Nollywood Audition Form 2021/2022


The 2021 latest edition of Nollywood audition will begin soon. Forms will be on sale soon. This article will give you great information on how to go about getting your Nollywood Audition Form and winning the audition.

Tips on the ways to garner success in Nollywood and to network with movie producers/directors and the winning technique in Nollywood audition will be explained.

Nollywood Audition

Nollywood is the Nigerian movie industry which encompasses the cinematic movie and the home videos. It is among the biggest in the world.

Nollywood is known for a lot of passionate and gifted actors and actresses like Pete Edochie, Ngozi Ezeonu, Jim Ikye, Omotola Ekehinde etc.

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Auditions or casting calls usually take place, before the production of movies, to select budding movie stars.

The audition allows actors to showcase their acting skills to the best of their abilities. The production crew of the film will not want to compromise on the quality of the casts.

As an up and coming actor or actress, you have to find and participate in a lot of Nollywood auditions, to stand a chance to be cast in a movie.

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How to have a successful Nollywood Audition

To become a Nollywood breakout star, you will have to have a great Nollywood audition. We will give you some tips that have guaranteed Nollywood audition success.

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Adequately Prepare

A lot of actors are not always prepared before making it to the audition. Adequate preparation will dispel performance anxiety and instil confidence in your performance.

Remind yourself of the need to put in your best and match it with warm-up sessions and a mindset of a champion, and you shall have a successful Nollywood Audition.

The best way of removing fear before your Nollywood audition is through adequate preparation. It will bring out the magic in your performance and allow you to give in your best performance.

Be Unique

As a potential movie star, you have to develop the ability to be creative and improvise. A lot of aspiring actors during Nollywood auditions, try to copy and do what they see others do. This unartful imitation will not convince the judges of your talent.

You also have to show that you are not too desperate for the role. It will bring in an element of your best self into your performance.

Be fearless and original because that is a way to stand out during the auditions. Try to dress comfortably

 Be Courageous

Showing courage is essential for a successful Nollywood audition. This type of bravery is one that is inspired by confidence.

A friend of mine got a movie role because he made an outstandingly brave choice during his audition. The ability to take risk will add extra spice to your performance during the audition.

Being courageous during your auditions will allow your personality to shine forth. It will also allow you to connect with the character and the judges. It will allow to explore the dynamism in the characters and connect the dots when you are confused.

Expect Competition at Auditions

In a typical Nollywood audition studio, you will find a whole lot of persons who need the same role you want. Always exhibit professionalism and show simple courtesy. Some audition will require you to roleplay with a fellow aspiring actor/tress.

First Impression Matter

Dress neatly, be punctual, and show good diction. This will endear you naturally to the casting team. Have a good charisma by pronouncing words effectively, your choice of what you should wear should be modest and leave early enough to do the audition in good time.

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