Lionel Messi House: Everything You Need to Know About in 2020


Lionel Messi House, How much does Lionel Messi house worth? Where is Lionel Messi’s house located? How many houses does Messi have? Messi house in Barcelona. See more details below

Lionel Messi is an Argentinian soccer player who plays forward for the FC Barcelona club and the Argentina national team.

Lionel Messi, no doubt, is one of the greatest players in the world today. Some of his fans argued that he is actually the greatest.

Be that as it may, Lionel Messi, being one of the most successful football players in the world with the sobriquet “G.O.A.T,” is one of highest paid footballers in the world.

pics of lionel messi house

Lionel Messi currently earns about $299,300.08 daily and an annual income of about $77,818,020.00.

With such earnings, it is not a surprise that such a renowned footballer should be living in luxury. For instance, Lionel Messi’s house in Barcelona is one that showcases his luxurious living.

Talking about Lionel Messi’s house, there have been some myths regarding this, that a lot of persons, including his fans, believed.

If you truly want to know the real substance about Lionel Messi’s house in Barcelona, then this article is just for you.

What I will be doing in this article, is to show you the fake Lionel Messi house, and debunk all the myths surrounding it, and also show you the real Lionel Messi house with facts and details.

The Assumed Lionel Messi House On The Internet Is Fake

The 21st century man believes in the things that are so popular.

Once you type the word ” Lionel Messi House” on the internet, you are most likely going to see the mythical football-field shaped house that is popularly believed to be Messi house.

Hence, each time we think about Lionel Messi House, that beautiful picture immediately pops up into our minds.

That is called mental modeling, and it’s hard to remove such pictures we have already accepted as facts from our minds.

fake lionel messi houseThe picture of the house above is entirely a fake picture as such a house does not exist anywhere in the world.

It should be noted that an architectural engineer developed this model, with the intent that it will be fitting for a person like Messi.

However, Messi neither knows the designer of this model nor does he intend to build a house that is this big and iconic.

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Responding to the myth that the above picture is Lionel Messi House, Messi’s father, Jorge Messi argues that neither he nor his son Leonel Messi knows the engineer.

As a matter of fact, they have no intention of owning such a house.

The statement proves the popular rumored Lionel Messi House on the internet as false. To further disprove this, you point, has anyone seen Messi on this his supposed house before on the internet?

Certainly not. He’s always pictured sitting on his real home, which we intend to show you in great detail presently. Then, where really does Messi live? Let’s find out…

Messi House in Barcelona

Where Does Messi Actually Live?

At the moment, Messi lives in a small town in Barcelona called Bellamar.

It should be noted that the houses in this luxury quarters could be expensive, as each house within this locality in Castelldefels cost nothing less than £4.5m.

It can cost much more than this, depending on the size of the house. This locality used to be a low budget area until the likes of Messi decided to move to it.

This led to an instant increase in the price of properties around the axis, making it one of the most expensive locations within Catalonia. The pics below show the real Lionel Messi house in Barcelona.

messis houseIn 2009, Messi spends €1.8M in the purchase of this used property and later spend some additional €6M fine-tuning the house to suit his personal taste and class.

The picture of the house above shows that the house is spacious enough to accommodate the legendary Messi and strategically placed in giving him the chance of viewing the beautiful hills in Catalonia panoramically.

picture of leonel messi houseGoing a bit further into the house interior, one may really expect much designs and decor, however, from the picture that will be shown to you presently, the inner decoration seems basic, but still serves the needs of the legend anyways.

The interior has a wooden flow, a light-colored wall with this Mediterranean styling, a gym and other basic needs that one would ordinarily expect to see in a professional footballer’s house.

messi house

As previously alluded, this iconic house has a lot of space where he can play around with his sweet wife Mrs. Antonella Roccuzzo, his 3 kids as well as his two monstrous looking dogs.

In this edifice, there is also a space provided, where his kids can use for their play, a sweet swimming pool and also a small football pitch where he stays to keep fit.

Actually, the house may not be the sweetest looking house in Barcelona, but it got everything that Messi ever needs.

Messi Noisy Neighbours

Going by the personality of Leonel Messi, we all know that he doesn’t like talking too much, nor does he like noise.

He’s someone who is a bit reserved. Unfortunately for this superstar, Messi wasn’t too lucky with the kind of neighbors he had around his home.

Ivan Rakitic, one of Messi’s teammates keenly observed that the neighbors that Messi has normally played out music very loud to the extent that it disturbs the peace of Messi and his family members.

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How did Messi deals with this challenge? He bought them off with a huge amount of money. Yes, Messi had to pay them to relocate to a different location, so that he could be left alone.

The picture below shows an aerial view of Messi’s house and his neighbors.

So you see, the popular things that we see flying around the internet are not always true. Hence, its not advisable to always believe everything you see on the internet.

That is why its always good to get your facts from a reliable site like so you don’t get misguided.

That’s all on Lionel Messi’s house.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on Lionel Messi’s house? So then, kindly share this article.