Problems of Education in Nigeria and Possible Solution


The problems of Education in Nigeria is multifaceted and demands immediate attention. The worsening quality of education in Nigeria, which is problematic, is blamed on the inability of the government to improve and revamp the educational section. Yearly, a lot of poorly educated graduates are churned into the labour market. What are the Problems of Education in Nigeria and Possible Solution?

Problems of Education in Nigeria
Education in Nigeria

Education, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, is:

the transmission of the values and accumulated knowledge of a society. It is concerned with methods of teaching and learning in schools or school-like environments.

In developed countries, Education is paid critical attention and a lot of fundings are pumped into the sector, because there is an understanding that good education will improve the future and safeguard society. But in Nigeria, the reverse is the case. What is responsible for the Problems of Education in Nigeria?

Inadequate funding

Inadequate funding is a problem haunting the entire education sector in all ramifications. Nigeria’s funding in the educational sector is meagre. It is not even up to the recommended allocation that the United Nations advised. The Nigerian government approved only a meagre 7% for funding the educational sector. This has left the educational sector in dire strait.

Teachers are not being paid as at when due, buildings of school and educational facilities are dilapidated and in need of urgent repairs. These are the resultant effect of the Nigerian government underfunding in this sector.

Lack of good governance

Good governance and effective management is prerequisite for the growth of a country. The educational sector has long been a victim of the government’s lackadaisical attitude, and this has led to its collapse. This is one of the Problems of Education in Nigeria.


Corruption in Nigeria is endemic. It has caused a lot of problems in the educational sector. Lecturers are not persons worthy of characters. University management embezzle funds meant for building infrastructure and so on.

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Inadequate infrastructure

The educational sector has suffered due to lack of infrastructure, put in place. The schools, university and colleges are in dire need of infrastructures and critical investments. There are inadequate facilities for a science-based course and lack of library books.


A lot of indiscipline is permitted in the sector. Bribery and sexual harassment are rife in higher institutions. Exam malpractice has pervaded all schools and sectors. Cult killings and violence are exhibited by miscreants in universities. Lack of effective discipline is one of the Problems of Education in Nigeria.

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Possible solutions to the problems of education in Nigeria

The above problems of education in Nigeria, some of which are hampering the growth of the educational sector. The solutions to the problems of education in Nigeria are:

  • The government should allocate more funds to revamp and boost the growth of the educational sector.
  • The government should show more commitment to the growth of society by making policies that will constantly improve and tackle the challenges of the sector.
  • Exam malpractice at all levels of the sector should be strictly prohibited.
  • Teacher salaries should be paid as at when due and this will motivate them better.
  • Only teachers who are qualified and competent should be employed.
  • Admission should be based strictly on merit.