How to Print your 2019 Jamb admission letter


I know you know this already.

The Official JAMB Admission letter is the one document that certifies that you have been offered provisional admission into a degree programme in a Nigerian Institution of learning.

jamb admission letter 2019

There will two options here. First I’ll give you a step by step comprehensive guide on to process and print out your jamb admission letter 2016. There is also an option on how to have me personally process and send the document to you.

Print Your Jamb Admission Letter Yourself

No doubt you will wanna choose this option cuz it’s fairly less expensive than the other. Here is how to go about it.

  1. Go to JAMB official portal at
  2. Under 2015, click on ‘Admission Letter Printing (DE 2015 Inclusive)
  3. A new page will pop-out requesting for PIN and Serial number of the e-facility scratch card and Registration number.
  4. Supply the required data in ‘Step 3’ above where required
  5. Finally click on Submit to access and print your JAMB admission letter.

Follow those steps meticulously, and you should have your 2016 Jamb Admission letter. Easy huh?

Option 2

The 2nd option is to have me process the Jamb Admission letter for you.

This will cost you just N2000.

To proceed drop your Jamb Reg number and Phone number as comment below!

Uses of the Jamb UTME Admission Letter

The JAMB Admission Letter is exceptionally important as it is usually required for ;

1. Successful completion of University registration and clearance process.
2. Scholarship Application.
3. The National Youth Service Programme (NYSC).
4. You need to further your education locally or abroad.


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