Startimes Customer Care Contact Info 2021: Phone, Email, Addresses

Startimes Customer Care Contacts

For fast response to your complaints and questions, visit to send an online message to Startimes Nigeria

About Startime DTT

Startime Nigeria is a division of a Chinese-based company called “Startimes Media”, This Patv offers digital terrestrial television and satellite television services to consumers, provides technologies to countries and broadcasters that are switching from analog to digital television. However, this digital terrestrial television (DTT) network services brought to Nigeria by NTA star tv network limited. 

Startimes tv Nigeria is managed by Nta star tv network and was the first digital Tv to hit the Nigerian market earlier in 2010.  It uses DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast on Terrestrial) technology which does not require the installation of the dish to deploy its services.

NOTE: The first set of customers that bought the DVB-T decoders can only use it in the first four (4) cities their service was initially launched. Which are Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, and Kano.

The new DVB-T2 technology has been designed in such a way that it will work anywhere in the country where they operate or where their services have been extended to.

Sometimes we run into difficulties with your Startimes and start abusing those people. That’s why I have decided to bring to you various ways in which you can contact Startime support through phone calls or social media to either rant with them or table your challenges calmly to them for fast action.

Startimes Customer Care Contact | Startimes Customer Care Contact

How to Contact Startime

There are various ways in which you can get in touch with Startime as their customers. It’s either you use any of the following ways to contact them directly.

  1. Via Customer Care Number
  2. Support Emails
  3. Online Contact Us Method
  4. Social Media Handles 
  5. Physical Contact at any of their Offices Addresses

1. Customer Care Numbers

  • 0719 077 077
  • 01­4618888
  • 09­4618888

2. StarTimes Nigeria Email

2. Online Contact Us Method

Here, all you need to do is to visit, there, you will see blank spaces to fill your;

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Message as shown in the image below;

3. Startime NG Social Media Handles 

You can as well reach out to Startime by following them on any of any their social media platform as listed below;

NOTE: You can message them via using any of the platforms

Startime Facebook Account  –

Startime Twitter Account –

Startime Google+ Account-

** You can also create an account on Startime where you can log in and interact with them.

Click Here and follow their instruction to successfully register an account with Startime

Startimes Customer Care Contacts

When done with the registration, visit the main Startime portal and click on the icon marked with blue color on the photo below, once you’ve clicked the icon, the login platform will show as also shown in the next image below; then input your login details and click on Log in

Startimes Customer Care Contacts


StarTimes Nigeria Contact Address

Startime head office in Nigeria is located at; AFRIBANK House, Fatai Atere Way Mushin, Lagos. If you want to check the list of all Startime branch offices in Nigeria Click here


Frequently Asked Startime Question (FAQ)

What should I Do if my Startime is Showing no Channel Received?

Make sure your Indoor / external antenna is well connected. You can also change the position of your indoor antenna or increase the height of your outdoor antenna. If the problem persists call any of our hotline numbers and a service agent will be assigned to you for further assistance.

What is No Signal?

Make sure your indoor antenna is well fixed and placed. Adjust it around your TV SET till you get a signal, if the problem persists, you are required to get an outdoor antenna (Yagi Antenna preferably). If you are using an outdoor Antenna(yagi Antena), and still having No Signal, visit any of our business outlets or call any of our hotline numbers and a service agent will be assigned to you for further assistance.

No Service

Kindly follow the procedures below;

1. Adjust your Antenna till you get a signal.
2. Embark on AUTOMATIC SEARCH >>> Click on the MENU button on your remote control, scroll to SYSTEM SETTINGS, and press OK. In the list displayed, scroll to AUTOMATIC SEARCH and use the right arrow key to navigate to the YES and NO options. Select YES and press OK.

Call any of the hotline numbers and a service agent will be assigned to you for further assistance.

What Does No Access/Not Subscribe Means

This simply means your subscription has expired. Kindly recharge by using any of the following methods:

1. Buy recharge card from BHs or Dealers and follow the instructions on how to recharge at the back of the recharge.
2. Through Mobile Money account (StanbicIBTCMobileMoney(*909#), and Pocket Moni, MTN (coming soon)
3. Quick Teller websites and ATM
4. Bank Recharge.

