How to Pass IELTS Exams In One Attempt Without Much Stress


Hello guys, here is a quick and mastery guide on how you can pass IELTS Exams in Just One Attempt Without Much Stress.

The IELTS examination is one of the most internationally accepted English language proficiency test that assesses English language proficiency for people who want to study abroad or even migrate abroad.

IELTS assesses all English language skills including reading, writing, listening and speaking, and the results reflect how well you can speak, read, and write English language.

Pass Your IELTS Exams: Pass Your IELTS Exams

So if you are planning to study abroad (in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, and Hong Kong), you may be required to take the IELTS exams.

You would need to take an IELTS academic module test if the University you want to attend has stated that you need to provide proof of English Language proficiency and you will also need to confirm if the University accepts IELTS as a proof of English Language proficiency.

I know that you must have heard conflicting reports about the IELTS exams as i do.

A lot of people take this exam for granted simply because they believe they know how to speak and write the English language especially since schools in Nigeria generally teach in English language.

On the other hand, I have seen people literally break out in a sweat just because they had to take this exam because the failure rate is so high!

So is there a way to pass this exam in one sitting without stress?

Yes, there is!

There are countless testimonials from people who have actually passed at one attempt and we share some of these ‘tips’ below to help you pass as well:

Understand the IELTS test format

You need to know and understand the test format. Generally, the IELTS is divided into sections aimed at testing your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Knowing what each section entails and the different types of questions to expect as well as the timing for each section would help you remain calm and focused during the exam.

Practice and preparation makes perfect

I cannot emphasize this enough!

It does not matter your level of English proficiency, practice is the key to your success in every endeavour including the IELTS exams. In the days leading up to your IELTS test, try to read as much as you can. Also try to do as many practice tests as possible.

The more you practice the more efficient you get. Practice with the British Council’s IELTS online preparation resources, available free when you book your test with the British Council.

Truly, the IELTS is a tricky and technical exam and does not only test your proficiency, but also your level of concentration, intelligence and confidence. So I would recommend at least 2-3 hours of dedicated study each day.
You could start with reading and listening and as you feel more confident, you then integrate writing and speaking.

While practicing the speaking part, it’s advisable to have an mp3 player to record your voice. This would help you assess your progress.

For the Writing part, familiarize yourself with the style and pattern of writing.


Manage your time properly

You would need to answer 40 questions in 60 minutes so you do not have any time to waste.
If you can’t answer a question in one minute, leave it and move on to the next question! Also, you should time yourself when answering practice questions.
It is also important to remember that you are not being tested on your knowledge but on your ability to communicate effectively, so concentrate more on your sentence structures and vocabulary rather than on the accuracy of your knowledge.

Increase your English proficiency, don’t memorize it!

You are in a hurry. You need to pass the exam as soon as possible. So what do you do?
You do what any impatient ‘wanna pass exams’ person would do. You go and find some sample essays and memorize them or you look for sample speaking questions and memorize the answers.
This is a HUGE error! If you do this, you will be making a mistake.

The examiners will find you out – trust me on that one. They don’t like this when they see it and they regard it as a form of cheating. And you don’t want that!

If you want to pass your exams without stress (which I want you to as well), then follow the tips above and thank me later!

Good luck and do remember to pray as well.

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