Hi Hello Listen BBC News on Friday Night – Mnenomic for the First 20 Elements

Hi Hello Listen BBC News on Friday Night – Mnemonic Phrase for the First 20 Elements in the Periodic Table

Here is a nice pattern to remember the first 20 elements. Chemistry and indeed all Science students will find this very helpful.

Hi Hello Listen BBC News on Friday Night: How to Learn the First 20 Elements

Here is a simple mnemonic phrase for the first 20 elements in the periodic table.

Hi, Hello Listen BBC News On Friday Night, Some Men Are Selling Potatoes, So Come And Pay Cash

Let us explain how this relates:

Hi – Hydrogen (H)

Hello – Helium (He)

Listen – Lithium (Li)

B – Berylium (Be)

B – Boron (B)

C –  Carbon (C)

News – Nitrogen (N)

On – Oxygen (O)

Friday – Fluorine (F)

Night – Neon (Ne)

Some – Sodium (Na)

Men – Magnesium (Mg)

Are – Aluminium (Al)

Selling – Silicon (Si)

Potatoes – Phosphorus (P)

So – Sulfur (S)

Come – Chlorine (Cl)

And – Argon (Ar)

Pay – Potassium (K)

Cash – Calcium (Ca)

Other Mnemonics for the First 20 Elements

He Has Large Brain But Cannot Offer Full Nine Subjects. May All Science People Stop Calling Ada Poor Charp

Hello Helen Look Broken Bottle Can Not Over Flow Neon. So May All Stupid People Suffer Argon Chlorine Potassium Calcium

Hi Hello Little Baby Boy Can Not Offer French Nor National Mathematics All Silly People Shall Call Argon Koffi Carnal

Happy Harry Listens B B C Network Over France Nevertheless Nothing More Arose So Peter Stopped Cleaning Airgun K Ca.

Happy Henry Likes Beer But Could Not Obtain Four Nuts.Naughty Magpies Always Sing Perfect Songs Clawing Ants.

Harry Helped Little Benny Balmer Carry Neat Oranges From Neptune’s Natural Menagerie Always Singing Polite Sonnets Clearly Arf Key Casually.

Hi He Lied Because Boron Could Not Oxidize Fluorine. New Nations Might Also Sign Peace Security Clause. Arthur King Can.

Hi! Hey Little Ben Became Charlie’s Number One Fighting Nemesis.Native Magpies Always Sit Peacefully Searching Clear Areas.

Here He Lies Beneath Bed Clothes, Nothing On, Feeling Nervous.Naughty Margaret Always Sighs, “Please Stop Clowning Around.”

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Mnemonic for Elements in the Periodic Table

The Periodic Table is a table of the chemical elements arranged in order of atomic number, usually in rows, so that elements with similar atomic structures (and hence similar chemical properties) appear in vertical columns.

See more about the Periodic Table here.

First 20 Elements of the Periodic Table

The first 20 elements of the periodic table have been tabulated below, along with their symbols and atomic numbers.

Atomic Number Element Symbol
1 Hydrogen H
2 Helium He
3 Lithium Li
4 Beryllium Be
5 Boron B
6 Carbon C
7 Nitrogen N
8 Oxygen O
9 Fluorine F
10 Neon Ne
11 Sodium Na
12 Magnesium Mg
13 Aluminum Al
14 Silicon Si
15 Phosphorus P
16 Sulfur S
17 Chlorine Cl
18 Argon Ar
19 Potassium K
20 Calcium Ca

With the mnemonic phrases described above, one can easily memorise the first 20 elements.

Do you know of any simpler rhyme than the “Hi Hello Listen BBC News on Friday Night”? Drop it with us using the comment section below.


Acronym For The 1st 20 Elements

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