What You Need to Know About Letter of Attestation for University Admission in Nigeria

Letter of Attestation: Get to know more about the Letter of Attestation for University Admission in Nigeria, who can write it for you, and how to write it. See more details below;

Letter of Attestation for University Admission in Nigeria

It’s a notable fact that most Nigerian universities do request for students to submit their letter of attestation to fill up their university admission along with other documents.

I have come to know that there are diverse reasons why higher educational study centre such as the university will request for your letter of attestation before you can be given admission into the university. One of such is a person of good reputation to confirm that you don’t have any criminal record that may destroy the good image of the school or disturbs academic activities.

What is Letter of Attestation for University Admission

As I have said earlier, the letter of attestation for university admission in Nigeria is a letter that is written or signed to confirm a statement, action, or behaviour.

The person who will be writing this letter to you is confirming (attesting) that they witnessed or knew something to be true about you and it’s vouching for the future ethical conduct for you.


Who Can Write This Letter of Attestation for You

The following set of people are those who you can run to in a time like this to write a letter of attestation for university admission for you and please don’t joke with people in your life.

  • Your spiritual leader
  • Lawyer
  • Landlords
  • Academic guardian
  • Street Chairman
  • Community heads
  • Military personnel
  • Corporate bodies

How to write Letter of Attestation for University Admission

The letter of attestation for university admission in Nigeria which mostly addresses the letter of attestation to the school registrar is quite easy to write.

However, in terms of the address, some universities may ask you to address the letter to another office other than the school registrar.


Don’t be panic if your attestor does not have letter headed paper, move on and follow the procedure stated here.

Since it’s a formal letter, it will have two addresses, yours at the top right-hand side of the paper while the school address at the left-hand side below yours.

Also, endeavour to add your attestor mobile number for the validity of the attestation letter.

Sample of a Letter of Attestation for University Admission

5B, Udo Etuk Inyang Street,

Abak Road, Uyo,

Akwa Ibom State,

12th September 2020.


The Registrar,

The University of Uyo,

Akwa Ibom State

Letter of Attestation

I, Mr Okon Ibok, the landlord of the apartment located at 5B, Udo Etuk Inyang street where miss Esther Okoro lives for over 4yrs.

For years she lives in my compound, I have known Esther to be a girl of good conduct in everything she does.

I can remember once ask her what her dream course is and she boldly replied that she wants to study Law and I firmly believe that she, getting admission to study Law in your prestigious institution is a dream come through for her.

In addition to that, Esther is known by everyone in the compound to be a fast learner who is ready to learn and willing to accept responsibilities from constituted authority.

I can also attest that she is physically and mentally sound to undergo the Law degree programme.


Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Okon Ibok


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