Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria (2022 Latest Guide)

A List of Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria in 2022.

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There are Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria. Studying in Nigeria is very affordable in recent times, though some private universities charge exorbitant tuition fees. The federal government has done its best in subsidizing the fees of most federal universities in Nigeria.

The truth remains that the cost of tuition fees remains the major factor to consider when picking a university in Nigeria. In fact, the reason for the huge admission application from prospective undergraduates to federal universities is a result of their Low Tuition. Though, we must add that the cost of tuition has a lot to do with the quality of the institution.

In this article, the focus will be on the Best Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria and the criteria used to rank will be based on the average tuition each student pay annually and the quality of these universities.

List Of Universities with Low Fees in Naija

Here are the Best Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria.

1. University of Abuja, FCT

low tuition universities in nigeria
University of Abuja

The University of Abuja is a Nigerian postsecondary institution located in Abuja, the country’s capital. It was formed as a dual-mode institution in January 1988 (following Decree No. 110 of 1992, as modified) with the responsibility to run traditional and distant learning programs. The University’s academic operations began in 1990 with the enrolment of its first students.

This university, located in the heart of the federal capital, is among the few universities in Nigeria that can boast of great facilities and a serene learning environment.

It tops the most decorative faculty of law in the country and it is generally peaceful with a student-centric unionistic activity. It is among the Best Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria, with tuition fees as low as 35,000 Naira to 47,000 Naira.


2. National Open University of Nigeria

low tuition universities in nigeria
National Open University of Nigeria

The National Open University was founded on July 22, 1983, as a platform for open and distant education in Nigeria.

On April 25, 1984, the government imposed a temporary halt to it. However, former Nigerian President Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo began revitalization efforts on April 12, 2001.

The pioneer student enrollment was 32,400 at the time of the university’s launch.

This university is known for its quality distance learning process and has won the admiration of many. Its courseware is the most organized and filled with great academic output by leading scholars. It won the European Quality Award in Education 2011 at Oxford, UK.

Since its establishment in 2002, it has graduated thousands of Nigerian students. Its tuition fees ranges from 37,000 Naira to 45,000 Naira.

NOUN Portal

3. University of Calabar

Best Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria
University of Calabar

The University of Calabar was among the first Universities in nigeria to use the Campus Website to streamline student registration operations, and it has now gone a step further to digitize alumni interactions, including the country’s first electronic transcript acquisition and processing system.

Famously known as Malabo, this university is located in the ancient city of Calabar. Though its standard may have faltered in successive years, UNICAL remains highly sorted after by prospective undergraduates.

It has a top-notch basic medical faculty and sports facilities. It is among the Best Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria, with tuition fees as low as 30,000 Naira to 45,000 maximum.


4. University of Benin, Benin

Best Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria
University of Benin

The University of Benin proudly seats at Benin City, with beautiful structures and pleasant atmosphere. The lecture halls and hostel worth are reckoning with.

The academic culture in this university is remarkable since its creation in 1970. The social life is enviable and there is always a balance between social life and study. The university boasts of low tuition fees of about 13,000 Naira to 50,000 Naira ( depending on the course of study).


5. Bayero University, Kano

Best Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria
Bayero University

Established in 1962, Bayero University is among the oldest and the Best Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria. The university is replete with good facilities and an academic climate that is suitable for study. The tuition fees ranges from 24,000 Naira to 43,000 Naira.

BUK Portal

6. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife

Obafemi Awolowo University

The university was created in 1961 and courses began in October 1962 as the University of Ife by the Western Nigeria provincial administration, headed by late Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola, and was rebranded Obafemi Awolowo University on 12 May 1987 in honour of Chief Obafemi Awolowo (1909–1987), the inaugural premier of the Western Region of Nigeria, whose vision the university was.

The school is the best Nigerian university in terms of beautiful architectural structures. It has a high academic standard, and the plethora of great alumni the school has is a testament to this. The university tuition fee is pegged at 20,000 Naira, while other faculties may pay a little over 35,000.

OAU Portal

7. University of Lagos

University of Lagos

UNILAG was established in 1962, two years after Nigeria gained independence from British Rule. It was among the country’s early five universities, today known as “first generation universities.”

In 1962, Eni Njoku was named as the university’s first black vice-chancellor, and he served until 1965 when he was succeeded by Saburi Biobaku.

The University of Lagos is among the most sought after universities in Nigeria. Its academic standard is second to none. With a serene environment, intellectual atmosphere, booming student life, the university is one to reckon with in Nigeria.

It is one of the Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria. Tuition fees range between 14,000 Naira to 49,000 Naira.


8. University of Ibadan

Low Tuition Universities in Nigeria
University of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan is Nigeria’s premier university. It is also a world-class university and the oldest in Nigeria. Established in 1948, it has the highest number of Nigerian academic scholars in their payroll.

The universities have a very stringent admission process that seeks to admit only the best. The school charges about 15,000 Naira to 37,000 Naira as tuition fees.

UI Portal

9. Ahmadu Bello University

Ahmadu Bello University

Located in Zaria, ABU is Nigeria’s most prestigious university. It is the pride of northern Nigeria, as it was the very first university established in the region in the 1960s.

It has great facilities and a fast-paced learning environment. The academic scholars in the university are globally renowned have won a lot of research prizes. The school also offers very low tuition fees of 16,000 Naira to 34,000 Naira.

ABU Portal


Dear reader, mentioning the above-listed universities with low tuition fees doesn’t mean that there are no other ones available. There are certainly others in which you need to explore.

So, keep visiting this page as we will be adding more universities to this list.

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