NFC Tag Detected in Cashapp: What Does it Mean?

Are you receiving NFC tag notifications? Do you want to find out what NFC Tag Detected in Cashapp means? This article will tell you everything you need to know about this wireless technology and how to disable these notifications.

It is typical for most new Cash App users to get confused. A good example is seeing the “NFC tag detected” notification, which can be a lot frustrating.

So what is the meaning of the NFC Tag Cash App notification, and is there any fix if it becomes an issue?

The”NFC Tag Detected Cash App” is a notification that occurs when devices with NFC (your mobile device) and your Cash App Card are near each other (at least 10cm apart). So, keep them separated from each other to stop the constant pop-ups.

Other than that, is there a different strategy you can use to stop being notified about “NFC tag detected”? Is it a sign of security vulnerability?

Let’s explore the answers to these questions below:

NFC Tag Detected in Cashapp: What Does it Mean?

About NFC

NFC is commonly used in the United States and Europe. It stands for near-field communication, as stated previously.

Laptop computers, mobile devices, ipads, and the like are NFC devices because they can exchange data if they’re nearby through the use of radio waves.

Years previously, NFC devices had to be below four inches away from each other, but presently they are limited to two inches.

The best feature is that this wireless technology for communication doesn’t necessarily involve a source of power, as it uses electromagnetism.

It is the system that facilitates secure cashless transactions such as Apple Pay or Google Pay—transactions that don’t involve actual contact between the payment device and the payment reader—as well as communication between smartphones and devices like payment readers.


A near field communication (NFC) tag is a label or bracelet that has a few tiny microchips in it that nearby smartphones can read. These microchips hold data.

A NFC tag has the capability to transmit data to other smartphones with NFC functionality. NFC tags can also change a phone’s settings or open a website, among other things.

Many modern smartphones come equipped with NFC, and smartphone owners can shop and buy tags online. The volume of data saved on an NFC tag varies depending on the tag type, as tag memory capability differs by tag. For instance, a tag can contain a contact number or web address.

A recent example of a frequently utilised NFC tag function is digital payment encoding, where users scroll or swipe a smartphone on an NFC reader.

What Does NFC tag detected Mean on Cash App?

If you place your mobile device, an active device with built-in NFC technology, within 2 to 4 inches of your Cash App card, a passive item with an NFC tag, it will spur up a ” NFC tag detected”. For instance, you can simply keep your Cash App card beside your phone in your wallet or bag.

“NFC tag detected” in cash app occurs when cash app card interacts with your phone and requests that you access your Cash App account.

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How to Disable “NFC Tag Detected” Notifications on Cash App?

For sure, you can just ignore them, but preferably, you’d like to prevent them from showing up in the first place. So, here’s how you can fix them:

Keep Your Phone and Card Apart

Keep your mobile device and Cash App card away from each other because NFC technology only functions within four to two inches of each other.

Lock Your Cash App Card

It’s simple to turn off Cash App cards, this should prevent your smartphone from receiving notifications from them. But to To access the card, you must first unlock it. Here’s how you can quickly lock your card:

Launch Cash App.

Tap the “Cash card” icon.

Next select “Lock Card.”

Remove NFC from your phone.

When you disable NFC, the active reader is no longer in the system, and the notifications stop. However, you can easily toggle it on again if necessary.

If are an Android phone user, you can access the NFC option in your setting menu, so deactivate it. Here’s what you need to do on a new Android smartphone if it isn’t there:

  • Access your device’s “Settings” menu.
  • Select “Connection preferences”.
  • Deactivate NFC from the menu that pops up.

Alternatively, you can disable NFC on older Android smartphones by doing the following:

  • Select “settings.”
  • Choose “Wireless and Networks.”
  • Then tap “More.”
  • To turn it off, select “Near Field Communication” from the checkbox.

There is no on/off option for NFC on iOS devices. Instead, depending on the app you’re running and whether it needs NFC or not, your device either enables or disables it.


In the end, if you receive an “NFC tag detected pop-up” when trying to access Cash App, it is most likely because your phone’s built-in NFC technology is scanning the NFC tag on your Cash App card.

You can keep your Cash App card separate from your phone to stop receiving notifications because this technology needs the two devices to be nearby. Furthermore, you can restrict your Cash App card or disable NFC on your phone.

It is perfectly normal and there’s nothing to stress about on any day. However, you can follow the techniques listed above to stop the notification if you are genuinely worried about it and wish to stop getting notified.popups.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to assist you!

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