit your business and give you the best in what you do, stop the search now because AcneHost is your perfect destination.

website: https://acnehost.com/

AlphaGeek Host

AlphageekHOST is a relatively new U.S Based Hosting Provider in giving Affordable, Scalable Cloud SSD-based web hosting and moderate web facilitating in Nigeria and World Wide.

All-day, everyday support group, they are notable for their compelling and rational client care, outstanding assistance contributions, promotions and fabulous costs of their items and administrations.

They make available Premium Affordable Hosting Solutions, Cloud Hosting, Domain Registrations (.ng and International Domains across the world), SSL Certificates, Domain and Hosting Reseller Products, E-business Hosting, Website Security Solutions (Protection against DDoS, Hacking and comparable dangers).

website: https://alphageekhost.com/

Datatell Technologies Limited

Datatell Technologies Ltd is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company that has pioneered the way in solving clients’ real-world ICT issues with the quality of service and sound technology.

They undertake extensive research and analysis of the client’s environment to ensure the right solution for the client.

They also deliver ICT solutions, they satisfy their clients by exceeding their expectations of quality and delivering a project on time and on budget.

They continue to research and develop efforts to increase value in search of innovative alternatives for their clients.

Their engineers and business staff bring vast amounts of knowledge to solve problems.

website: https://www.datatellng.com/

Cyberspace Limited

The greatest challenge of this multi-award winning company since their Inception in 1995, had always been using a single word to define the level of ingenuity and creativity that has fuelled their drive for so many years- and so finally, after all these years of evolving from being just a start-up providing network solutions, to providing connectivity and later growing further to developing software solutions in the quest to solving as many problems as they possibly can.

They decided that maybe one box wasn’t enough to define them after all why be a shadow when you can go beyond the ordinary.

website: https://www.cyberspace.net.ng/

Ecozeen Tech

Ecozeen Tech consciously and deliberately Provide professional Web Development & Security IT services and solutions for everyone.

At Ecozeen Tech they use their web development skills to transform business growth for all their clients by providing quality websites and applications that will boost conversions and increase sales.

At Ecozeen Tech they take pleasure in not just building websites but thy build websites that sell.

website: https://ecozeentech.com/

Silicon Wave Marketing

Silicon Wave Marketing gives its customers a wide range of digital marketing services that lead to broader customer bases and more revenue for their clients.

Silicon Wave’s marketing team has years of experience building marketing campaigns for clients across various industries, sizes, and locations.

With a 100% satisfaction rate, Silicon Wave Marketing reputation says it all. They are furnished with the right skills, and competence to help you dominate your competitors.


Inclide is one of the leading web design and digital marketing companies in Ibadan, Nigeria. They are bent on offering unique and tailored solutions for business owners to promote their online presence and grow their business.

Inclide gives outstanding services such as Website Design & Management, Social Media Advertisement, SEO, Brand Solutions, and life-long IT support to help businesses thrive.

You will be satisfied with the professional services that are dolled out by incline, just go ahead give them a try.

Teqporte Cloud


Teqport Cloud Technologies Limited, a leading provider of web hosting service provider in Nigeria is partnering with highly-rated global firms to launch the first auto-scaling multi-server web hosting in Nigeria and the first of its kind in the African continent with 100 percent uptime.

The global partner is a United Kingdom (UK) based web hosting firm, veterans of web hosting technologies which is the promoter of Web Fusion123-Reg and Heart Internet.

The company has succeeded in putting together a top-notch hosting platform that guarantees auto-scaling and a load-balanced platform without any single point of failure.

website: https://teqportecloud.com/

Upperlink Limited


Upperlink Limited is constituted of a team of young, visionary and talented professionals brought together across the fields of Programming, Engineering, ICT, Marketing, Sciences and Communications, Upperlink Limited has been at the forefront of software development in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Upperlink provides comprehensive web development, e-payment applications, online database solutions, enterprise software and cloud solutions to her esteemed clients. Make upperlink your web hosting service provider today and know peace.

What is the cheapest web hosting company in Nigeria?

website: https://upperlink.ng/



Launched in 2008, and said to be one of the fastest-rising web hosting companies in Nigeria, TFhost offers a free SSL certificate on every of their web hosting packages, and their lowest storage space and bandwidth is 2GB and 1GB respectively.

The price of their service range from N2,200 – N12,000 per year.

Which web hosting company provides the best support in Nigeria?

website: https://www.tfhost.ng/


Whogohost is one of West Africa’s largest and most popular web hosting providers.

The company started providing web hosting services in 2007 and has served over 40,000 clients. Whogohost has the best reliable customer support service in Nigeria.

They also offer domain name registration, WordPress hosting and Cloud hosting.

website: https://www.whogohost.ng/

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