List of Less Competitive Courses to Study in Nigeria Universities


List of Less Competitive Courses to Study in Nigeria Universities

Yes, each year in Nigeria, hundreds of thousands of candidates take part in the ritual of slugging it out for the few admission slots in Nigerian universities.

The so-called ‘professional’ courses always have the most of the candidate’s application that less than 20% of candidates who apply to these courses fail to gain admission, these courses are the likes of Law, Medicine, pharmacy, Architecture, Engineering amongst others.

This unfortunate incident has led to a lopsided admission process. So we present to you The Ten Least Competitive Courses In Nigeria that will bolster your admission chances.

1. Language

This may entail courses that are based on local Nigerian languages like Efik, Yoruba, Igbo or Kanuri; or International or globally-known languages like French, Mandarin or Spanish.

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The crux of the issue with courses that concern languages is that there is a discouraging number of applicants yearly, in spite of the huge potential courses like these may hold.

2. History

This course remains the most overlooked course in Nigeria, due to blatant ignorance people consider it ‘less prestigious’.

What greater responsibility whither than to become a fountain of our past and repertoire of our collective antecedents.

3. Agriculture

This needs no explanation because Agriculture is a lucrative course and one of the most important aspects of life.

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4. Zoology

This is the study of animals. Many Nigerian students assume if you study zoology you will end up in the Zoo.

5. Theology

This is the study of religion.

It is constituted by a triple aspect: what is taught by God, teaches of God and leads to God. This indicates the three distinct areas of God as a theophanic revelation, the systematic study of the nature of the divine and, more generally, of religious belief, and the spiritual path.

6. Fishing and Maritime

This is the study of fishery and water-related issues.

7. Mathematics

Mathematics one of the difficult courses to study. Many students in Nigeria have refused to study it at the University.

They have developed much detest for the subject. This notwithstanding has made the course very cheap and easy for students to get admitted to study.

8. Geology

Geology might not be as profitable as other courses mentioned above, but it is a good idea for students who will want to get easy admission into the university, due to its less competitive nature.

NOTE: I am not trying to discourage you from studying your desired course, rather, I am showing you the less competitive courses.

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