Nigeria Customs Service Ranks: Everything You Need to Know

Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Ranks.

Nigeria Customs Service Ranks – Do you want to know the Nigeria Customs Service ranks? The highest rank is the Comptroller-General. The lowest rank is the Customs Assistant. See more below;

Established in 1891, The Nigeria Customs Service operates with the responsibilities of revenue collection, accounting for the same, and anti-smuggling activities.

This para-military service, in particular, is a Federal Ministry of Finance that has several major departments where one can potentially work if employed as a Customs officer.

The Nigerian customs have been providing services in ways that maximize efficiency and promote trade competitiveness wherein declarations are promptly processed is the core mission of the Nigeria Customs Service.

It also takes care of the Nigerian borders security and the rules/policies that determine what happens at our country’s border.

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The Nigeria Customs also carry out a task such as collecting revenue, accounting, performing smuggling activity, controlling the international trade process, etc. and it has become a huge hub of the foreign supply chain of products (both services and goods), and we all know that the growing international trade means a lot of money for all the participants.

List of Departments in Nigeria Customs Service

The Nigeria Customs Service is headed by the Comptroller-General and assisted by six (6) Deputy Comptrollers-Generals heading the departments as follows:

  • Finance Administration and Technical Service
  • Tariff and Trade
  • Enforcement, Investigation, and Inspection
  • Strategic Research and Policy
  • Human Resource Development
  • Excise, FTZ, and Industrial Incentives

These Deputy Comptroller-Generals have Assistant Comptroller-Generals heading each division under them while Comptrollers runs the affair of each unit under these divisions.

ACG (Headquarters) reports directly to the Comptroller-General along with the heads of some Special Units in addition to 4 Assistant-Comptroller-General (ACG) in the zones that coordinate the area commands under their respective jurisdictions.

Duties and Responsibilities of Nigeria Customs Service Workers

The Nigeria Custom Service workers are charged with the responsibilities of:

  • Collecting customs revenue and anti-smuggling efforts and accounting for same;
  • Security duties;
  • Generating statistics for planning and Budgetary purposes;
  • Monitoring Foreign Exchange utilization;
  • Engaging in Research, Planning, and Enforcement of Fiscal Policies of Government
  • Manifest processing;
  • Licensing and registration of Customs Agents;
  • Registration and designation of collecting banks, and
  • Working in collaboration with other government agencies in all approved ports and border stations.

Ranks in Nigeria Customs Service

Below is the comprehensive list of the Nigeria Customs service Ranks in ascending order (from the lowest to highest):

  1. Customs Assistant
  2. Assistant Inspector of Custom
  3. Inspector of Custom
  4. Assistant Superintendent of Customs II
  5. Assistant Superintendent of Customs I
  6. Deputy Superintendent Customs (DSC) Officer
  7. Chief Superintendent Customs (CSC) Officer
  8. Assistant Comptrollers
  9. Deputy Comptrollers
  10. Comptrollers
  11. Assistant Comptroller-General
  12. Deputy Comptroller-General
  13. Comptroller General

Nigeria Custom Officers Benefits and Allowances

Being a customs officer, you will stand a chance of enjoying the following benefits;

  1. Transport
  2. Meal subsidy
  3. Utility
  4. Hazards
  5. House maintenance
  6. Uniform maintenance
  7. General Services
  8. Torchlight
  9. Detective
  10. Hardiness allowance
  11. Plain-Cloth allowance
  12. Furniture allowance, and
  13. Personal Servant for entitled officers.

The Management Team of the Nigeria Customs Service

Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (RTD)

Colonel Hameed Ali is the Comptroller-General of Customs. He is charged with the leadership of the Nigeria Customs Service and direct supervision of the service.

He also doubles as the Customs Service’s accounting officer and he serves on the Nigeria Customs Service Board as the Vice-Chairman. The Nigeria Customs Service Board is headed by the Finance Minister.

The Comptroller-General has the legitimate approval to give out guidelines and issue instructions to custom officers as long as it aligns with the law of the land.

In order to smoothly perform his duties, the comptroller-General is aided by six Deputy Comptrollers-General each heading a department.

    DCG Finance Administration and Technical Service (FATS)
    DCG Tariff & Trade
    DCG Strategic Research and Policy
    DCG Enforcement, Investigation, and Inspection
    DCG Human Resource Development
    DCG Excise, FTZ & Industrial Incentives
    DCG Training & Doctrine Command (TRADOC)

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