What to Do if my Smart Card Not Paired or Wrong Pairing

This is when a smartcard is mismatched or wrongly paired with another decoder. Please visit the nearest business hall or call our hotline: 01-4618888 / 09-4618888

What Should I Do if my Decoder Fails to Power?

Please check whether the power plug of the decoder is correctly inserted into the AC 220V power jack –and whether the switch of the decoder switches on. If well connected and the problem persist, please visit the nearest business hall or call our hotline: 01-4618888 / 09-4618888

How Can I Auto Reboot my Startime System?

This is when a decoder continues to come up and go off immediately, mostly caused when a decoder cannot upgrade itself. Please visit the nearest business hall or call our hotline for assistance: 01-4618888 / 09-4618888

Decoder displaying 8888/9999, ”C” / “0” on the front panel
Please visit the nearest business hall or call our hotline for assistance: 01-4618888 / 09-4618888.

What to Do if My Startime is Experiencing No Audio / No Video Difficulties?

1. Please check whether the antenna is correctly connected to the decoder.
2. Check the audio and video cables of the gateway and TV, it must be video out – video in, audio out – audio in).
3. Ensure that the TV is in AV mode. For TVs with more than one (1) AV setting, please select the right AV setting using the correct port on the machine (TV) and the same selection on the remote control.
4. If (a), (b), and (c) are fine, then suspect the AV cables in use. Try a new set of cables. If the problem persists, please visit the nearest business hall or call our hotline: 01-4618888 / 09-4618888

How to Recharge my Startime

There are various ways you can Recharge you Startime decoder which are;

1. Mobile Recharge?

How to recharge Via SMS (RECHARGE ONLY)

Text: CC#Smart Card Num#PIN and send to 32055

How to Via SMS(Recharge & Change)

Basic Bouquet: Text: CC#Smart Card Num#PIN#B and send to 32055
Classic Bouquet: Text: CC#Smart Card Num#PIN#C and send to 32055
Unique Bouquet: Text: CC#Smart Card Num#PIN#U and send to 32055


Pay Your Subscription from Your Phone Using the GTBANK’S 737 Banking Service.
FOR EXAMPLE: *737*37*1000*01XXXXXXX#
Then Use the Last Four Digit Number of Your GTBANK Naira Master Card to Complete the Transfer


  • Go to the nearest ATM Machine that Supports Quickteller Service,
  • Insert your ATM card Input your 4-digit PIN
  • Select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
  • Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen
  • Select ‘Other’ A message on the screen will read ‘Merchant Code’,
  • Enter 240534 as the merchant code Another message will read ‘Customer Reference’,
  • Enter your Smartcard Number Select PROCEED
  • Select Amount Follow prompts to complete the transaction

4. StarTimes App

To recharge via StarTimes App, follow the steps below;

  • 1. Click on ‘Service’ on the App homepage
  • 2. Click on the ‘Smart Card’ and select ‘Recharge’
  • 3. Choose one recharge option (Use coupon, Recharge Card, Online payment, USSD)

Note: For the first-time recharge, Click on the ‘+’ to add your smart card number.

To recharge via StarTimes App website

  • 1.Visit
  • 2.Click on the ‘blue icon’ above to register or login
  • 3.Select ‘Make a Payment’
  • 4.Select smart card number, enter recharge pin & click on ‘Go’.

Note: For the first-time recharge, Click on the ‘+’ to add your smart card number.

5. PAGA Recharge

  • Visit
  • Register or login with your PAGA account
  • Select pay bills from the options
  • Select StarTimes as your network provider
  • Input the amount and your smartcard number
  • Click ‘go’ and complete your recharge

6. Recharging with BAXI BOX

  • 1, Go to the nearest Baxi Box agent in your area.
  • 2, Select your preferred bouquet
  • 3, Pay the exact amount to the agent
  • 4, Get an instant connection.

How to Run a Default Setting on Your Decoder

1. Press the blue button on your remote control
2. Scroll to the default setting
3. Press the arrow button to the right of the OK button
4. Then select “YES” on the TV screen
5. Press OK on your remote control
6. You will see “Restore init data Yes or No”
7. Then select “YES” and press OK on your remote control
8. Wait until the decoder restarts and finishes the automatic search

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Startimes Customer Care Contact | Startimes Customer Care Contact