I Studied Education – Must I Be A Teacher?


You just completed your degree in Education.

Now what?

Basically, a bachelor’s degree in education prepares you to be a subject teacher in an educational institute but what if you don’t want to teach – maybe because you realize you want to do something else or you just found out teaching is not your thing or you actually studied education because you had no other choice and now you want nothing to do with teaching a class!

I have good news for you!

The good news is that apart from teaching, there is a range of career options available to you!

So smile, because you can choose from any of the career options below:

Yes! Banks accept any degree for their graduate employees. As long as you can pass the aptitude tests and show creativity and initiative at the interviews, you are eligible to work in a bank.

Human Resource Management
Education graduates can easily fit into the human resource departments of most organizations. Because you have learned how to communicate in a way to make people understand and you have also learned how to listen skillfully, you can easily become a successful recruiter.

Other suitable careers in HR include employee relations and compensation or benefits manager.

Writer or Editor
You can choose a career as a writer or an editor. Writers produce material for print and online media while editors select the material that will be published.

A degree in education helps you develop creativity and the ability to convey complex information in simple ways. These skills will help you succeed as a writer or editor

Guidance and Career Counselor
Guidance and career counsellors assist students with any school-related issues they have. This includes selecting classes, deciding on a course of study, dealing with academic difficulties and social problems, and applying to University. A bachelor’s degree in education will provide you with a great background for this occupation.

Training and Development Manager
Training and development managers design and implement training programs for companies’ employees. These are usually training to improve workers’ skills and knowledge, and in turn, improve the organizations’ performance.

As an education graduate, you have skills that can prove very beneficial in this occupation. You have learned how to instruct people and have the ability to determine what strategies are appropriate for different situations and subjects.

Administration and Research
Because you have been taught organizational and planning skills, you would easily succeed as an administrative staff in any organization. Becoming an admin assistant would open up a career in administration for you.

In addition to administration, education graduates would excel in research. Research is clearly related to gathering information to teach students and this is one of the basic skills you were taught.

Retail Management
Retail management includes sales, some marketing and managing customers.

Having developed the skills necessary to manage students in an education environment, you would do really well in retail management. This involves a job as a sales manager or sales assistant

Customer Service
Customer service requires understanding how to treat customers in a special way to make them keep coming back. Education graduates have developed similar skills that would help them really excel in customer service roles.

This is one role that all the skills you developed during your degree will be extremely valuable and useful.

In conclusion, if you are an education graduate who does not want to end up in the classroom, you do not have to.

You can actually choose from any of the career options above and have no fear – your degree has prepared you adequately and you will do really well in any of them.

Don’t forget that the onus is on you to show the recruiter that the knowledge and skills you gathered in education are very similar to the skills they are looking for in any of the roles above.

If you don’t show them, they won’t see it. Write out all your skills and relate them to the skills in each of the job roles above and you will surely get your foot in the door.

Best of luck!

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